MOT release #1 Hatsu Inu ~again~ Sample 2

Looks like WP is back up, guess I’ll copy paste this here too.

Greetings and salutations to all those still bothering to read this blog! Since no subs (that any of us could find) for the final episode of this series exists, here you go, soft sub only since the raw quality doesn’t need to suffer anymore.

NOTE: v2 updated for now



only difference between the two files is the name.

So we’ve talked about it and typed about it and been bored as hell and back again so we finally did something! Yes, that is correct, we are now a fansubbing group of sorts and for those of you who have not just visited to grab the link and be on your fapping way I guess I can tell you a bit about our group.

Just coming up with a name was annoying since May wanted to keep “Hiyono fansubs” reserved till next year, so, being the bored outcasted bastards that we are, decided to go with MOT in homage to our former stomping grounds made up of thousands of pages worth of motivational posters that a certain website (made of hypocrites no less) decided to ban just because of a few (hundred) XXX ones. After losing our pastime of spamming endlessly redundant posters, we core people that bothered to stay in touch formed a group and then were all bored together! So to subside our boredom we thought “now what should be do now?” and just so luckily at that moment May chipped in saying “fansubbing” (even though she had no part in this project EDIT: except telling us what program to use for what) and thus we are proud in our own twisted way to present English subtitles for Hatsu Inu ~again~ Sample 2.

tl;dr for ya? We got bored, so we did something.

Next project will most likely be Kibun Kibun, a 2003 two episode hentai made by Bow Ditama. We found it very very strange that since its release no one has subbed it, we’ll see if we can work together long enough to resolve that issue.


One Response to “MOT release #1 Hatsu Inu ~again~ Sample 2”

  1. tdkgunghoul Says:

    Hah! I knew you v/amp/ires were good for something!

    So I guess this will be the space to watch for obscure
    subs then?

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