GANTZ Ep 02 Review

As i said in the review of the previous episode, there will be extreme violence and gore. And that is already the case starting episode 2.

The song came from the black ball in the room. Lines of words appeared. Now it is giving them people instruction. They are told to kill an alien. Then equipments such as a black suit and guns are made available. Most of the people in the room grabbed a gun but almost no one took the black suit because it makes them look like a cosplayer. But Kurono decided to it on. Soon they are all transferred to their destination, and Nishi explain their situation. According to Nishi, they have to kill aliens and for each one they kill they will recieve a large amount of money as reward. Hearing this, everyone ran around looking for the target. One old guy decided to do home instead, but it seems the black ball doesn’t approve of it.

So the rest of the people finally found the alien and start chasing it. Eventually they got it cornered and killed it, even though Kato was begging them not to.

But as soon as they killed the alien, a big version of it came out of no where and start killing them all.
Now to move onto the review.

This is certainly an entertaining episode. The black ball is still as mysterious as ever. Very little background information is given, except the stuff from Nishi. But Nishi doesn’t seem trust worthy at all. There is so much action and killing. And they end it with a pretty big cliff hanger. So lets first talk about the stuff I liked in this one. Mainly I really like the action aspect of it. Blowing aliens up, don’t see how I can not like it. Also the black ball is very mysterious, it makes me want to watch more to find out more about it. Some characters are very nicely done as well. Like Nishi. That kid is such an asshole, which in a strange way makes him pretty cool. The voice acting is decent for the Japanese version, and for the English dub overall it is not too bad. But overall it is inferior to the original Japanese voices (obviously). However, for Nishi, I think the English voice was very well done. I think it fits the character perfectly, and I definitely like it more than the Japanese voice for him. The weapons of this anime are pretty cool. But I do have mixed feelings about the guns they use. I like how the gun looks and how it cause things to blow up with a bit of delay.

The thing I don’t like about it is how it gives me a feeling that its aim is very random at this point. There is this part where the guys surrounded the alien and 4-5 of them shot at it at the same time. But only its ares and legs exploded. Which is weird, since I doubt they would miss the head and the body when all of them shoot at it together like that. Another thing I don’t like about this episode is how the action feels slow paced at times. Its like everything seems to have a delay, whether it’s the weapons, or character’s reactions. Other than that, I can’t really think of anything that I can make a legitimate complaint about.

Episode Rating: 8.5/10

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