FMA: Brotherhood ep 20 + manga notes

Summary: Ed and Hohenheim meet in the graveyard; after some attempted greetings he asks why Ed burned their house down. Upon hearing Ed’s explanation, Hohenheim deems it no different than a child trying to hide his mistakes and accuses Ed of trying to escape those horrific memories. Ed storms off and Hohenheim comments to himself how similar Ed is to him when he was young. Later that night, as Ed is asleep, Hohenheim and Pinako are having a chat about the old days and how Hohenheim never changes (he looks the same in a photo taken back in 1866 as he does now) and if the thing his sons made was really Trisha, their mother, if the physical traits, such as eye and hair color, matched or not while Ed listens horrified on the other side of the door. Back in Central Al explains to Ling that he is able to continue functioning without rest or sustenance, something that excites Ling as it looks like immortality. Al continues to explain that he is far from immortal as a mismatched soul and body will eventually face a rejection; however Ling suggests that the soul could just be transferred to another object and continue to exist the way it is causing Winry to snap at Ling’s ignorance about how Al feels about it, and then leaves the room.

Al goes after Winry and tells her that she and Ed always get angry before he can express it himself, meanwhile Ed is having another nightmare about all his failures. As Hohenheim is making his way to go he takes the only photo of his family all together and tells Pinako to leave the country soon as something terrible is about to happen, Pinako refuses as the kids still call her place home. Later that day, Ed and Pinako go out to dig up the thing that Ed and Al made, while digging it up Ed starts throwing up just as it starts raining, however Ed refuses to run from this. Once Ed finally finds the body they confirm based on the hair color, bone length, and pelvis that it is not Trisha or even female for that matter. With this information Ed confirms that the dead cannot be revived and that Al can get his body back; after making a grave for the thing he created, Ed calls Izumi Curtis to ask about the time she tried human transmutation and if the thing she made was really her child. After visiting the Rockbell’s graves Pinako remembers that she forgot the give Hohenhime Trisha’s message and asks Ed to pass it along to him if he sees him again.

When Ed gets back to Central he flips over the wrecked state Al’s armor is in and how Ling and Ran Fan have been mooching off him room service wise. After fixing up Al and hearing about what happened, Ed tells him about what he did in Resembool and the conclusion he came to about it. After confirming that the soul he pulled from the gate really is Al’s soul based on memories that Al and Winry have that Ed can’t have, he confirms that he should be able to pull Al’s body out of the gate the same way. Back when they tried human transmutation Al remembers watching Ed from the point of view of the thing they created and that it was probably a rejection. Izumi gives Ed a call to tell him that she checked her husband’s and her own family lineages and that the human she transmuted could not have been theirs, thanks him, then hangs up. Al confides in Ed that he had been blaming himself for their failure in transmuting their mother and thanks him for reliving him of the guilt of killing their mom, meanwhile Izumi confides in her husband that she feels saved since she did not kill their child twice.

Al continues to tell his brother that he should not carry the entire burden since he too went along with it and that he does not want his body back if others must die for it in the process. His reasoning having been influenced by all the people he had met that were not human in body and all the people that still treat him as human, in truth Al wants his old body back simply so that he does not have to spend every night alone awake all on his own anymore. Ed promises to get Al’s body back and “beat the shit out of that ‘truth’ guy” as Winry thinks to herself if Ed has always had such a large back.

Manga notes: (spoilers impending) Adapting chapters 42 up to page 25, chapter 43 up to page 29, 44 up to page 37. Major changes include a loos of humor on Hohenhime’s part for asking Ed if he had grown, saying he was the shortest state alchemist instead of the youngest and being kind of annoyed over how much hostility Ed was showing towards him, even commenting how Ed’s hair is just like his and then Ed quickly breading it. Pinako checking Ed’s automail and fixing what Armstong did before they go grave hunting was omitted, Ed discussing the thing after it had been dug up and why he wanted to make a grave for it are missing, Ling being a prince and all was covered in an earlier episode so that’s fine to leave out. Some more humor is gone over all the things Winry and Al used to do to Ed in his sleep when he asked them about other memories that they would have and he would not, earlier than that the phone call Winry gets from Mr. Garfeild in Rush Valley about how her customers are waiting for her and Ed (the finical backer) then showing up at the hotel is gone. Apparently next episode will cover everything Mustang that was left out of the adaptation of these chapters, but since a lot of what was in these chapters (such as Scar killing the silver alchemist and meeting May) were covered in earlier episodes there should be a fair amount taken from further chapters. Next episode is on the 30th of August so there is a one week break with no episodes, however the fist DVDs go on sale on the 26th containing a special OVA episode based on an extra chapter in the manga.


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