FMA: Brotherhood ep 38 + manga notes

Summary: Hawkeye returns home after her encounter with Pride who’s parting words have left her terrified of anything lurking in the shadows. The phone rings and its Mustang trying to get rid of some of the ridiculous amount of flowers he bought, but she declines as she doesn’t have anything to put them in. Afterwards, in a considerably more relaxed state of mind, Hawkeye wonders why he always has such good timing. Meanwhile, in the north, the search for Scar in the abandoned mining town of Baschool begins. Of course the Elrics are not going to be let out of sight…

The military forces split up and after Ed and Al ditch their escorts they begin their search unhindered… however it’s too big a town to search. Just as they start to complain about not being able to find then unless they randomly show up, voila, May appears to tackle/hug Al.

Of course May misinterprets Al when he says he came to find her, instead going into a romantic tizzy and not hearing the part about learning Eastern Alchemy from her. Ed initially scares her until she further misinterprets Ed and Al fighting over her only to be brought crashing down by Winry coming out of Al’s armor. Dr. Marcoh then arrives and has to reintroduce himself because of his new face with Yoki arriving soon after.

Ed and Al don’t remember him prompting a long winded back story of what happened to him said in his own words with the images contradicting him all the while. Beginning with his corruption being uncovered by the Elrics, his dismissal from the army and wanted status, working as a street performer, and finally attempting to rob the Armstrong household before a predictable out come

and finally being taken in by Ishbalans; in short, everyone ignores Yoki. Meanwhile Kimblee is informed of Winry’s disappearance and Miles decides to go look for her. Furthermore, the two of Kimblee’s bodyguards that weren’t escorting the Elrics have tracked Scar down, reveal themselves to be chimeras, and the fight begins.

Back with Ed and co. the conversation progresses smoothly all the way to Scar’s brother’s research notes when Ed questions why they need Scar’s help in deciphering them. Before he can get another word in, the sounds caused by the ensuing battle force them to leave and find Scar. The two chimeras have the advantage over Scar since they have ranged attacks of shooting spikes or spitting slime at him allowing them to keep their distance from his destructive alchemy. Since they were well briefed, they are able to prevent him from destroying the floor and escaping, but before they can capture Scar the Elrics show up and attack them.

They feign ignorance about who the chimeras are by saying they don’t know any scary monsters. Ed’s new northern automail is considerably lighter giving him a massive speed boost allowing him to dodge everything they throw at him, however his punches have lost power as well. Ed deals with the far spitting one by transmuting the spit into water and sticking him to Al’s armor and then deals with the spike shooter by telling him to prove he’s on their side then knocks him out when he lets his guard down to transform back. Al uses the sleeper hold on the one stuck to him and now they are free to face off against Scar. After he fails to destroy Ed’s automail since it is no longer made out of steel, he destroys the ground to try and get the advantage.

This fails when Winry arrives, distracting him and allowing E and Al to immobilize him. Afterwords Miles appears with some of the Briggs men he brought with him, tells Scar he doesn’t like having to do this to a fellow kinsman and tells the Elrics he’ll take it from here. Winry takes this chance to talk to Scar face to face and asks him why he killed her parents. Scar admits that anything he says will only be an excuse for him killing them. Back with Kimblee, an explosion is seen happening in the building the rest were in.

Moving away from this part of the plot, the scene shifts back to the tunnel with Buccaneer and the rescue party who have finally made their way back to the entrance having followed along the wall with the lights out by the urging of the survivors that monsters would appear if left on. Since it’s been longer than 24 hours, they’re worried that the exit really has been sealed, however the hatch opens when they knock and are told that it has not been 24 hours yet by the broken watch General Armstrong told the look out to go by. Buccaneer finds General Armstrong on top of Briggs looking at the mountain scenery and gives his report. When he asks what she is doing, she states that she likes how the winter scenery is all black and white and how clear cut it is. Buccaneer tells her that if she looks up, there is also blue and thanks her for giving him leeway this time.

Military personnel from Central at Briggs looking for answers about General Raven’s disappearance and back in Baschool Ed runs out of the collapsing building and yells at Kimblee for not keeping a closer watch on Winry before it pans out to Scar standing on top of the building with Winry under his arm apparently a a hostage.

Manga notes: (spoilers impending) First adapting from chapter 72, pages 1 – 6 then chapter 71, bottom half of page 28 – 39, differences including Marcho not wielding a pipe thinking May was in danger upon his entrance and actually telling them who is without making them guess. Back to chapter 72, page 7 – 27, 29 – top half of page 31, differences including the lighter automail not throwing off Ed’s balance as a comic relief scene, page 28 (skipped entirely) was Ed and Al continuing to play dumb about the chimeras and Miles assuring them that Briggs is on their side. Chapter 73, pages 1 – 7; differences including only the General greeting them at the entrance. Chapter 72 again, pages 43 – 44, no changes.

Yoki’s back story: Go read chapter 3 or watch episode 9 of the first anime (just ignore the alchemist girl in it) since that part was skipped in this anime version. Don’t know if all that stuff Yoki did between becoming wanted and being taken in by the Ishbalans was based on extra chapters or not (probably not), but it was fun seeing the other Armstrong sisters in the anime.


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