FMA: Brotherhood ep 35 + manga notes

Summary: Picking right up where last episode left off, Ed and Al are quickly dragged into how things get done at Briggs using how they were “threatened” into helping as an excuse. Falman also gets pulled into helping move tank fuel for knowing the Elrics while General Armstrong uses three tanks to push Sloth into the elevator sending him upwards. Upon arriving, Sloth gets thrown by Captain Buccaneer, dowsed with tank fuel and then shot by another tank shell by the tank General Armstrong brought up the elevator. Still not enough to send him flying out of Briggs and with no more tank shells a combination of Falman dropping icicles on Sloth and the Elrics kicking him finally sends Sloth into the blizzard outside where he freezes solid.

After the fight, General Armstrong has the Elrics put in a cell since it would be more “convenient” for them if they were forced to help. Even while in jail, Ed still gets charged for the coffee… and also finds out the Scar is up north too along with earning the trust of the Briggs soldiers. Meanwhile, Miles is tasked with meeting Kimblee at the hospital at the foot of the mountain where Kimblee says he wants Briggs to stay out of his mission; however, Miles and the rest of Briggs aren’t going to allow a mass murder to wonder around. In Briggs its survival of the fittest and Miles decides to show Kimblee what’s under his shades while telling him that the instant he lets his guard down, he’ll die.

Soon after Miles leaves, General Raven arrives to check up on him and he’s brought along a doctor as well to make him all better…

Back at the cabin, May is trying to explain eastern alchemy to Dr. Marcho; eastern alchemy is basically understanding where the entrance and exit points of the Earth’s energy are and harnessing it thus allowing long range transmutations. This method can be applied to just about anything, including the human body has she demonstrates on Marcho by tapping his hip causing his foot to hurt or pressing on his neck so he’d feel it in his eyes.

Amestris alchemy uses tectonic energy for transmutations, but May refutes this claim saying that it is more like it’s coming from a mass of people trapped underground moving about. Back at Briggs the primary inspection of the tunnel has revealed that it goes on indefinitely following a slight curve; when General Armstrong goes down to investigate she brings Ed, Al, and Falman down with her besides her own men. While moving along, General Armstrong reveals this to be the first intruder after she came to Briggs, before she came there had only ever been one: a lone woman who stole food and supplies from soldiers for about a month before vanishing (Ed and Al immediately know it was Izumi, but keep their mouths shut about it).

After going far enough, General Armstrong continues pumping the Elrics for all the information they have since there was no chance of anyone listening in on them. General Armstrong has already guessed that there must be something like a hostage keeping their mouths shut based on how they asked her to trust them earlier. They tell General Armstrong everything they know about philosopher’s stones, homunculi, the corruption in all of the higher ranks of the military as well as Father. General Armstrong had participated in several joint training exercises with the Eastern Army and how she does not care for Col. Mustang, but would consider losing Hawkeye and Havoc a huge loss, more importantly she wants to know what Ed and Al think of the tunnel. Ed and Al figure that the tunnel was not dug from Drachma, but circles all around the country combined with Falman’s knowledge of the country’s history to mark locations of great bloodshed the pieces start to fall into place. The riot at Liore with sever casualties takes Ed by surprise as he reported that incident to Eastern HQ as soon as the fake priest had been exposed, however Central intervened and made the situation worse. By connecting the dots a transmutation circle takes shape…

One identical to the one in Lab 5 used for creating philosopher’s stones. Back at the cabin, Marcho explains to May the situation of the country and why she should not want a philosopher’s stone and need to focus on deciphering the rest of Scar’s brother’s notes. Falman figures out that every one of the incidents making up points on the circle was a direct result of the military’s actions and Ed realizes that the country was made from scratch by the homunculi to accomplish their objective and that Hughes noticed this before any of them and was killed because of it. General Armstrong realizes that Briggs will be the next place to see massive bloodshed if the current trend continues (making her more angry than usual) before a messenger arrives informing them of Lieutenant General Raven’s arrival. Ed already has a plan and asks General Armstrong to trick General Raven.

Upon Raven’s arrival, Miles gets stuck escorting a fully healed Kimblee around the base. During the meeting between Major General Armstrong and Lieutenant General Raven (which Ed, Al, Falman, and Buccaneer are all listening in on), she tells him about the recent attack and how she is interested in its seemingly immortal body. She also tells (lies to) him about how she is holding the Elrics in custody under suspicion of being Drachma spies since they know something about the attack but won’t say anything. She flat out lies to his face how she can’t torture them because they are children and she’s still a woman. She goads him on about how it’s not uncommon for a woman her age to already have children and lies further about how she is terrified of aging; Raven takes the bait and asks her if she is interested in a perfect immortal army.

Manga notes: (spoilers impending) Adapting from chapter 66, pages 26 – end of chapter with changes/alterations including Ed not asking about if one of the soldiers at Briggs might be a spy or not prompting Buccaneer to point the gun at him and say he was threatened into helping, Oliver mentions Izumi earlier in the manga before they enter the tunnel as well a detail of Briggs soldiers having to take shifts pouring more fuel on Sloth to keep him frozen. Going into chapter 67, pages 1 – 34; changes including not showing Miles leaving for the hospital while the Briggs men move Sloth out of the sun into the shade to keep him frozen, Ed attempting to “return” the coffee rather than pay for it is lost, and the part where Oliver said she’d also take hostages if she needed to keep ultra logical people in line is gone, some incredibly minor scene rearrangement happened as well.

More blogger’s impression: Oliver is really stealing the show now… one line particular about her being an ice queen to the core reinforced an earlier observation… Eskimo pussy is mighty cold. And of course her lips are ever more prominent while bullshitting Raven, we’ll never see her in any other outfit and that uniform so weather she’s buff or slender remains one of the series most unacknowledged mysteries…


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