Dragon Ball Kai Episode 11 Summary+Review

Vegeta decided to wait for 3 hours before killing everyone. As Goku rushes to the others, Nappa went around and had some “fun” and killing some people to help the 3 hours go by faster. As soon as the 3 hours is up, the fight resumed and Goku is still not here. Goku finally got back to Earth, and recieved two Senzu beans from Karin.

Piccolo tries to defeat Nappa the same way he did for Raditz. He grabs Nappa’s tail thinking that it will cause him some major pain. But jokes on him. It turns out Both Nappa and Vegeta have learned to overcome that weakness, unlike that weakling Raditz. Piccolo then got elbowed really hard in the head. Krillin’s Kienzan was used and Nappa was almost stupid enough to catch it. But Vegeta told him to get out of the way, Nappa escaped death with only a cut on his face, but he is very pissed now. Krillin got blasted and almost died. Vegeta’s scouter then picks up a power level of 5000 approaching them. Knowing this, he orders Nappa to kill Piccolo and the others before Goku gets here. Just before Nappa kills Gohan, Piccolo jumps in the way and took the hit for Gohan.

An ok episode. Not great, but not bad. Its entertainment value is satisfactory. But when i think about it after watching the episode, nothing much really happened. So it can feel dragged. And after a couple of very similar episodes, it starts to feel slow. I spent most my time thinking “OMG will Goku get there already?!!! I get the point!”. Yeah but with that said, there are also things that I liked about this one. One would be how they onces again shows the difference between Vegeta and Nappa and their power relationship. Vegeta is obviously WAY smarter than Nappa. This is once again demonstrated by Krillin’s Kienzan. Nappa would have died without Vegeta. Also, it always amuses me to see a small guy like Vegeta has complete control over a giant like Nappa. Also the part about Nappa overcoming his Saiya-jin weakness was pretty interesting as well.

Overall, not bad. I wouldn’t say I like this one. But it really could have been better if they cut the crap and get on with what matters. Although this episode is indeed a huge improvement compared to the original DBZ anime, this episode in particular still feels like it needs to be cut shorter.

Episode Rating: 6.5/10

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