FMA: Brotherhood ep 33 + manga notes

Kimblee is surrounded by incompetence
Summary: Kimblee is still tracking Scar from where he believes Scar jumped off the train. After some investigation of the surrounding area, Kimblee has confirmation that Scar is heading north. Meanwhile, the Elrics have arrived in North City and reminisce about the times it snowed back in their home town. While the Elrics kill time in North City waiting for their train to Briggs, Kimblee has gotten new information regarding Scar’s and a man seen traveling with him on a train headed for Briggs and goes to investigate ordering that the train not be stopped as he does not want them jumping off again.
this be some Ladd Russo Bacchino! shit
While on board the supply train, Scar suspects something is wrong and soon a much faster train pulls alongside them with Kimblee on board who jumps trains and orders the one he came on to fall back. When Kimblee goes to inspect cars, the person he thought was Dr. Marcho turns out to be Yoki.
I'm screwed
Who are you? looking kinda Azumanga there, Kimblee
Scar then swings into the car from the roof for an attack on Kimblee who dodges it and then both get a good look at each other in the moonlight instantly recognizing one another with very different reactions…
but then I put on my rape face
Scar destroys most of the car and Loki can’t jump off since the train is moving too fast. When Scar asks if Kimblee remembers him, he does indeed and even goes over the death of Scar’s brother and how he was bleeding heavily from his left abdomen. Scar is enraged and continues his assault while Kimblee realizes he is at a disadvantage since he has been in jail since the war whereas Scar has continued fighting; just as Kimblee thinks he has the upper hand since Scar can only destroy, Scar impales him with a metal pipe in his left abdomen.
Before Scar can finish him, Kimblee blows up the car Scar is on commenting that he failed to kill the same Ishbalan twice and how humiliating it is to retreat. The engineers stop the train, despite the military’s orders not to do so, when they notice one of the cars is missing; when they go back to inspect the cause, they find Kimblee with the pipe still in his side…
I ain't dead yet
…who is angry that they stopped the train. Instead of being mad about being on death’s doorstep, Kimblee is ecstatic over how rewarding his job on the battlefield is. Elsewhere, May and Dr. Marcho are also heading north to where Scar hid his brother’s notes with Marcho saying the cold air is painful on his healing skin.
nice disguise... as a burn victim...
May apologies for not being able to do a better job, but Marcho says the face he has now fits him well and that he is happy with it. They arrive at the Briggs mountain range, the natural border between Amerstis and Drakma, and are getting close to the place marked on the map Scar gave them. Back in Rush Valley, Winry makes a phone call and finds out that Ed and Al checked out of their hotel and headed north with Mr. Garfield saying that Ed is going to die.
never question wisdom from someone as FABULOUS as this.
Ed and Al have just arrived at path leading to the military’s Briggs Base, the carriage diver warns them to stay on the path if they don’t want to die. While on the way there a blizzard hits and they get completely lost until they are ambushed by what they think is a Briggs bear, but is actually a military officer with a combat automail attachment, M1919-A Crocodile.
bet your wishing you let Winry put that machine gun in your arm now, huh Edward?
And accuses them of being Drakma spies before attacking Ed (Al is already caught in a net), whose automail is causing him pain and not moving properly. Ed continues to try and reason with him after his automail gets stuck in the officer’s who intends to use a built-in chainsaw to cut Ed’s automail off; alchemic destruction doesn’t work on this arm, so Al lends Ed his head to jam the saw with. Before the fight can continue, Ed and Al are completely surrounded by Briggs security personnel who have them at gun point. Major General Armstrong calls out to Captain Buccaneer know what all the commotion is about.
Strong eat weak
Their completely different appearances are noted by the Elrics… Major General Oliver Mira Armstrong orders a full body check on both of them to ensure they are not spies even after they have stated who they are, during which they discover Al has no body and the letter from Major Armstrong is discovered. Oliver tears the letter apart after she confirms it is from Alex before even reading claiming that assessments made by others are worthless and that she will judge them with he own eyes. Annoyed with Ed’s childish amazement with Briggs’ Northern Wall, she threatens to rip off his antenna (that lock of hair that stands straight up) if he doesn’t hurry up, she also tells him that she won’t be treating him like a child since this is Briggs where only the strong can survive.
Briggs money shot
After the credits, May and Marcho find the notes Scar’s brother left behind and comment on how it will either be their hope or despair as they begin the analysis.
May Chang will become God of the new world.
Manga notes: (spoilers impending) Everything up until Kimblee is shown in the room with all the phones ringing in Noth City is filler. After that it adapts chapter 64 pages 10 – 12, that whole thing with Kimblee and using the second train o catch up with Scar’s train, although cool, was also a deviation, in the manga Kimblee simply boards the train while it is in the train yard and finds Yoki then, sometime during that the train starts moving and then pages 15 – the rest of the chapter are adapted in a scrambled order as well as material from chapter 65, pages 1 and pages bottom half of page 28 – top half of page 39 all mixed in with the rest of it in a scrambled order, but other than that faithfully to its source.

Fun fact: Alex Louis Armstrong has three older sisters and one younger sister (whom you may remember from episode 37 the first anime, which was based on extra chapters from the manga). Here is a picture:

From left to right (youngest to oldest) we have: Catherine Elle Armstrong, Alex Louis Armstrong, Strongine Armstrong, Amue Armstrong, and Olivier Mira Armstrong. The two middle daughters have yet to make any appearances outside of this single image.


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