FMA: Brotherhood ep 39 + manga notes

Summary: Scar is on top of a building with Winry as a hostage, Kimblee is mad that Scar has likened this to their first meeting only with their positions reversed. Ed runs in angrily grabbing Kimblee for not keeping a close eye on Winry and also prevents Kimblee from using his alchemy when he was intending to attack Scar even though he has Winry hostage. Scar destroys the building to make his escape while Kimblee is forced to pull back due to an oncoming blizzard. Miles is impressed with Ed’s performance in front of Kimblee only for Ed to tell him it was not an act and how mad he is at himself for having to put on that act. Cue flashback.

Back when Scar was still captured, he tells Winry that she has the right to kill him only for her to treat his wounds so he won’t die of blood loss. Winry has by no means forgiven him and Ed still wants to beat him half to death and drag him to the Rockbells’ graves; before Major Miles can contact HQ, Scar asks him what he meant when he called him his fellow county man. When Miles reveals his heritage to Scar, he asks why he’s siding with the military, Miles is attempting to change the way people view Ishbalans from within the military. Miles’ reasoning is that even the ripples from a small pebble can create a big wave with time and that only someone of mixed heritage like himself can do it, the irony being that it was a pure blooded Amestrain who tough him that. Scar is glad people like Miles exist.

After Miles had alerted the other forces to Scar’s location, Dr. Marcoh and May intervene asking not to take him away since they still need him to decipher the research documents. Miles determines that it is best to hide Scar, Marcoh and May at Briggs for the time being while keeping Kimblee in the dark about it. While weighing their options on how to accomplish this, Miles makes Scar promise on his Ishbalan blood to cooperate and the two chimeras they dealt with earlier wake up. Al defends them when Miles orders them killed, however, they had already given up since they cannot return to normal, were publicly announced dead when they were made into chimeras and Kimblee has no sympathy for those who fail in their duties. With some more coaxing, Al makes them admit they want to return to normal.

After showing them that he has no body at all and still has hope of returning to normal, Miles notices the oncoming blizzard pointing out the fact that they don’t have the equipment needed to march through it back to base. Yoki saves them all by pointing out that they are in a mining town and there is probably a tunnel that leads to the other side of the mountain.

Yoki’s right, there is a tunnel leading through the mountain and the only thing left to do is figure out how to let Winry escape without the Elric’s being the prime suspects. Winry comes up with the idea of escaping as Scar’s hostage, Ed and Al are forced to go along with that plan since they are out of time; Scar intends to keep his promise.

The chimeras also ask to come along, even offering to stay tied up if that will put the others at ease, since Kimblee with kill them and they’re not ready to give up on getting back to normal yet. Marcoh warns them that if they betray their trust the whole country, including those they captured chimeras care about, could be destroyed; Central never told them about the master plan so they get filled in by Marcoh off screen. The act seen from earlier in the episode is devised. Before Winry goes out, one of the soldiers warns her to remove her earrings or she’ll get frostbite, so she has Ed hang onto them for her.

And once more with Ed yelling at Kimblee for not keeping a better watch on Winry before fading to another scene. Everyone is stuck waiting out the blizzard before they can make their next move; in the mean time, Miles gets a phone call from Briggs.

Back with Winry in the underground tunnels, Marcoh tells her that there is not a doctor who served in Ishbal that doesn’t know about the Rockbells and how they treated patients without any regard for their own lives. Scar remembers that Winry has not forgiven him and also remembers the teachings of his master: to endure the wrongs done upon him so that a never ending chain of hatred can be broken and that enduring is not the same as forgiving. Scar also remembers his brother’s words about the build of negative emotions having worldwide effects and how a buildup of positive emotions can also have worldwide effects. In one of the mine offices, Yoki finds a detailed map of the mines which, to everyone’s amazement, he can read and get them through the mountain quicker than expected.

When Jerso and Zampano (the two chimeras) start talking about their families, May starts wondering when she’ll be able to return to her family and that even if she fails to bring back the stone, if she tells the emperor the method to make it, he would gladly sacrifice his people to do so. Marcoh tells her that what she’s looking for might be in the research documents they have.

Miles informs Ed that General Armstrong has been summoned to Central and that people from Central are now stationed there, meaning Briggs is no longer safe. Ed wants to move out and warm them, but he’d just freeze to death in the blizzard so Al decides to go since he has no body to begin with. The blizzard proves a difficult task to travel through since Al can’t see and is nearly blow backwards, then he sees his body beckoning him back to it.

When Al snaps out of it, he remembers Barry’s words that a rejection is inevitable with a body and soul that don’t match, Al continues to force his way forward. Back in Father’s layer, he’s busy arranging his sacrifice pieces still needing one more.

Manga notes: (spoilers impending) The episode starts off adapting from Chapter 73, page 24 – top half of page 30 with the only real change being Miles not rubbing Kimblee’s failure in more, then it switches back to Chapter 72, pages 31 – 42, changes including the mini Scar flashbacks about his master telling him to endure and his brother’s alchemy talk being moved to later instead of when Winry was bandaging him, some of Scar’s self hate talk is skipped over, going into chapter 73, pages 8 – 23 with changes including May not throwing her mini panda to bite Ed on the head for not want to bring Scar along, Ed not remembering the old guy from Xing’s words about putting your feelings aside to accomplish a task, the bottom half of page 30 is just more of Yoki being a useful character by telling everyone that tunnels without a breeze blowing out of them are most likely dead ends so that gets skipped as well, pages 31 – 44 originally it’s Winry talking about her life that gets May remembering her life, not the two chimeras talking about theirs.

The part with the earrings in this episode is a nice tie in with the Simple People OVA released with the second DVD sets of Brotherhood. For people who want to get that OVA click here.


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