FMA: Brotherhood ep 19 + manga notes

Summary: Picking right up where episode 18 left off; Lt. Hawkeye is still struggling against Gluttony putting bullet after bullet into him, on the other end of the communication line Col. Mustang is hear the whole fight. After having flashbacks of Hughes’ death, Mustang starts to make his way to the front lines, then the opening roles. Back at the hotel Ling explains how Mustang is trying to uncover the people behind Lab 5 prompting Al to move out as well. Gluttony is about to eat the bulletless Hawkeye when her dog, Black Hayate, and Sgt. Fuery arrive to provide back up, though it is ineffective against Gluttony’s regenerative abilities. Mustang arrives and blasts the homunculus out the window then takes Hawkeye with him leaving Fuery and Hayate to pull out and cover up the operation. Alphonse meets up with Mustang’s group as they are pursuing Barry’s flesh body; while in chase Al informs Mustang of the homunculus situation (to humorous results). The chase ends at Lab 3 and Mustang wants to use this information to blackmail the higher ups, but before he can retreat Barry rushes in still wanting to chop up his flesh body.

Using Barry’s actions to his advantage, Mustang is able to enter the facility under the facade that he is pursuing a criminal (this is technically true though), as they descend deeper into the compound they split into two groups: Mustang and Havoc, Alphonse and Hawkeye; Mustang and Havoc find Lust in one of the rooms who is a bit annoyed with Havoc for standing her up on a date to help Mustang. All joking, “boing” noises from Lust’s ample chest and Havoc’s love of big breasts aside Mustang begins his questioning starting off with if Lust killed Hughes, she did not, but would have liked to have been the one who did. After firing a few rounds into Lust, who has become slightly impressed with the amount of information Mustang has on homunculus, she decides to show them something good: all homunculi have a philosopher’s stone as their core going so far as to rip open her own chest to show them.

Of course she has no intention of letting either of them live at this point easily disarming them and drenching them with a water pipe the was on the ceiling to prevent Mustang from using his flames. After falling back to a more strategic position (outside the room), Mustang transmutes the water into it’s base components of Hydrogen and Oxygen, then blows the room up. While investigating the remains of the room Lust launches a surprise attack and critically injures Havoc, in desperation Mustang rips out Lust’s philosopher’s stone to try and save him, but Lust regenerates around the stone and then impales him as well. Meanwhile Führer King Bradley arrives outside having heard about the intruder and plans to help Mustang out. Al and Hawkeye have found Barry who has already cut up his flesh body commenting on how rotten it had become due to having a soul that didn’t belong to it placed inside, at this point Al realizes that his armor body could reject his soul at any time. When Lust arrives Barry attacks her wanting to chop her up as well only to be dismembered into scrap pieces himself.

Then Hawkeye figures out what Lust has done with Mustang and empties all three of her guns on her in an emotional rage before breaking down. When Al demonstrates his ability to transmute without a circle Lust realizes that he opened the gate and she is not allowed to kill him, so instead she attempts to immobilize him while aiming for Hawkeye. Al defends Hawkeye, despite her pleading for him to escape, remembering all the other people he has failed to protect until Mustang arrives and torches Lust using flint from Havoc’s lighter and a circle drawn with his own blood on the back of his hand. Mustang explains he sealed his wounds by burning himself as he contentiously kills Lust with his flames until she finally stays dead claiming the day Mustang will suffer in anguish is close; outside the room Bradley sheaths his sword and walks away. Back at the hotel Al meets up with Winry just as his right arm falls off and Barry’s soul is still alive as Lust did not break the blood seal, however Barry’s flesh body is also still alive and effectively kills both bodies when it wipes the seal away. Ed arrives in Rsembool once again and sees his father standing before his mother’s grave.

Manga notes: (spoilers impending) This episode adapted chapters 38 and 39 + a bit more from later on. Major differences include the absence of Ling and Ran Fan’s involvement and fight scenes. Going into further detail with this: in the original manga Ling is signaled from the hotel room with a flare and Al comes with him to where the action is, Ran Fan was supposed to be fighting against Envy when Gluttony gets blasted out of the window and lands on top of Envy. The whole rest of the fight with Ling & Ran Fan Vs. Envy and Gluttony is skipped which also creates a minor plot hole of how they learn about homunculi and immortality (this will most likely be magically fixed like when Bradley knew about the Devil’s Nest already in episode 14 without having to follow Ed). The fight was supposed to end when Pride orders Envy and Gluttony to retreat and they disappear into the shadows. Other minor differences include the scene of Bradley calling for ambulances for Mustang and Havoc being omitted, other than that a brilliantly animated episode with Roy looking more buff (six pack) then he ever did in the manga.

Blogger note: Now resizing images to 66% of original, seems to look a LOT better than whatever it was before.




Roy proves the concept that people do, in fact, die if they are killed.

Roy proves the concept that people do, in fact, die if they are killed.


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