GANTZ Ep 01 Review

Hi people! Me again, reviewing a gory anime series. If you like that, please do read on. If not, then you probably won’t like this one. But I guess that is no reason to not read the rest, it might interest you somehow. Anyways, lets get to it.

So GANTZ is by far one of the most bizarre anime I have seen so far. The main character is a useless perverted emo slacker whose a jackass, but according to flash backs, he was actually a bad ass when he was a kid. Other than that, the plot is creative, and the theme is very dark. On top of that, there is a bunch of action, gore, intense violence, and full frontal nudity. All that add together = Good stuff.

Now to talk about the plot of this episode a little. So we start off with the main character (Kurono Kei) sitting in his classroom being bored. Although he is bored, he still managed to pay close attention to the teacher if you know what I mean…

Sorry for the censorship, but since we try to keep the blogs PG13, I can’t allow pictures of boobs. Oh and look! I censored it with Makoto’s head! I used Psyduck for my Elfen Lied review. Anyways, back on the plot! So after class he goes buy some porno and heads to the subway station. Once he got there, some stuff happened. Not going to go into details, but I can just say it all works as character development for him. So in other words, it shows how much of a bastard he is. Then his childhood friend (Kato) ended up standing right beside him. But Kato did not recognize Kurono at that moment. Kurono remembers that Kato used to be a wimp when they were kids, but now he is almost a foot taller than himself. Then a hobo fell on the train tracks and Kato jumped off the platform to help. But no one else will help. Kato then saw and recognize Kurono and asked for his help. Kurono reluctantly helped, but then ends up being hit by a train which caused his head to fly off.

The next thing they knew was being sent to a room with a big black ball in the middle of it. Then a naked big breasted girl got transported into the room and a big black guy tries to rape her. Then Kato went and safe her, and all of a sudden a song came on from he big black ball and a few lines of words appeared.
“Your Lives are over you bastards”
“What you do with your new lives is up to me”
“Got it?”
Something like that. Thats it for the plot summary, gonna move onto review now. Read the rest to find out what I think of this episode.

So my first impression on this series is that I knew it would be great. I knew I would like it. And the first episode didn’t let me down. This episode have both gore and nudity. On top of that, the story seemed to be revolutionary. It gave me a feeling that this anime knows no boundaries. (I can’t recall the last anime I have seen with nudity, gore, and attempted rape all in the first episode) So this one feels special. The main character is also a good choice I think. It is nice to have such a flawed character as the lead for a change. And I think he goes nicely with this dark themed anime. Although they did not really get to the main story in this episode, it does make me want to keep watching after the first episode. Which is very important if you think about it. Now to talk about something I don’t like. The only big problem I have with this episode is how Kurono and Kato don’t just climb up the platform. It doesn’t look that high. It sure is a better idea than trying to out run a train.

Overall, very impressed with this first episode. I would recommend this to anyone who have not seen this anime.

Episode Rating: 8.5/10

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2 Responses to “GANTZ Ep 01 Review”

  1. simplybill Says:

    I refuse to watch the anime because it has not enough Reika. I’ve reached chapter 303 of the manga in 2-3 days.

    • goplaygo Says:

      lol. yeah too bad they didn’t get that far in the anime. the filler ending of the anime is also fail. But it was great for the first 18 or so episodes. In the manga, I am currently at the part where Kurono died after losing his memories.

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