FMA: Brotherhood ep 23 + manga notes

Summary: Ling manages to escape Wrath and Gluttony by using a grenade and smoke bomb (and jumping several stories from a building still carrying Lan Fan), meanwhile Ed goes to help Al who is still fighting Scar, leaving Winry in the police’s protection. Mustang determines it’s time to make a move and dispatches Hawkeye to the scene agreeing to meet up on the outskirts of town if any progress is made. Wrath and Gluttony are still pursuing Ling and Lan Fan, trapping them in an unpopulated area of town until the commotion with Scar causes Wrath to send Gluttony to take care of him. Lan Fan regains consciousness but can no longer feel her left arm and Ling still refuses to abandon her. Al and Scar’s fight continues with Scar correctly surmising that Al’s armor is empty, however Al is unfazed by Scar’s remarks claiming that he (Al) wants to believe in the potential of alchemy.



Ed arrives just in time to keep Al from being overwhelmed by a surprise attack (still mad at himself for making Winry cry again), but before round two can begin, Gluttony arrives and tries to eat Scar. Wrath is still following the blood trail left by Lan Fan as Gluttony easily over powers Scar until Ling comes up from a manhole and shoves a grenade down Gluttony’s throat destroying his upper body. Before Gluttony can finish regenerating Ling binds him with steel wire, elsewhere Wrath has caught up with the blood trail only to find Lan Fan’s severed left arm tied to a dog having escaped to the sewers earlier.

Scar is confused over what just happened until Hawkeye arrives in a car and shoots his leg; Ling and Hawkeye make their escape with Gluttony as their prize. Ed and Al resume their battle with Scar until May arrives and helps Scar escape using her long range alchemy skills. While still in route to Mustang’s hideout, Ling persuades Hawkeye to pick up Lan Fan and Wrath notices them speeding through the city with Gluttony captive. After evading the military police for the time being, May fixes Scar’s leg and Shao Mei (the tiny panda) goes missing, Al found her and Ed doesn’t like the fact that Al is always picking up strays.
Al cannot feel pain

Al cannot feel pain

Winry is being protected at Central HQ and Führer King Bradley is keeping her company. After Bradley leaves, Ed tells Winry everything he knows about what happened to her parents in Ishbal; back in the hotel a phone call comes for Winry from all of her customers in Rush Valley who miss her and want her to come back soon and fix their automail. While at the train station Winry thanks Ed for stopping her from shooting as she would have been unable to face all the people waiting for her if she did. Before the train departs Ed yells back at Winry telling her the next time they make her cry it will be tears of joy for them getting their bodies back; while on the train, Winry figures out that she fell in love with Ed.

While leaving the station, Mustang picks Ed and Al up before going to get Dr. Knox (as a note he divorced his wife soon after coming back from Ishbal). While Dr. Knox is operating on Lan Fan, Ling realizes that she is much more prepared than he is to accomplish the mission of finding immortality and saving their clan. After Lan Fan regains consciousness and tells Ed that it was his trap back in Rush Valley that gave her the idea, Ed agrees to introduce her to an automial mechanic. Mustang and Ling become formally acquainted and Ling reveals Bradley’s true identity as a homunculus, however he lacks the inhuman sense that the other homunculi give off. It is also revealed that Bradley’s son, Selim, is adopted further placing Bradley as a homunculus since they are unable to bare children. Negotiations break down as the Elrics, Mustang, and Ling all want to use Gluttony for their own purposes. Gluttony, hearing Mustang’s name and recognizing it as the one who killed lust, goes into a rage with his stomach opening up revealing another eye inside breaking the steel wires bounding him and taking out a portion of the house and a car parked outside.

Manga notes: (spoilers impending) Adaption of chapter 47 pages 2 – 5 & 17 – end, chapter 48 pages 1 – 24 and 28 – end.
No major major differences, just some lost dialogue and humor such as the random man turning on a faucet and then Ling’s grenade going off, Wrath explaining the trap plan to Gluttony, Gluttony revealing her has a thing for girls as they are soft and tasty while chasing Lan Fan before Wrath tells him to go after Scar, the tiny panda biting Ed, Ed asking Winry what she talked to Bradley about, Mustang explaining that Ed and Al probably would not be able to leave their hotel for awhile, Mustang telling Knox about homunculi. Just a bunch of minor things that don’t add up to anything in the long run, but at least it gives something to put in this section. The missing pages from chapter 48 are of Havoc training his body so he can catch up to everyone later.

Better those minor things omitted than anything important as it heads in to the more and more serious parts of the series.


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