FMA: Brotherhood ep 29 + manga notes

Summary: Ed and Al have been captured by the homunculi and are lead back up the surface via elevator by Envy. Upon reaching the surface Ed and Al are shocked to learn that the military headquarters is located directly above where Father resides; Envy comments on how filthy they are and cut to Ed’s service shower scene as shown above. Ed tells Al about what he saw at the gate and then finds out that May is inside Al’s armor. After making a commotion Envy comes in to see what’s wrong only to get an eye full of Ed in the nude.

Now that Ed is fully clothed, Envy leads them to where Wrath is to let him deal with the situation, again, the Elrics are shocked to learn that Wrath is Bradley. Mustang tells them the status of his situation with his subordinates all relocated and the three of them note how Wrath is confident in being able to take them all on at once with only a sword. Wrath tells them that they should not be meddling and to just keep out of trouble with the promise that no harm will come to them if they do so. Ed asks what will happen to the rest of the people that are not important to them and Wrath shrugs that off as a minor detail. Ed, tired of being used, quits his job as a state alchemist.

Wrath will have none of that and promptly threatens to kill Winry if Ed quits, forcing him to keep his job as a military dog. Al speaks up asking to be permitted to continue their search to recover their bodies and Wrath allows it so long as they do not interfere with their plans. Mustang decides to continue being in the military due to his ambitions and Wrath dismisses them all; before leaving Mustang asks if Wrath was the one who killed Hughes, Wrath tells him he did not. Before getting out the door Wrath pierces through Al’s armor, but nothing happens and they are all permitted to leave again.

May was in Al’s leg at the time and the sword went right over her head. Ed hits Mustang up for some change and runs off somewhere with Al while Mustang remembers that Hawkeye is still waiting for him. When Mustang gets back to the car where Hawkeye was waiting for him he is greeted by Major Armstrong instead. Turns out Armstrong was waiting in her place while she went to the restroom, meanwhile Ed and Al make a phone call. Winry calls Ed creepy for the sudden call and all worrying questions he’s asking her.

They finish their conversation on good terms and Greed shows up commenting on how easy it is to take advantage of people like them. Greed then hands Ed a piece of cloth with a message written in Xing’s language meant for Lan Fan. Back underground Scar has encountered Dr. Marcoh who breaks down in hysterics upon realizing that Scar is the alchemist killer and happily tells him that he too participated in the extermination at Ishbal.

Back at Dr. Nox’s house May is recovering and will be fine as long as she gets some rest. Lan Fan has woken up and Al gives her the message from Ling which reads that he has obtained the philosopher’s stone however Lan Fan is distraught correctly guessing that something must have happened to him. At Central HQ Wrath and Greed have a chat about Ling which ends in Ling yelling at Wrath not to underestimate humans and Greed telling Wrath that Ling is vigilantly waiting to take regain control of his body.

Mustang informs Armstrong of the true nature of the military, rather than resigning, Armstrong decides to stay in the military since he could not bear the shame of running away again like he did during Ishbal. Mustang reveals his reason for staying in the military is because he knows there is still a figure in the shadows pulling the strings and he is being tested. At Dr. Nox’s house Al has just finished telling Lan Fan what happened to Ling and now she is determined to get a replacement arm quick. Just then May attacks Lan Fan and both tell Al not to interfere with Xing business before both get clobbered by an angry Dr. Nox who tells them that patients should stay in bed.

When the two appear that they will continue fighting anyway Nox warns them that some unknown disease might kill both of them if they continue to mess up his house. While Al is helping clean the house up he finds a picture of Nox with his wife and son, Nox tries to throw it out, but Al won’t let him. Ed is busy fixing all the damage done to the city during his fight with Scar

in his own stylistic way… He also learns that other alchemists were unable to use alchemy earlier that morning and starts wondering about the differences between his alchemy and Scar’s alchemy before realizing he needs to return the gun to Hawkeye. After the credits a smalls Gluttony is seen growing out of Father’s chest and Marcoh is explaining to Scar how he was forced to kill people and is about to be forced into causing more deaths. Marcoh begs Scar to kill him so that he will not have to do so and Scar slams him to the floor and orders Marcoh to tell him everything that happened at Ishbal.

Manga notes: (spoilers impending) This time adapting at first form chapter 56 page 3 onwards, differences including: The whole Envy taking them top side and telling them how filthy they are is new, in the manga is just starts off with Ed in the shower, the part of the conversation about Al’s body being emancipated is skipped, it was never said that the guard who came in was Envy in the manga yet it is implied, also Ed holds up a towel and says he slipped on a bar of soap rather than let anyone see his package. Next differences are Al just knowing where Nox lives without Mustang telling him, some of Mustang’s worrying thoughts are missing when Hawkeye was not there, some of Ed’s repair work and eating habits are skipped, oddly the scene of him repairing that woman’s balcony is left intact despite the scene of him breaking it and subsequent promise to come back and fix it being omitted during his fight with Scar. There is some scene rearrangement going on though, the first 16 pages of chapter 57 are put in the middle of the episode (kind of) and pages 19 to the first half of page 27 are put at the end of the episode. The way Ed goes to give the gun back to Hawkeye is also different in that he realizes it before he goes to bed vs. waking up in the middle of the night and deciding to do that while it’s still on his mind. Also some of Marcoh’s discussion with Scar is skipped like when he tells him that a town will be destroyed if her does not cooperate with the homunculi.

Next episode will hopefully have Riza Hawkeye’s shower scene (with the amount of Ed service we got this episode the chances of Riza service next are high).


3 Responses to “FMA: Brotherhood ep 29 + manga notes”

  1. ntd Says:

    “Next differences are Al just knowing where Nox lives without Mustang telling him”

    Hey, that change was necessary because in the anime, Ed and Al have already known where Dr. Knox lives. In ep. 23 Mustang picked them up first before they went to pick up Dr. Knox at his house.

    • refinder Says:

      a rare comment huh? A difference is a difference though, and she just calls them as she sees them episode by episode.

      Though it’s more like a nit-pickers digest now as she puts it…

  2. JeffryZin2010 Says:

    It’s totally ridicoulus that why the hell that hawkeye gave him a gun for during ep24?

    I guess i should stick to the manga instead.


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