FMA: Brotherhood ep 31 + manga notes

Summary: Starting right off from where the last episode left off, Envy is pissed over Marcoh’s supposed death by Scar’s destruction alchemy, but then he notices one of the chimera guards is missing. Ed is just leaving Hawkeye’s place who mentions that being the Führer’s assistant isn’t all bad since it might give her the chance to kill him in his sleep. As Ed is going out the door he asks Hawkeye to tell Mustang that Scar is still on the loose. While walking down the street Al finds Ed and they have a talk about their own ignorance and what they should do once they get their bodies back.

Al wants to eat Winry’s apple pie and Ed just plans to go around and tell everyone first. Ed figures out that there is defiantly something different about May and Scar’s alchemy and the Elric’s next move is to find out what it is, however, May has already left Nox’s house. Meanwhile, all of Mustang’s subordinates are getting ready to head off to their reassignments and Falman returns the chess board Mustang lent him. Hawkeye passes the message along to Mustang before moving onto her new assignment and Mustang compares all of his subordinates to pieces on a chess board before opening up the king piece which as a piece of paper inside it. Back in town Ed and Al are busy looking for May using the only clue they have: a drawing of Shao May (the tiny panda), however…

… one drawing isn’t exactly accurate. Mustang shows up in his car and while he’s giving the Elrics a ride he says he’ll ask around about the panda as well before wanting his money back from Ed, all 520 cenz of it. Ed decides to hang onto it and return it after Mustang becomes the Führer, and then Ed will borrow it again and give it back when the country becomes a democracy, and borrow it again with some other promise after that. When Ed and Al arrive at their destination, Fuu is there waiting for them, meanwhile, Mustang visits what can be assumed a brothel of sorts.

However he actually just stops in to pass on the piece of paper hidden within the chess board from earlier to Madam Christmas, back in Eastern Headquarters Lt. General Grumman gets a call from the Madam, much to the chagrin of his staff as it is on a secret military line. Back a Dr. Nox’s house Fuu is disappointed that Lan Fan lost an arm and failed to protect Ling, to the point of slapping her before Nox restrains him. Lan Fan apologies to her grandfather (Fuu) and he breaks down in tears; later on Fuu refuses Ed’s help in meeting an automail mechanic under the logic that the enemy knows what Lan Fan looks like so they mustn’t become involved with anyone who knows the Elrics. Before they leave, Fuu thanks Dr. Nox for saving his granddaughter’s life and so does Lan Fan before Nox tells them to hurry up and leave. On their way off both swear they will return for Ling.

Now that Nox is all alone he starts to remember all the experiments he partook in during the Ishbal extermination and the gratitude he was recently show for saving people before he hears a knocking at the door. It’s his wife and son who just happened to have finished some business in the area and decided to stop by and see him. When they find out that he actually saved people they are delighted and his son tells him that he is studying to become a doctor, somewhat motivated by his dad not quitting the profession after the Ishbal war. Nox invites them both in for some coffee and while preparing it he asks that if God really does exist to over look it asking that even someone like him can enjoy a cup of coffee with his family.

The next day we see Kimblee sitting in his cell happily humming to himself as he stares at a philosopher’s stone remembering the time he killed his superior officers when they wanted it back (he’s been hiding it inside his mouth/throat/stomach the whole time).

When the guard comes, he eats the stone again and then finds out he is being released from jail no less. The warden wonders why Kimblee wasn’t put on death row for killing five officers, while shaking the warden’s hand on his release; he leaves him a farewell present.

But it’s just a harmless toy and Kimblee asks the warden to give it to a kid or something. Envy is outside in a car waiting for him telling him they have a labor shortage when he asks why. The task Kimblee is being assigned is to track down Marcoh who may have or may have not escaped and might be on the run with Scar. Kimblee is hard pressed to pass up this job since Scar is an Ishbala he “forgot” to kill and is allowed to kill him on sight, but if Marcoh is still with him he is to bring him back alive and annihilate a town to teach him a lesson. Envy also gives Kimblee a second philosopher’s stone. Scar has, in fact, taken Marcoh with him as there are still things he needs Marcoh to tell him about, such as Kimblee and to decipher his brother’s research notes. When May returns and finds out that Marcoh can make philosopher’s stones she tries to get him to tell her before Scar stops her and then destroys Marcoh’s face.

Now no one will recognize Marcoh and they proceed north to where Scar hid his brother’s documents.

Manga notes: (spoilers impending) Adapting from chapter 62 page 8 (Riza saying she has a chance to kill Bradley in his sleep), page 15 – 19 changes including Al making Ed promise not to laugh about the apple pie thing and Ed laughing anyway. Continuing with chapter; pages 23 – 24 were changed so that Scar had already freed Marcoh before tells him about the strangeness of the country’s alchemy and the part with Scar telling Marcoh to take his close off was sadly omitted… The part with Ed calling Nox had some pieces missing like May telling Nox that she is traveling with Scar and Ed’s epic rape face when he decides to hunt the little girl down using the power of the military. The rest of ch. 62 was adapted faithfully enough throughout the episode only leaving out Roy-boy’s and Grumman’s more lecherous nature with all the girls they know. Also, some of chapter 61 made its way into the episode with pages 35 – 37 and some of Nox’s Ishbal experiences as well. And now to chapter 63; pages 1 – 19, minor differences including omitting more of all the girls Roy knows and dates/flirts with constantly; pages 22 – 32, no changes.

Just a lot of order shuffling with the parts that were adapted this time, also, big spoiler for all you anime only watchers: Madam Christmas is Roy’s mom, or at least foster mom. So Roy really was raised in a brothel sort of… See you again, next time on Cross Dressing Alchemist.


One Response to “FMA: Brotherhood ep 31 + manga notes”

  1. Jeffry2010 Says:

    God, I have no idea why that ENVY scene (Well Done, Crimson) after Kimblee’s laugh during flashback was CUT although it did showed up in the Opening sequence.

    Then During the Envy scene where he pissed about Scar had got away, FATHER ISN’T THERE, SERIOUSLY!!

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