FMA: Brotherhood ep 25 + manga notes

Summary: Ed is still taped in the dark, endless, blood filled abyss that is Gluttony’s stomach calling out for anyone to answer him until finally finding Ling. After confirming neither of them are Envy in disguise they try to figure out where exactly they are noting all the things around them (including the fire illuminating the darkness) were objects swallowed by Gluttony. After Ed finds Al’s hand that had been swallowed as well he realizes that Al must still be free (and has a temporary laps in good judgment with his “Elric telepathy”); as Ed and Ling continue to wonder around in the darkness they notice several buildings and corpses all from different time periods. After trying to make and exit using alchemy to create a well that ends up being bottomless, Ed and Ling start running around frantically searching for a wall.

On the outside May Chang is having no luck finding Shao May and Yoki isn’t making her feel any better; May Chang relates how Shao May is a panda with a growth disorder and was abandoned by her parents, after May Chang took her in they were raised and trained together eventually becoming inseparable. May Chang claims to be from one of the weakest clans in Xing and needs to bring back immortality to win the Emperor’s favor so her clan won’t die out. Scar decides to help look for May and Yoki assumes Scar feels empathetic towards Mei since his people were decimated during the civil war. Back in the belly both Ed and Ling are getting tired from treading blood, Ling collapses and Ed stubbornly decides to carry him saying there are people waiting for Ling as well. After becoming thoroughly exhausted, Ed cooks one of his leather boots so they can at least eat afterwards Ling apologizes for his moment of weakness earlier, and then Envy shows up.

Envy claims there is no exit and is not too happy having been sucked in as well; after explaining that they are inside Gluttony’s stomach yet at the same time someplace else, Envy asks Ed if the place feels familiar at all. Ed realizes the feeling of being swallowed by Gluttony is like the feeling of entering the Gates of Truth however the two places are completely different. Envy further explains that Gluttony is a failed attempt by Father to recreate the Gate of Truth.

The space they are currently trapped in is a space between reality and the truth, there is no way out and the only thing they can do is wait until they die. After Envy let’s slip that Bradley is a homunculus, Ed figure out the entire Ishbal war was staged, just mentioning it makes Envy ecstatic as he remembers his favorite job ever. The war was started when a solider accidentally shot an Isbalan child to death; it was no accident as Envy was the one who did it disguised as a soldier. Envy loved every minute of the carnage that spread from a single bullet he fired, adding as a note how he disguised himself as an officer that was against the occupation from the beginning getting that solider the death penalty through a court-martial.

Ed snaps over how most of the bad things that have happened during his life were directly caused by Envy and attacks him. Envy decides that since they are all going to die sooner or later he’ll show them something interesting.

All the humunculi are scary monsters

All the humunculi are scary monsters

Meanwhile, outside of Gluttony, Al finds out about Father from Gluttony and manages to get Gluttony to take him to Father. In Central HQ the topic of the military meeting is to determine who will be a human sacrifice (Ed and Al are the only confirmed ones), candidates for human sacrifice include: Marcho, Kimblee (though they claim he lacks the nerve to open the gate), and Mustang whom Bradley is having a long chat with. During this long chat Bradley reveals that the country has been in the control of the homunculi since the first time it was reformed and that he plans to fully exploit all of Mustang’s weaknesses from here on out. Outside HQ Hawkeye is informed by Fuery that he has been transferred to Southern HQ, Breda to Western HQ, Falman to Northern HQ, and just now Hawkeye herself has been transferred to Central as an assistant to King Bradley who essentially just took all of Mustang’s trusted officers as hostages.

Back to the darkness Envy starts his onslaught before Ed and Ling can even arm themselves; Ed makes a sword for Ling out of the iron in the sea of blood they are surrounded by before making the usual blade out of his automail, both of them comment that Envy has already broken a few of their ribs each before reengaging him. In the outside world Al realizes that Gluttony is leading him to Central, where Father supposedly is.

Manga notes: (spoilers impending) Taking material from chapter 51 with differences including only a loss of minor conversations such as Ed being surprised with Ling’s bone torch, Ed noting the ground inside of Gluttony’s stomach was more like dried blood and reciting the components of blood before transmuting it, May continuing to calls Scar “Mr. Yoki’s servant” then “Mr. X” when he tells her to call him something else and then refusing a number of other names, Ed firing the gun in different directions to listen for the bullets hitting a wall is omitted,. New sentence; Ed remembering a movie he saw when he was a kid where they ate their own shoes gave him the idea to eat his boots along with him transmuting a pot and water from the blood is also omitted. Ling complaining about being fed boots and threatening to have Ed remembered for all of Xing’s history as the one who fed the emperor shoes (if he becomes emperor) is gone. Envy yelling “Don’t look at me!” is gone too, now it adapts from chapter 52 up to page 15 with the conversation with Gluttony and the military meeting where Gram being dead makes them shorthanded and planning to pin all of the 5th research lab fiasco on him is missing, Bradley offering Mustang tea is also missing. Fury taking care of Black Hayate and getting his transfer papers is missing. Continuing the adaption from chapter 52 page 24 and 25 are also adapted.

This blogger feels indifferent to the choice made of having Envy’s true form be in CGI since they will have to animate it the normal way when Ed is in super direct contact with it.

Quite a lot of notes this time, this blogger must be in a picky mood today, but over all a good episode, the extra bit with Envy killing that kid (on screen no less) just adds to his sadistic charisma, while the added scenes from May’s past are a nice touch. What was really surprising was Ed’s quadruple flying kicks/punches multiplied by three to get 12 consecutive spinning strikes on Ling near the beginning of the episode… eat your heart out Spinzaku.


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