FMA: Brotherhood ep 14 + manga notes

Summary: Col. Roy Mustang has been promoted to Central, and its causing quite the stir amongst the other ranking officers who don’t take kindly to youngsters rising up through the ranks quickly. While going to see Führer King Bradley we find that he is out inspecting Southern Headquarters, right around where the Elrics are. In the sewers beneath the Devil’s Nest Greed’s underlings are making their get away with Al while Bradley commences a full out attack leading the way. Greed also decides to make his getaway seeing how poorly matched he is against Ed and Izumi’s alchemy, Izumi getting worked up over this cowardice causes her to start bleeding from the mouth again, then the military soldiers find them… Greed finds Al and Martel alone in the sewers and so does Bradley who proves to be more than a match for Greed with his speedy swordplay, up-top the soldiers are exterminating the other chimeras and Major Armstrong faces off against Roa until he retreats with the other survivors. Bradley is showing no mercy rending limbs and going for Greed’s neck whenever possible, in the skirmish Bradley’s eye patch gets knocked off and he is revealed to have the ouroboros tattoo on his left eye, giving him the “ultimate eye” to counter Greed’s “ultimate shield”.

Greed stumbles back to where Al and Martel are and the two underlings of Greed that were with them before return and ask Al to save Martel as they hold off Bradley. He kills them both easily pissing off Greed in the process for destroying his possessions and attacks Bradley again and gets cut down again. When Bradley goes to see if Al is safe Martel tries to strangle Bradley though Al’s armor, Bradley is not amused and another chimera dies with her blood splashing onto the blood seal inside the armor causing Al to regain his memories from inside the gate. When Al comes to Armstrong has already pulled the corpse from inside the armor, Al breaks down since he could not save her. Bradley questions them both about their interactions with Greed the implications being that they could both be killed as traitors if they made any deals with him, since no deals were made, no punishment for it. After asking about the relation between Ed’s right arm and Al’s armor body Bradley withdraws along with his men not needing a straight answer telling Ed to take good care of his younger brother. Later that night Bradley asks Izumi to become a state alchemist, but she declines his offer, meanwhile Ed is still cleaning the blood off of Al who tells him about the lack of human transmutation information his memories yielded.

Somewhere underneath Central headquarters Bradley reports back to the other homunculi about his progress in the south and unexpected find, namely Greed, whom he brought back alive. After Greed reminisces about how Envy, Lust, Gluttony, and Sloth (who is absent) haven’t changed at all in the past 100 years he is introduced to Wrath (Bradley), a homunculus created as a human. Before things get too rowdy, their father tells them not to fight; the reason why Greed betrayed them is due to his very nature of being greedy, staying with them would not allow him to attain everything in the world. After flat out refusing to work for his father again he boils him alive in oil (for you less cultured readers this is the traditional punishment for the sin of green in hell) telling him to return to him; Greed dies laughing madly saying not to blame him if he gives Father a stomachache. Greed’s remains are processed into a red liquid that Father consumes in a sort of toast to the others continued loyalty. Bradley is greeted by his son, Selim, and his wife, Selim is a big fan of Edward Elric and after some casual chit-chat the three of them head home together.

Manga notes: (spoilers impending) The first bit with Roy is more like set up and not really from the same area as the rest of the adapting chapters this time, it starts around page 41 of chapter 28 and goes up to chapter 30 page 39 then skipping to the middle of 31 for Greed’s hot bath. Changes include Izumi even being there at the same time as the military, Bradley magically knowing where the Devil’s Nest is, changing around of some scenes (Barry is next ep now), loss of dialect between minor characters (as usual…), Roa escaping the way he did in the steam instead of playing dead, and Bradley getting to speak with Izumi at all. On the plus side most of the scenes with Greed where direct panel to animation adaptations (except the spike Greed was chained to instead of a cross) and the way Greed dies like that (that was some nice animation for that moment in this blogger’s perspective) puts him right up there with Barry on crazy charismatic characters that make this series. Next ep is the highly anticipated start of the things that were not adapted in the first anime (more like Full-of-filler Alchemist) and hopefully they fill finally stop cutting out that conversations between minor characters since half of the time they have significance.


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