Elfen Lied Episode 12 Review

This episode is loaded with bloody gory murder scenes. Kicks so much ass. And to celebrate that, I made ALL gifs for the screen caps (yeah i know. big deal right? lol). Anyways, lets get down to business and run over the plot briefly.

So last episode ended with Nana getting her clothes ripped off. Well now she is being toyed with by #35. Just kinda toss her around. Then Kouta and Nyu came out of no where and Nana did some stuff and and disabled #35’s vectors and then escaped by falling off the bridge. Now the lab people wants to shoot Nyu and Kouta, since he has now seen too much. But not surprisingly, Nyu turns into Lucy and saved Kouta. Then she just starts massacring everyone. The bloody event made Kouta recall some traumatic memories. Just in case it is not clear to anyone by now, Lucy was the one that killed his sister and father.

After some flashbacks, the dumbass army guy just came out of no where and starts shooting at Lucy. Lucy quickly launched herself to the next bridge so she can take the fight somewhere away from Kouta.

Absolutely awesome episode. By now you should be able to tell I am really into seeing people get torn apart and stuff. And this episode has A LOT of that. Whether it’s the action or plot you are looking at, its still great. Pretty much explained everything that happened 8 years ago during and after the festival. Also, according to the scientist guy, if a lot of them shoot at Lucy at the same time she will not be able to blck them all. This theory has not really been shown in practice so far. So its an interesting piece of information i guess. Now let’s talk about stuff that I don’t like. The only real problem I have with this episode is during Kouta’s flashback, they wasted time by showing a lot of the scenes that has been shown in previous episodes. It is like as if they think the audience is so stupid that they can’t even remember what the hell happened two episodes ago. But other than that, everything else was impressive and very entertaining.

Episode Rating: 9.5/10

Screen Caps:


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