FMA: Brotherhood ep 22 + manga notes

Summary: Picking up from last episode; Ran Fan manages to survive Wrath’s initial strike from landing a fatal blow and Ling slices off the top of Gluttony’s head when he goes in for the kill. Wrath and Ling square off until Gluttony sends both Ling and Ran Fan flying into the building across the street where Wrath tries to begin his interrogation. After a conflict of opinions over what makes a good ruler Ran Fan (being carried by Ling) uses a flash grenade to aid in escaping, however Wrath still has his ultimate eye and blocks their getaway. Now it shifts to a flashback Winry is having of her parents leaving to help in the war while visiting Hughes’ grave with his wife and daughter reasoning that she might have been thinking of Hughes as her dad. While walking through the city Winry hears about the fight going on between the Elric brothers and Scar.

The fight goes on with the surrounding soldiers still not permitted to shoot and Ed starting to get worn out. Al decides to buy some time by questioning Scar’s use of alchemy attributing it to some kind of hypocrisy based on Scar’s mindset. After the murder of Shou and Nina is brought up, Scar explains his reason for killing the chimera that Nina had become is that she would have never been treated human again, only as a lab animal to be experimented on. Winry approaches the scene just as Ed begins his retaliation to Scar’s claims with his murder of the Rockbell couple that saved his life, unfortunately Winry over hears the whole conversation. After collapsing to the ground in a state of disbelief, grief, and then anger Winry picks up one of the guns dropped by the unconscious soldiers and aims it at Scar.

Scar is having a flashback of the war where his older brother is compiling his alchemy research as the army approaches. Scar’s older brother researched alchemy from Xing and tattooed his right arm for deconstruction and his left arm for reconstruction, while doing so he realized something is odd about the alchemy used in Amestris. The other Ishbalans stop Scar from interfering with his brother’s research claiming it could save all of Ishbal by giving them the power they need to counter the state alchemist’s onslaught and possibly destroy the rest of the country as Scar looks on is disgust over what alchemy brings. After the army advances into the city Scar is located he is unable to stop the slaughter, as Scar’s family prepares to escape his older brother gives him his research to hold onto claiming that Scar’s chances of survival are far greater than his own (Scar is some kind of warrior priest/monk). Right before they can escape Kimblee shows up and engulfs them all in a massive explosion, the only survivors are Scar and his brother who shielded him from the blast, however Scar’s right arm is missing (he also gains the scar on his forehead from it) and his brother cannot stop the bleeding.

Scar’s older brother uses alchemy in a last ditch effort to save him affixing his own right arm to Scar who regains consciousness in the Rockbell’s care. While they examine him he has flashbacks of the soldiers that have been killing everyone, after reaching out with his new right arm thinking that it was his brother at first only to realize it is his own now. Scar panics and goes into an uncontrollable rage killing the doctors that saved him. Flashing back to the present Winry still has Scar at gunpoint, who Scar reasons has every right to shoot him, but as soon as she does he will recognize her as an enemy and kill her. After Ed puts himself in between Scar in Winry to keep her from shooting and Scar from attacking her, Scar realizes the similarities between this situation and the one where his brother shielded him causing him to hesitate and giving Al a chance to repel him.

Ed manages to get the gun away from Winry and tells her that her hands are not for killing people, but for helping them live as she breaks down in tears.

Manga notes: (spoilers impending) This episode adapts chapter 46 from page 10 on, chapter 47 page 5 to page 17. Once again the anime only likes to focus on one thing at a time so the first 5 pages of chapter 47 will most likely be in the next episode which should keep accelerating in momentum. Over all the only change made from what is adapted is not being able to hear Ling thinking while trying to escape and Wrath no commenting how this was the first time in his life he was glad to be wearing that eye patch. The Scar Ishbal/Ishval (either spelling works apparently) was taken from the Ishbal flashback chapters later on, when they finally do get to adapting those chapters I wonder how much they’ll have left since based on what was adapted from it in this episode all of it is pretty brutal. Lots of blood this episode, looking forward to the next episode and Ran Fan being crazy hardcore girl and Winry being yandere… looks even better now.

Looking kinda NICE BOAT there Winry.

Looking kinda NICE BOAT there Winry.

Just some random comments: Really liking this ending theme and how well it plays into how they are ending many of the episodes + it might be worth it to looking into which episodes are directed by who seeing as that probably plays a rather large roll in how much blood and gore it will have.


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  1. RP Says:

    Yeah, the ED fit perfectly at the end of this episode. Gave me shivers.

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