FMA: Brotherhood ep 16 + manga notes

Summary: The Elrics along with Winry and their new “friends” from Xing arrive in Central, immediately thereafter Ling go missing again who is seen elsewhere remarking to himself how there is something strange about the country. 2nd Lt. Havoc pays Warrant Officer Falman a visit who got stuck looking after Barry the chopper in a rundown apartment, there only pass time is playing chess (Barry can’t win at all and wants to chop people up at night, but no one will let him). Havoc passes along Col. Mustang’s apologies for giving him such a problematic job along with a warning that he is as good as dead if any civilians of other military personnel find them, his only good news being that he (Havoc) got a new girlfriend… and Barry wants to know if he would have fun chopping her up. Ling passed out in the middle of the street, again, and is arrested for illegally entering the country while his subordinates are still elsewhere looking for him. Ed and Al decide to stop by the military fist and tell Lt. Col. Hughes about the homunculi while Winry heads over to the Hughes residence to say hello to the family.

At the military chambers Sheska is covering for Col. Mustang who is currently burying himself in anything that Hughes might have been looking into before his murder, even though he fell asleep covered in books. Captain Focker notices Mustang leaving and guesses that he bullied Sheska into letting him use the archives, she also tells him that Mustang is investigating the lab 5 incidents. As Focker leaves another Focker is shown, meaning that the first Focker was actually Envy in disguise as the real Focker greets Sheska leaving her puzzled. Mustang runs into Major Armstrong in the men’s room and learns the Elrics still don’t know about Hughes’ murder (Armstrong couldn’t bring himself to tell them), also stating that if they knew they might guess that he died while trying to help them. Meanwhile Ed and Al find Lt. Hawkeye and Mustang soon after who lies to them saying that Hughes retired to the country taking his wife and daughter with him, Mustang tells them not to do anything reckless and leaves. The reason behind his lies where so he would not impede the Elrics progress commenting to himself that he has no right to call Armstrong soft-hearted or as Hawkeye puts it: cruel. As Ed and Al are about to go find Winry they run into 2nd Lt. Ross who inadvertently informs them of Hughes murder.

Winry is on her way to see the Hughes family learning the truth from them while Ed resolves to tell them everything with Al telling him that he’d rather not get his body back it others have to die in the process. After Ed finishes explaining why Hughes was killed, his wife completely understands and tells the brothers to push forward so his death won’t be meaningless (even though she is still really torn up inside). Back at the hotel no one is in good spirits, especially Winry who hasn’t eaten anything being distraught enough to break down in tears in front of Ed in her room. Envy has a meeting with Lust and Gluttony reporting how Mustang is still snooping around while Lust still hasn’t gotten any information from her “boyfriend.” Envy decides to take additional measures to get Mustang to behave, by framing 2nd Lt. Mari Ross for the murder of Brigadier General Maes Hughes so Mustang will stop snooping. Meanwhile Havoc meets up with his girlfriend, Solaris aka Lust.

Manga notes: (spoilers impending) Mostly adapting material from chapter 34 and 35, key differences include leaving out Ed “fixing” the mask he broke and Al doing a better job, Ling revealed to be 15 pissing Ed off since Ling is already so much taller, Armstrong’s flashbacks of the extermination campaign, scenes were switched around to where Hughes’ death is revealed sooner and by Maria Ross instead of the paper (basically the first parts of chapter 35 were used at the start of the episode with most of 34 coming after). Also the part with Ed explaining things to Hughes wife was taken from chapter 36. Other notes include the pacing has been slowed way the hell down finally, to the point where it doesn’t feel like the anime is trying to catch up to the manga as soon as possible. The next episode better be Barry the chopper heavy.


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