Elfen Lied Episode 13 Review

Finally the last episode. Before I start the review and summary of this episode, I would like to let you know that this episode would suck if it is spoiled for you. So if any of you reading this has not seen the anime but plan on seeing it. I strongly suggest you not to read this. I would hate to think that i spoiled the ending of such a great anime. Yeah i am aware that i have already pretty much spoiled 12/13 eps of it. But the ending especially is what I don’t want to spoil. So yeah… just a heads up. For those who are still reading, here we go!

So as always lets start with the plot. First off, the army guy is owned again. But Lucy once again let’s him live. #35’s vectors were disabled by Nana last episode. And now she is resting, but heard the scientist guy said that Kurama (glasses scientist guy) is her biological father. And soon after, she sensed that Lucy is coming to her. Her vectors started to function normally again, and she killed the guy guarding her room.

Her fight with Lucy began. Since she has such a massive vector advantage over Lucy, she completely overpowered Lucy and even punched off one of her horns which made Lucy pass out instantly. Kurama then came and told #35 how much he loves her and blah blah blah. Then he picks her up and walks away knowing that the bomb inside #35 will soon kill both of them. The bomb was detonated and they both were blown up. The guy that detonated the bomb thinks he is so awesome and thinks that as soon as he kill Nana, the job will be done. But of course, Lucy rips off his head from behind. Lucy tells Nana to go back to Kouta and live with him, which is doing something she can never do. Before Lucy heads off to confront the Lab people one last time, she went to Kouta and apologized for killing his family. They have a very touching love talk for several minutes. Then the next thing you see is Lucy surrounded by soldiers that is shooting at her. All that is shown is Lucy’s second horn being shot off. So at this point everyone assumed Lucy is dead. But as Kouta and the others are eating, the dog barks. It turns out they have a visitor. Then Kouta sees a silhouette oh someone on the other side of the door. Then the episode ends.

I really like this episode. Hardly any time wasted on unnecessary repitition and other boring crap. The action is great. But this time, that is definitely not what makes this episode special. It is the plot and the characters that actually makes this a very special episode. What happened in this episode was mostly tragic, but also very touching. Yeah, usually I don’t like this kinda stuff, but this is an exception. I find none of the dialog in this one boring at all. Fascinating new pieces of information is also given. For instance, Lucy told Kouta that if she just had 5 more years, she will be able to make majority children to be born a Diclonius. And in the end, they end it in an inconclusive way. Leaves you thinking if that is Lucy on the other side of the door. Some people like it, some people don’t. But in this case, I think it works nicely with Elfen Lied. Overall a super special awesome episode.

So that is it for my reviews on Elfen Lied. Once again I HIGHLY recommend this anime to anyone who have yet to watch it. Also, leave comments. Doesn’t matter if it’s just to say thanks, constructive criticism, catch me making a mistake, or would like to share your opinion on some episodes. It just gives me and the rest of our bloggers motivation. In the future I would probably review other bloody gory anime as well. So keep an eye out for that if you are interested.

Episode Rating: 10/10

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