FMA: Brotherhood ep 24 + manga notes

Summary: Envy is stuck taking care of Dr. Marcho who has pretty much figured out that the homunculi are planning to create a philosopher’s stone out of the entire population by means of a massive transmutation circle. Envy doesn’t deny this, but also claims it’s not entirely correct and reminds Marcho that if he doesn’t help them destroy the country then they will just destroy his village first. After some gloating from Envy about how humans always let emotion get in the way of reason the scene shifts to Bradley/Wrath at Central HQ. Pride (as a disembodied voice) questions why Wrath seems to be enjoying the disarray caused recently, Wrath claims he is having fun because none of it was within the plan that Father set for his life to follow and comments that it might be time to let a younger generation take over. Pride chooses to not report these statements to Father as they might be considered treason and wants Wrath to remember what he really is before telling Wrath that rescuing Gluttony is their top priority right now. Back on the outskirts of Central, Gluttony is rampaging trying to consume Mustang.

After some failed attempts by Mustang to kill Gluttony (he just swallows the flames) Mustang, Ed, and Al retreat to the woods. Mustang’s wounds from Lust start to reopen during the chase, when it seems Gluttony is about to consume him it turns out to be a dummy and Mustang (being useless at the moment), Hawkeye, and Lan Fan make their escape with Dr. Knox in his car (Ed, Al, and Ling stay to fight). Before leaving, Hawkeye gives Ed a gun for protection and before they can even engage Gluttony in combat Envy shows up to collect him. Of course Envy makes the mistake of calling Ed small, setting off his temper, causing him to attack Envy when he was trying to be a non hostile (Ed won’t forgive Envy for calling him small no less than 7 times now). After Envy calms Gluttony down some and tells him that he can’t eat Mustang or the Elrics, Ling questions how many people are inside them and so Gluttony gets the OK from Envy to eat Ling. Ed and Al find themselves in an interesting position now that they know the enemy can’t attack them; after separating Ling from Gluttony, Ed and Al face off against him leaving Envy for Ling to deal with. Meanwhile, Wrath is busy being a family man having dinner with his wife and adopted son Selim as the main cast continue with their battles.

Envy uses his transformation abilities as his primary weapon of choice while Ling resorts to tricks (kicking dirt in Envy’s eyes) to stay alive. Envy’s small size belittles his massive weight making deep impressions in the ground with every fall and the Elrics aren’t having much luck incapacitating Gluttony as he throws them right into Ling’s fight. Envy uses Lan Fan’s form to make Ling hesitate so Gluttony can swallow him, however Ed tries to save him and Envy tries to stop Ed so all three of them get consumed. Al panics, but there is nothing Gluttony can do having swallowed them. At Dr. Knox’s house Lan Fan has to come to terms with how useless she is now with only one arm and Mustang heads for Central HQ to find out who is on his side or not. Once there Mustang orders Hawkeye to wait for him outside and flee if anything happens to him, she cannot comply with this order so he just orders her to wait for him there until he gets back; inside Mustang meets with Lieutenant General Raven whom he was told to see by Lieutenant General Grumman if ever in a crisis. After discussing the gossip of Central with him and including the Führer being a homunculus as one of the rumors, Raven lets him tell that to the rest of the higher ups in Central and the Führer himself during a meeting. Mustang finally grasps what Hughes meant when he said the army was in trouble: all the higher ups are completely corrupt under the homunculi’s control and Ed wakes up in a pool of blood engulfed in darkness.

Manga notes: (spoilers impending) Adapting chapter 49, leaving out some minor and major bits like with the Marcho Envy chat and Marcho correctly guessing there would be violence in the north next (MAJOR LEAD IN TO THE NEXT ARC), Wrath directly telling Envy to go get Gluttony (minor detail), Envy arriving as a dog instead of a horse (minor detail). Now going into chapter 50: Mustang’s conversation with Dr. Knox originally happens in the car in chapter 49, he never really goes into Knox’s home, but this is just a trivial detail only a nit-picker would care about, big change being Mustang going to meet Raven intentionally instead of just meeting him in the halls (and even Raven being a supposedly kind person, how he dies later is priceless), and some of Ed talking to himself of how he can still move and the dark place he is in (Gluttony’s stomach) being oddly familiar is left out. Good episode though, lots of action so not much to type up about and the ending theme continues to work well with the cliff hangers they keep churning out. Next episode looks like it will be fun with one of Envy’s big moments.


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