FMA: Brotherhood ep 17 + manga notes

Summary: Maria Ross is being interrogated as the primary suspect for the murder of Brigadier General Hughes. The “evidence” of a .45 bullet being the cause of death and Maria having restocked just one bullet for her .45 gun along with the place she used it at, Lab 5, being a pile of rubble while lacking an alibi for the night of the murder and an eye witness placing her at the scene, things are defiantly not looking well for her. Major Armstrong is not permitted to see her and Sgt. Brosh’s testimony of the time the bullet was used is being ignored; 2nd Lt. Ross is being framed and now Armstrong knows it. Meanwhile, in the Elric’s hotel room, they wonder what they should do next while Winry worries about their safety knowing they are in a very dangerous place; she wants them to stop doing dangerous things but also wants them to get their bodies back while still being afraid they’ll disappear (die) just like her parents did, in short no one knows what they want anymore. Barry the chopper is still stuck playing chess with Falman until the evening paper arrives (the excitement of Falman’s day) bringing news that prompts an immediate call to Mustang. The Elric’s have also gotten the paper, the headlines read “2nd Lt. Maria Ross convicted on charges of the murder of Brigadier General Hughes”.

Ling is still being held in prison and the guards still don’t believe he is 15 years old, and then an intruder breaks into the prison: Barry The Chopper. Guns don’t work on Barry, a shot gun blast to his helmet only shows the guards that he is an empty suit and Barry is annoyed because he isn’t allowed to cut them up. Ling manages to get Barry to release him promising he’ll help out while Barry finds the cell Maria is being held in.

After showing her the paper and how she has already been convicted, Barry gives her two choices: stay and be killed or escape with him, she chooses to escape and a kill if she resists capture notice is put out on her. Mustang begins to move while Barry, Maria and Ling run into Ed and Al in the back allies, Barry delays the Elrics while Maria escapes, but she does not get far before running into Mustang who chars her to death with his flames off screen. Barry and Ling retreat after Ed gets past them seeing the outcome of the Flame Alchemist’s work: a completely unrecognizable burned up body. After being struck down by Mustang for acting out of rank and restrained by Al to keep him from attacking Mustang, Mustang apologizes for not telling them about Hughes’ death himself and that it is a soldier’s duty to follow orders unquestioningly.

During the investigation Mustang is question whether or not it was his men that helped Maria escape so he could burn her to death himself, something Mustang brushes off as a baseless accusation. Later on, Major Armstrong also apologies to the Elrics for not telling them about Hughes’ death whom they are still blaming themselves over. The autopsy results of what is left of Maria Ross confirm it to be her based on her dental records with the doctor totally disgusted with what Mustang did to her. Major Armstrong is feeling down and out over what his subordinate supposedly did; Mustang suggests he take a vacation out to the eastern region where he used to work claiming there to be many pretty girls out there. Envy is reporting the results to Lust who sees it more as a failure since the plan was to get Mustang to behave while Envy notes how its causing the Colonel to be disliked, meanwhile Lt. Hawkeye gets some leave time approved slamming the door on her way out, Barry is sharpening his butcher’s knife while being yelled at by Falman for going out while Ling sends smoke signals to his subordinates causing Falman more grief when they arrive.

While Hawkeye is away Mustang starts to play with girls over the phone and his men realize that she really was his babysitter as he discusses taking her fishing with him. Back in the Elrics hotel Major Armstrong shows up, breaks Ed’s automail arm, kidnaps him to Resembool to have it fixed while telling Al to stay behind since he stands out too much; this was all an order from Mustang to get Ed out of the way for awhile. Envy found out Barry is still alive, Lust is unamused that he let him get away, Envy complains he lacks people and Lust decides to use “Barry the Chopper” to find Barry the Chopper.

Manga notes: (spoilers impending) Starting off from part way into chapter 35 we have the interrogation scene with some changes such as Armstrong not being present during it, but not a lot of stuff that is worth going into full detail, just making Ross look less competent. The prison breaking scene was pretty spot on only leaving out Barry taking Ling’s sword, the next scene to be left out was Falman waking up after Barry hit him in the back of the head with the phone. After Ed confronts Mustang it goes into chapter 36 and the scene with Barry and Ling on the rooftops watching Ed confront Mustang is missing. The scene from the previous episode with Winry going to the Hughes house hold should have gone after Ling was hiding out with Barry. One other minor change was Envy finding out about Barry a little bit later and having another meeting with Lust. Into chapter 37: Hawkeye requesting leave scene is new even though she does get it in the manga it never showed her requesting it, the scene with Ed, Al and Winry not knowing what to do while Winry is cleaning Al’s armor goes here and then Armstrong kidnaps him in the same fashion shown in the episode. Just a whole lot of rearranging stuff this ep, but it gets the job done; next ep will focus more on what Mustang catches while fishing.


2 Responses to “FMA: Brotherhood ep 17 + manga notes”

  1. glothelegend Says:

    I love the whole Lieutenant Ross part, which is why I plan to actually write a post about this episode…’s really starting to get good (I’ve read the manga up to chapter 48, then I stopped when I realized they were making this series).

    • refinder Says:

      You really ought to read the manga anyways since you’ll get more out of it. So far the anime has been skipping just about all of the minor conversations that add backdrop to the situation.

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