FMA: Brotherhood ep 28 + manga notes

Summary: Gluttony and Al arrive at where Father is, but before anything else could happen Envy, Ed and Ling burst forth from Gluttony’s insides violently. Al is overjoyed that Ed is alive (hugging him and adding more injuries) and Ed becomes aware of his new surroundings. Father is surprised that humans came out of Gluttony’s stomach and identifies them as the Elric brothers while Ed mistakes him for Hohenheim. Once Father is informed that Hohenheim is the Elric brother’s dad he is both surprised and happy commenting how he knew Hohenheim would not die, but never expected him to have children. Father completely ignores all of Ed’s questions lost in his own pondering until he realizes Ed is injured and Al is missing part of his arm prompting him to fix both of them up using alchemy. Ed and Al realize Father is not abiding by the rule of equivalent exchange while Ling, sensing the souls within him, questions just what Father really is.

Father throws the same question right back at Ling before giving Gluttony the order to eat him. Ed tries to defend Ling, but Father does not give a damn about him at which point Al fills Ed in about Father being the creator of the homunculi. Ed decides to fight Father and ignore the others. During the fight Father blocks all of their attacks using his alchemy without even moving, when Father finally does make a move he “turns off” everyone’s alchemy. Envy and Gluttony quickly immobilize Ed, Al, and Ling in the confusion and Envy comments on how pathetic they are for not even fully understanding the alchemy they use and also ignores his promise to tell Ed everything. Father tells Envy not to talk so much and thinks of a good way to use Ling while taking a philosopher’s stone out of a third eye on his forehead.

Envy reveals that Father is going to inject the stone into Ling to try and create a homunculus with a human base, but also tells them that most humans die from the strain of fighting for control. Ed pulls out the gun Hawkeye gave him, but Envy stops him from using it and Ling tells him not to interfere since he came for the philosopher’s stone in he first place. After the stone enters Ling’s body he comes face to face with Greed who wants Ling’s body for himself, Ling willingly gives it to him since he wants power and can’t face Lan Fan empty handed.

The deconstruction and reconstruction of Ling’s body ends with the new Greed being born (Ling’s body + the old Greed’s voice) and the ouroboros tattoo in the same place on the left hand as the old Greed. The new Greed retains none of the old Greed’s memories and is loyal to Father. Scar and May enter the room now with May Chang immediately sensing that Father is not human and is reunited with Shao May. Scar notices the Elrics being restrained and concludes they are not working with the homunculi; when May Chang learns of the Fullmetal Alchemist’s actually appearance she is vastly disappointed. Father orders Gluttony to eat them both assuming neither can use alchemy; May attacks using alchemy in a rage for being deceived (even though it was all just her own imagination to begin with) freeing them both in the process.

However, neither Ed nor Al can use alchemy still and are forced to pull back; Ed also decides to inform Scar of the truth behind the Ishbal war directing all of Scar’s attention to the homunculi and Father. Scar is enraged beyond reason and declares the homunculi undeserving to be sent to “God” where his people are and destroys the surrounding area. Father orders Greed to get rid of the intruders only to be intercepted by Ed.

May Chang recognizes Ling and Gluttony wants to eat a soft little girl’s body… Meanwhile Father is watching the destruction of his home from the sidelines until he questions Scar about how he is able to use alchemy only to take a full blast of it to the head and not even flinch. Scar pulls back just in time to keep all his limbs intact and Gluttony knocks May Chang down while she is distracted, before Gluttony can eat her Al saves her and carries her away from the massive brawl. The hordes of chimeras block Al’s way out until Scar arrives being pursued by Gluttony and Envy.

Al asks Scar if he can take May and escape, however Scar is in no condition to protect someone else and has no intention of escaping while decomposing the water and igniting it with Al’s head. Envy captures Al, but Scar has vanished and Gluttony is out of lives; Ed and Greed are continuing their fight with Ed managing to land only one unblocked hit when he mentions Lan Fan. Greed subdues Ed and Al has already been caught, Father orders Greed to take them up top-side where Wrath is while Ed tells Al the Ling is still inside Greed. After the credits, Father is kneeling over the dying Gluttony removing his philosopher’s stone saying that he will recreate him with his memories intact.

Manga notes: (spoilers impending) This time adapting from chapter 53 page 39 – 47 with differences including (for all you nit-pickers) the loss of Al’s line worried about Ed being covered in blood (that was not Ed’s blood), and a mini flash back in Ed’s mind. Now going into chapter 54‘s differences such as Ed commenting on how he left Al’s hand in Gluttony’s stomach, Ed and Ling’s banter over how best to attack Father is gone, Hohenheim’s lines are missing from where he is hiking at, Father commenting on how much they’ve busted up his house and scolding Gluttony for letting them in is missing. Now going straight into chapter 55 differences including Greed and Envy still not getting along and Gluttony’s friendly introduction to his new little brother, Greed thanking Father for birthing him is omitted, May’s fantasy world not including the Emperor of Xing throwing the tea table over her romantic engagement to Ed, Al being frustrated over his own helplessness without alchemy is gone. Into chapter 56 it goes but only up to page 2 with no variations from the source material.

Honestly, the amount of differences and/or changes decreases with each passing episode to the point where it is laughable that any peoples would make a big deal out of them anymore. This episode in particular was spot on next to perfect (we’ve been seeing a lot of eps like that since the new material started airing) and it only looks like it’ll get better, the only way it can get worse is if they skip out on Ed’s shower scene that should happen in 29 where May sees him but naked.

Screen shots just for the fun of it.

Give me power!

"Give me power!"

Im Greed now!

"I'm Greed now!"

Gluttony just loves to eat soft little girls.

Gluttony just loves to eat soft little girls.

Envy highlights

Envy highlights

Next time, Full Nudity Alchemist (hopefully).


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