Umineko No Naku Koro Ni ep4

Time for a review+summary of another episode of Umineko no Naku Koro Ni. But this time instead of doing the usual way, which is to do the summary and review separately. I am going to just do both at the same time and make it up as I go. We’ll see how that plays out.

So the last episode, both of George’s parents died. So for once, finally in this series, someone actually look and act like their parents just died.

Although it may not seem like much, but this series so far fails to illustrate and depict the emotional pain one usually feels when they lose someone important to them. George’s reaction out of all the characters so far are the most realistic in my opinion. In the next scene, it shows George sitting by himself being depressed and stuff. At the same time, Jessica and Battler say stuff like “Oh man, he is so unfortunate. He lost both his parents and his lover on the same day”. They say it with a straight face as if it’s not even their business. This is especially funny and unusual considering Battler also did lose both his parents literally hours ago. Look at his face! Just look at it!. Does it look like this guy lost both his parents earlier that day?

So overall, I think Umineko fails miserably in this aspect. But one thing good that’s worth mentioning in this scene is that the annoying Maria brat got punched in the head by Battler.

Anyways, moving on.

As Battler and the others sits in a room chilling, Kanon and the old woman went and check out the source of a weird smell. Hearing a strange noise from the boiler room, Kanon ran into the room all by himself and grabbed a weapon that looks strangely familiar.

That’s right, it looks exactly like the one Rena uses in Higurashi! So now Kanon starts babbling about some nonsense related to Beatrice and roulette. Then all of a sudden he got stabbed in the chest with the same stick thing George’s parents got stabbed with. The doctor failed to safe his life, and he died. But after thinking for a while, I got a feeling Kanon might not be dead. Mainly because of one thing that makes him very different from other victims: his dead body was never shown on screen. The viewers are only told that he is dead by the Doctor and Jessica. We will see if I am right soon enough I guess. A burned body that is suspected to be the the grandfather was also found. They think it’s him because the corpse has 6 toes on each foot just like the old man.

Oh and look at this asshole.

That is valuable evidence… Thanks for whipping off the possible finger prints left by the murderer. “Oh look at me, I am old and stupid. Can’t talk about a stick without holding it up like that. Oh man, no wonder I am not the main character”

Since I am talking about stupid characters, I might as well talk a little bit about what Jessica said earlier in another scene that I forgot to mention before. “Hey George, I think there is something strange about Maria”. Yeah, no shit! You think?! After three and a half episodes of crazy creepy facial expressions, you finally realized. She brings it up as if it’s a major discovery. That line seems completely out of place, and totally unnecessary at this point. It would have been much less stupid if she said it maybe 2 episodes ago. Episode 3 wasn’t too late either, but she just somehow had to wait until episode 4 to unleash her surprisingly obvious theory.

Now the remaining survivors decided to go into the old man’s study room, since they believe it is the only safe place right now. Battler soon realize the events that happened so far are just as the epitaph of the Beatrice portrait describes. After some talk, They saw a letter from Beatrice on the table. They are sure the letter wasn’t there before. The only people that could have possibly put the letter there when no one was looking, were the 3 servants and Maria. The 4 suspects were forced to leave the room. All three servants are found dead soon after, and Maria was standing in the same room facing a wall while singing.

Overall a very intriguing episode. It raises many new mysteries and it raises doubt about the previous events. Things like whether or not one or more of the 6 corpses found is a fake. Or is Kanon really dead. The way they ended it was pretty much standard for how each episode of a typical mystery anime should end. With that said, it was still nicely done. I don’t have many problems with it other than the seemingly unrealistic emotions, and overly stupid characters that i have already previously discussed.

So that’s pretty much all I got to say about this one. I would greatly appreciate it if some of you could leave a comment about whether you prefer my future posts to be in my usual style (summary first, then review), or like this one (free flowing all over the place style).

Episode Rating: 8/10

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7 Responses to “Umineko No Naku Koro Ni ep4”

  1. refinder Says:

    You obviously have never played the games or read the manga if you are still making a big deal about Battler’s “parents” being killed. If you had done either you would have know by now that spoiler spoiler spoiler etc.

    • goplaygo Says:

      yeah I haven’t… your point? that’s why I am review the anime and not the game or the manga…

  2. Cirno's Student[TriPad] Says:


  3. simplybill Says:

    Kill Maria and Umineko will be my top anime this Summer.

  4. mega mwong Says:

    Isn’t it obvious one of the only people who could have done all this shit is Maria and Beatrice? I mean she is the only one alive doing all sorts of shit to other people and Beatrice’s prescence is obvious with those damned Butterflies.

    Kanon’s speech was completely pointless seeing he gets killed after the speech and nobody was paying much attention seeing those fucking golden butterflies.

    BTW I had a feeling Refinder would be lurking here.

    • goplaygo Says:

      Don’t know if she did it. I do agree she is suspicious. but you know, the most suspicious one often didn’t do it

      • mega mwong Says:

        this is Umineko, you can’t just Miles Edgeworth your ass out of every impacted evidence important to the story. UNLESS you have Edgeworth AND Phoenix on your site with W OBJECTION ATTACK!

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