FMA: Brotherhood ep 21 + manga notes

Summary: Mustang and Havoc have been hospitalized while Hawkeye is getting chewed out by Mustang for believing the enemies words and losing the will to fight in the heat of battle. Meanwhile Envy and Gluttony are not happy with Wrath just letting Lust get killed like that (Gluttony is taking it especially hard), however Father has entrusted the task of making Mustang open the gate to him. After the opening sequence passes: Al is concerned if his body has been doing alright since it has not eaten since it got taken to the other side (whether or not it’s rotten like Barry’s body), however Ed has a theory that his body has been supplying Al’s body with the proper necessities for it to continue living and that this might be the reason why his growth is so stunted. While visiting Mustang and Havoc in the hospital, Hawkeye has calculated the approximate distance they traveled underground and drawn a circle to encompass all possible locations, the results show that the Führer’s residence is within the area casting more suspicion on him.

After Ed and Al leave, Havoc reveals that he can’t feel his legs (paralyzed from the waist down) anymore so he won’t be able to help. Later in the hospital Mustang encounters Dr. Knox, the one who did the autopsy declaring the corpse to be that of 2nd Lt. Ross’, who knew all along that Mustang was up to something having dissected hundreds of corpses burned by him during the Ishbal war. Working from a tip Ed gave him, Mustang sends 2nd Lt. Breda out to meet Dr. Marcoh to ask for his help in Havoc’s recovery. Sgt. Brosh gets the same hint from Major Armstrong that Mustang gave him in regards to Maria Ross before he gives him an urgent notice from HQ; later that night, outside the 3rd research lab that Ed had just finished checking out, Brosh gives him the same message that Scar has surfaced again in Central. Back in the hotel room Ed tells Al about what he learned from the Ishbalens he met; both of them agree that Winry should not be made aware of this since neither of them wants to see her cry again. Ed comes up with a plan to lure the homunculi out: since they want him alive, he’ll just put himself in mortal danger by fighting Scar so they come out to keep Scar from killing him… Al does not approve.

Ling and Ran Fan overhear the things said about homunculi and decide to help out since the homunculi are as close to immortal as it’s gotten so far + they owe Ed a meal (a very long room service tab they’ve racked up). After Ed throws them both out the window Winry storms in over all the noise and then beats Ed after he asks her to stay in Central for a little while longer since his arm might break again soon. Breda arrives at Marcoh’s house only to find it ransacked and abandoned, meanwhile, back at the hospital, Havoc has officially retired from the military. After begging Mustang to leave him behind, he allows it, but tells him to catch up to him someday.

In the city, Ed is being as flashy as possible while helping as many people as possible in an attempt to lure out Scar until Mustang shows up, shortly thereafter Scar makes his appearance. After mustang hears the plan, he agrees to help out by placing false intelligence over the military airwaves so Scar won’t get shot to death first. Wrath begins to move with Gluttony following after as Ed continues fighting Scar by canceling out the deconstruction alchemy while Ling and Ran Fan engage the homunculi.

Manga notes: (spoilers impending) This episode roughly adapts chapter 42, page 25 to page 43; chapter 44 page 38 to 47; chapter 45, page 4 on. Scattered as usual with the adaptation wanting to just focus on one thing at a time, major differences include Envy not posing as Breda to abduct Marcoh, Winry leaving Ed and Al’s room after realizing how much more mature they are all becoming, Ed thinking about giving up another limb or two to try and drag Al’s body out of the gate, Ling and Ran Fan finding out about homunculi through Ed and Al instead of fighting them, and some other minor stuff. Something to be happy about: Dr. Knox’s scene in this episode was left intact, this will be important later; something to be sad about: apparently the ratings are way down…


2 Responses to “FMA: Brotherhood ep 21 + manga notes”

  1. Mr. Black Says:

    I guess the Japs aren’t liking the reimagining?

    • refinder Says:

      it’s probably because of the rushed beginning… the DVD sales weren’t all that grand for the first releases either… don’t know why; this version beats the first by a good number of nautical miles.

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