FMA: Brotherhood ep 36 + manga notes

Summary: Hohenheim is seen apologizing while calling out some names saying he needs to use them before ripping out part of his chest only for the blood to absorb into the ground and his wound to heal instantly. Thirteen years ago when Trisha Elric was still alive and Hohenheim was still with her, it is revealed that as he watches his children age he becomes more and more terrified of what he is an desires to become human again. Trisha decides to take a family portrait with Hohenheim, Ed and Al; she tells Hohenheim that one day she’ll become a wrinkled old lady but that she’ll always be happy to take a photo with her family asking him not to distance himself from his family and not to call himself a monster. But he still takes the photo in tears instead of smiling… At some point he figures out Father’s plan with the nationwide transmutation circle and asks Trisha to wait for him as well as not to tell the kids about his body. He fights back the tears as he leaves and back into the present he is shown looking at that same picture of him and his family.

The exploration team sent to investigate the tunnel can’t contact Briggs, just as they are about to send a man back to base to report, the horses start acting strangely. They prepare to attack, but are completely overwhelmed by the shadowy entity.

General Raven and General Armstrong continue their conversation about an immortal army with her faking interest while weighing the pros and cons of accepting his offer meaning she will either be forced to help turn Briggs in to a bloodbath or be relocated with someone else replacing her that will cooperate with them. Just then a report arrives about the team sent into the tunnel and both generals head to the scene. While being prisoners again, Ed and Al meet Kimblee in the hallways who mistakes Al for the Fullmetal Alchemist before being corrected.

Back at the tunnel, Smith’s horse returned with just his arm; before General Armstrong can send a rescue team, Rave tells her to seal up the hole and put the “biological weapon” back inside of it. Later on he meets with the Elrics (still in jail) and tells them that they will be released soon and that General Armstrong has joined his side. Despite the protests of the Briggs men, the hole is being closed as ordered; Sloth is woken up and reminded by Raven about something Pride said to make him go back to work. Raven tells the Briggs soldiers that it (Sloth) is a chimera working for the military to make to country stronger and that it is all still classified information. Meanwhile, some Briggs soldiers finally found May, but are quickly knocked out by Scar before they can do anything and have most of their rations and equipment stolen before Scar’s group decides to change location…

A few days later and the tunnel is still being closed with Raven commenting about the weak becoming cornerstones for the strong to live on top of and that Ishbal was also part of the plan. Miles is still stuck escorting Kimblee who makes several phone calls and only answers Miles questions about his miraculous recovery from the hospital and release from jail as things he does not need to worry about. Raven continues to tell General Armstrong details about the plan; she eventually becomes so disgusted with him that she runs her blade through his left arm, tells him she’ll be taking his seat and then cuts him down before he can even aim his gun at her.

Raven lands in wet concrete sinks to his death, and is cemented in as a literal corner stone for Briggs to stand on while General Armstrong wipes away the blood from her gloves and throws them in too while ordering her men to continue working as if nothing happened. Miles is getting annoyed with Kimblee always pushing the Ishbal topic before being called by another solider and informed he can stop stalling now with all the annoyance being just an act. Miles informs Kimblee of Raven’s disappearance which works out well for him since he has permission from the Führer to act Independently if anything were to happen to Raven. His first order is to give him a ride to the foot of the mountain.

General Armstrong reveals a second entrance to the tunnel she had Ed make in case something happened and sends the rescue team for the missing unit. Ed and Al are informed of General Armstrong killing Raven. Just after the first guy leaves, Kimblee comes in and he’s brought along Winry so she can switch out Ed’s automail, King Bradley was very worried about the both of them…

Back in Central, Mustang finds out from one of his “dates” (in actuality a complex network of pretty girls that relay information to him under this assumption) tells him about Kimblee’s quick recovery at Briggs. After his “date” leaves, a flower vendor asks him to buy some flowers before telling him she has a message for him from Oliver Mira Armstrong to which Mustang replies that he’ll be buying all those flowers.

Manga notes: (spoilers impending) This time around adapting from chapter 67 page 35 – 36; with no changes at all. Chapter 68 pages 1 – 42 (end of chapter); changes including a lack of silly facial expressions from a flustered Hohenheim, the Scene with Smith’s horse returning with his severed arm still clutching the rains was omitted (it was his right arm), some of Oliver’s thoughts on just how stupid Raven is are not said (she has a good poker face though), in the manga Oliver originally urged Raven to come see the tunnel while in this adaptation he invited himself (so trivial it might not even be worth mentioning), Falman enjoying tying Ed up too tight is also gone, Kimblee’s conversation with Bradley is cut short along with calling Winry’s place in Rush Valley and seeing Mr. Garfield in a dress and mask… moving right along into chapter 69, pages 1 – 38 (end of chapter); changes including the Briggs soldiers not being shown lying to Raven about how much they distrust the Elrics, lots of Raven talking “better tomorrow” bullshit to the Elrics in gone, we get an even better look at how Oliver kills Raven in this adaptation so no complaints there, the coffee joke was not repeated a third time, and Winry didn’t give Al the armor polish… yet.

Well, an overall good episode where we finally got to see Pride doing something, next episode will be mostly focused on Pride anyways.


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