FMA: Brotherhood ep 32 + manga notes

Summary: Ed and Al are still looking for May with no results; meanwhile, May is hurrying to catch a train and bumps into an old lady before grabbing her hooded companion to continue heading north. Scar and another man a being pursued through the sewers by the military until Scar destroys the tunnel. Back in Central, Kimblee is tracking Scar’s movements and notes how much attention he is drawing while heading west. Mustang is standing in front of Hughes’ grave and the old lady arrives next to him, after some greetings have been exchanged Mustang realizes that is no lady.

It’s Lt. General Grumman in disguise! He takes Mustang’s comments on his disguise as a compliment and asks what the emergency is. Elsewhere, at Central library, the Elrics decide to try looking up eastern alchemy since they can’t find May anywhere. Back at Hughes’ grave, Mustang updates Grumman on the situation the entire upper echelon of the military being corrupt with Grumman adding that General Raven once asked him what he thought of a perfect immortal army and being demoted to the east when he rejected the idea as foolish. Lior is brought into the conversation on how it descended into a massive riot when the Central Army took over control of the situation from the Eastern Army. Grumman jokes about how things just can’t be peaceful until he retires before being spurred on by Mustang. Grumman admits that he expected Mustang to use it when he needed help, but is amused over how he used it to get him fired up again. Before they part ways, Grumman notices the drawing of the tiny panda the Elrics gave Mustang and it’s back to the library where the Elrics are having no luck finding anything on eastern alchemy, and then…

Major Armstrong finds Ed and tells him (on Mustang’s orders) that the girl from Xing is headed north and then gives him a letter of invitation to a General stationed even farther north than Northern Headquarters, the one who protects the nation’s border with Drakma at the Northern Wall of Briggs: Major General Armstrong.

Scar and his companion escape the military by jumping off a bridge onto a train headed for West City. In the library once more, Al has been spotted by the overexcited Selim Bradley who asks what he is studying and then why, Al’s answer (after thinking the truth would be crazy to say) is to save more lives which impresses Selim greatly. When Ed comes to tell Al they are headed north now, the first thing Selim does is note how the rumors about Ed’s height are true and call him short, enraging Ed to no end…

… until he has two guns pointed at his head before he can inflict pain upon Selim. Before they know it they’re having tea with Führer King Bradley’s wife and son, Selim Bradley. Ed asks Selim what kind of person King Bradley is and Selim has nothing but god things to say about him (and all of it contradicts with the Wrath they have come to be aware of); what his wife tells them is even more out of character for him: when they first started dating (Bradley and his future wife) she slapped him for being so impolite and it just kicked off from there… Just then Bradley unexpectedly comes home.

He had some rare free time so he decided to see his family and then heard the Fullmetal Alchemist was also there. While chatting with everyone, Bradley tells the Elrics that Selim was adopted from a relative. In response to the Elric’s odd reactions to his normal relationship with Selim, Bradley tells them that even someone like him has family. With that, the Führer heads back to work with Lt. Hawkeye en toe. As Ed and Al leave later on, they comment to themselves how Bradley’s wife and son probably don’t know that he is a homunculus before getting ready to head north again. Meanwhile, on a train, Scar and his accomplice get some rest but never arrive in West City; Kimblee deduces that they must have jumped off on one of the sharp mountain turns in between stations and debates if they went South or North. After the credits Ed and Al are discussing how this is their fist time going north while on the train.

Manga notes: (spoilers impending) This time things got adapted from chapter 63 page 20 – 21 (May meeting Grumman in drag at the station); pages 33 to the end of the chapter faithfully with nothing to note on. Going into chapter 64 pages 1 – 9 (the meeting with Selim) changes here included actually going to the Führer’s house to talk with him and talking with Bradley here as well who tells him some stuff that his wife tells them in the manga, but nothing really different; the parts with Kimblee in the episode are not taken from any pages in particular and most of Scar’s scenes are added material whereas in the manga he is already in the north drawing Kimblee’s attention there.

Not much to note on this time, a rather slow episode, but necessary build up for the next arc of Briggs and Major General Olivier Milla Armstrong’s hardcore style of doing things.

Slight continuity issue though, when Bradly says that he is not related to Selim by blood as his wife tells Hawkeye in a later chapter that Selim is a relative on Bradley’s side, this is kind of a major plot thing…

Oh, and as a fun side note: When Bradley was dating his wife before they were married and she slapped him, it was due to Father not bothering to teach him about social norms. Afterwards he (Wrath) went to the underground place where the other homunculi are and got laughed at. He asked Envy and Lust for advice and Lust taught him how a woman’s mind works and Envy told him to compliment her appearance, however, he (Wrath) praised his future wife’s ass and other unnecessary things and got slapped again… Envy followed him on his second meeting with her just to see this happen.

Just for the record, that is from an interview and never appeared in the main story.


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  1. FaS Says:

    I CAN’T WAIT to see this episode. I just wanna see Mustang just kill someone crazy again like he did Lust. Now THAT was friggin SWEET. I know you think so too :) Great imaging.

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