Elfen Lied Episode 11 Review

In my review of the previous episode, I have already covered the powers of Dicolnius #35.  They are planning to use her to defeat Lucy. But of course, #35 won’t just go along with this so easily. So they brings in a stupid woman that thinks she has a special bond with #35 because according to her, they are like mother and daughter. They released the Diclonius, and the woman’s theory was quickly proven wrong. Yeah I know… What a surprise.

But those guys in white lab coats are not entirely stupid. They have a backup plan. Apparently they have implanted numerous bombs inside #35’s body, and it only takes a touch of a button to blow her arm off. The only problem is the people they hire are incompetent. The guy in the control room has to SLOWEST reaction ever. It took him like 5 seconds to press the button, giving way more than enough time for #35 to do something about it. Anyways, they eventually managed to press the button and blew off the Diclonius’ arm. Understanding her situation, #35 complied with the scientists’ demands.

Now that #35 is released, Nana felt her presence and went to check it out. When Nana meets #35, she quickly got owned because she didn’t expect her vectors to be this much longer. Her clothes were ripped off and her artificial arms and legs fell off as well. And the dumbass army guy is back again for some more (as if losing 1 arm, 2 eyes, and 2 testicles are not enough), as the guy with glasses once again hires him to kill some Diclonius.

This is the second last episode of the series (not counting the special episode). So it does a good job at building tension up for the final episode. Overall I liked it. Some good things are the action, the tension building up, and #35. When I was watching Elfen Lied for the first time couple of years ago, I just had to go onto ep 12 without a break. Knowing about her powers already is pretty cool, but seeing her in action and how she owned Nana was just amazing. And of course, the dumbass army guy going back in action is always nice. What I don’t like are little plot holes and overly stupid people. These are mainly in the first 1/4 of the ep. If they had bombs in #35 all along, wouldn’t it be easier to just tell her right away BEFORE she starts punching holes in people? And I already talked about the guy in charge of the button. He literally had his finger on the button, but not only does he have to wait for orders to push the button, his reaction had a huge delay as well. And not to mention, I would expect the glass separating the people from the diclonius would at least be bullet proof. But it doesn’t seem that way. #35 easily broke the glass by throwing a human body at it. And for some reason, with only half of her body left and just been thrown super hard against a glass the stupid woman still pushed the button faster than the original guy. Sad…

Episode Rating: 8.5/10

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One Response to “Elfen Lied Episode 11 Review”

  1. Cirno's Student Says:

    Not that girl who can’t walk. DAMN IT

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