Umineko No Naku Koro Ni ep5

Gonna get right down to business. So 3 more people died in the end of the last episode. The only survivor out of the 4 people that were forced out of the study room is Maria. Unsurprisingly, when Battler and the others asked her about what happened she just said “Beatrice did it”. According to her, Beatrice didn’t kill her because of the scorpion charm thing Battler gave her before she left the room. Maria said she doesn’t know what happened and how the others died. Beatrice told her to face the wall and keep singing.

At this point all I wanted to see was for Battler to beat the crap out of Maria. Her face just pisses me off. Usually I am into this kind of stuff.  You know, the psychotic killer loli look. But not her.

Unfortunately that didn’t happen. So as they are questioning Maria, they soon realized Jessica’s mother is not in the room anymore. It turns out, she locked the others in the room and went out to confront Beatrice. Then a golden butterfly appeared and she shot at it. Just as Battler busted the door open, they see her fall down on her back with a bullet hole on her forehead.

Now everyone is all freaked out, and the clock hits mid night. Then a golden butterfly appeared once again.  Battler being frustrated and desperate, he started shooting at it.

It didn’t help, and he probably made it worst. Then the next scene just skips to some fisherman guy picking up a bottle that was floating in the sea with a letter in it. the letter was written by Maria, and it’s one of those “when you are reading this, I am probably already dead” kind of letter.

And the next scene skips to Battler and the others, including Shanon and Kanon having tea and cake. They start talking about nonsense like how they died, what they did wrong, and how they got a bad ending. At this point everyone accepts the existence of Beatrice. Well everyone except Battler. Then he is being his usual useless self and just say stuff like “All this can be done by a human, I can’t explain how right now but it can be done!” All talk and no action or theory. Then he goes like “I will believe that Beatrice exists if she comes here right now”. Well guess what, she came….

And Battler of course now goes back on his own word and continue to deny that Beatrice is real, even though she just appeared in front of him out of no where and him being scared shitless because of it. Then Beatrice pretty much shuts him up by telling him to explain any one of the bizarre incidents that happened in the last two days. And even showed him what she can do.

Battler left with nothing creative or smart to say about this situation, he just repeats himself. “I will prove that all these can be done by a human!!!” and Beatrice accepts his challenge.

Ok… So lets talk about what the hell just happened.  So it is confirmed that Beatrice exists. And apparently they all died. But in the next scene they are all alive again and still have the memories of what happened. And somehow Beatrice just kills them again. I am not gonna lie and pretend I know what’s going on, honestly… I have no idea what’s happening. This face pretty much express how I was feeling when I was half way through the episode.

Anyways, the episode ends with Beatrice talking to another witch. Not gonna go into details.

Overall, very good episode. Being as confused as I am, I still enjoyed this one. This anime is much more than just a typical murder mystery after all. It kinda gives me the same feeling I got from Higurashi. The feeling of being confused and wanting to find out more just gets me hooked. Can’t wait to see the next episode. So for those who still haven’t started this series or have not seen this episode. All I can say is, go watch it!

Episode Rating: 9/10

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8 Responses to “Umineko No Naku Koro Ni ep5”

  1. refinder Says:


    You really should run it through word before you post it “adn”.

    So if Higurashi is a TV show in Umineko why the hell would you even question the crazy loli knowing so much? It just seems kind of obvious that she’d know about these crazy happenings if her mother is dumb enough to let her watch a show about dead loli.

    • goplaygo Says:

      lol I always edit it after posting. It’s fixed now

      and watching a show about dead lolis don’t really make any1 more or less credible.

      • refinder Says:

        But it would make her less suspicious in knowing what is going on in a murder mystery series that makes no sense in the first arc.

  2. simplybill Says:

    Next episode has Touhou in it…

  3. hom-chan Says:

    and now Umineko makes perfect sense for the peoples that have been keeping up with Higurashi Rei-desu.


  4. glothelegend Says:

    I am kind of with you. The ending confused me. My guess is that this is going to keep restarting, just like Higurashi did.

    That being said, the tea party part of this episode gave me the feeling that they were breaking the 4th wall.

  5. jetzer0 Says:

    the worst nonsensical I’ve ever seen
    its so stupid it makes me want to puke
    the storyline is so messed up that in the im already seeing the future where battler will end up
    (fucking the witch beatrice)

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