FMA: Brotherhood ep 13 + manga notes

Summary: Izumi expels Ed and Al as her students and tells them to go home, cue the opening. At the train station Izumi’s husband tells the Elrics to drop by if they are ever in the neighborhood again surprising them both with the statement that they can still communicate as individuals now that they are no longer in a student-teacher relationship. At that Ed realizes why they came to Dublith in the first place and decides to head back to ask about how to get their bodies back. Izumi reasons that since Al lost his whole body when he saw “the truth” that he should know the most, however the shock of the ordeal caused him to lose his memories of that time. While pondering how to restore it Ed and Izumi tell him how indescribable it is and how it could cause his mind to break down if he’s not careful, Al decides to try and get his memory back anyway. Outside the window a strange man had been eavesdropping on the whole conversation and then crawls up the wall.

At the eastern headquarters in East City Col. Mustang is discussing his transfer to Central next week with his superior over a game of chess, after winning against him for the first time Mustang requests to bring some of his subordinates along with him: Sgt. Major Fuery, Warrant Officer Falman, 2nd Lt. Breda, 2nd Lt. Havoc, and Lt. Hawkeye; all of whom agree except Havoc since he just got a girlfriend so Mustang tells him to leave her. Elsewhere, Scar is lifting weights while still injured and gets an unexpected visit from his old Master who tells him he must persevere instead of seeking out revenge, just then two men arrive with the intent to capture Scar for the reward money and split it with Yoki who wants to regain his rank and get rid of the Elrics (see FMA first TV series episode 9 since the events at the coal mine were skipped in this adaptation). After Scar maims one and kills the other, Yoki is forced into following him as he leaves the Ishbalan camp to avoid attracting more of the same kinds of people. Back in Dublith Al is sweeping up and gets a message to come to the Devil’s Nest from people who claim to know his secret, once Al arrives he decides to beat them senseless and force the information out of them only to get himself kidnapped. His captors are a group of chimeras lead by the homunculus Greed who wants to know how to transmute a soul (as well as everything else) and after proving that a successful human chimera is possible as well as his own existence, he decides to lure Ed in since Al does not remember how his body became like that.

Ed arrives and Greed tries to strike a deal with him: Ed teaches him how to transmute a soul and in exchange Ed learns how to create a homunculus. Ed labels them as villains and villains get no exchange only a beating and all their information forced out of them, so the fight begins, Ed vs. Greed. At first Ed is blocked at every offense by Greed’s “ultimate shield” meanwhile Izumi and her husband go after Ed and Al after they learn they’ve gone missing. Back in the fight after getting a beating from Greed, Ed figures out that the “ultimate shield” must be made of carbon, then it’s all just simple alchemy to turn it into something he can break. Ed also realizes that Greed can’t regenerate and harden at the same time, then Izumi bursts into the scene, having heard enough of the conversation from the hallway, smashes through Greed’s shield and then introduces herself as a housewife.

Manga notes: (spoilers impending) Yet again far too many differences to cover in detail, but it adapts from about page 8 of chapter 25 to somewhere in the middle of chapter 28 (no page can be pointed out). They skipped the whole trip Ed made to Southern headquarters for his alchemist reassessment exam, Bradly passing him irresponsibly (dammit), rearranged it so that Izumi bursts into the Devil’s Nest after Ed and where the hell is the army in all this? How are they going to storm the place in the next episode? They showed all of that in the preview, but there is no way they should know about it… anyway, that’s most of the hate on the episode, the good points were a near perfect adaptation of Greed’s lines and fight with Ed, the first part of the episode in general with mostly panel for panel. According to an announcement episode 15 (on the 12th of July) will be the first episode of the manga story that was not already adapted (Ling time), but this blogger is going to take a two week vacation and won’t be back till July 15th, so double blogging when this blogger gets back.. as well as double episodes of many series…


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