FMA: Brotherhood ep 41 + manga notes

Summary: Winry, Scar and the rest of the characters that went into the mine continue through the mountain, meanwhile Miles and some of his men make plans to kill Kimblee and his two remaining me. Ed is opposed to killing them, instead wanting to capture them alive, however, Miles knows Kimblee will never talk and rejects Ed’s idea to capture them claiming that Ed’s softness will probably get him killed one day. After leaving Ed to make their preparations, Miles and his men discuss how much harder it is to fight without killing and how they all used to think like Ed, agreeing that the Elrics chose the harder path despite their soft ideals with Miles even being just a little envious of them.

Back in the mines, May and Marcoh are having Scar decipher some of the notes for them; since Scar’s brother was influenced by Xing’s alchemy many of the translations equate to meaning gold and in Xing an immortal is called a perfect being which means a golden being since gold is considered the perfect metal (all of it is far beyond Winry and the tow chimeras comprehension). An immortal being is called a golden being due to the gold colored eyes and hair of the person (Hohenheim) who taught the people of Xing alchemy. Yoki returns having found the exit, the snow on the mountain is deep enough to get stuck up to the waist and soon enough, Winry spots Al’s foot coming out of the snow.

After digging him out, Al tells them that the Central Army is currently in control of Briggs, Scar decides they should head towards a village called Asbec where other Ishbalans have gathered. Winry is worried that Kimblee will suspect something with Al missing, but Ed has already taken care of that by making a duplicate set of armor and having a Briggs solider wear it while pretending to be Al. Kimblee intends to search the mines taking only the men he brought from Central with him and Miles tells the snipers to try and take him down before he enters it.

Right when the sniper gets a clear shot, Ed approaches Kimblee who is now convinced the mine is the right place since Ed is trying to talk him out of it. Miles orders him to take the shot carefully, but Kimblee has already noticed them and creates a cover out of the snow on the ground. Before Ed can chase after him, Kimblee’s two remaining men ambush him in the snow; both are chimeras, one a lion, one a gorilla.

Both of them have heightened sense so they are still able to attack Ed in low visibility, while defending himself and warning Miles’ forces to stay out of the snow, he falls into the mines. Before the chimeras catch up to him, Ed finds some dynamite and makes the tow of them list it’s ingredients until they realize there is ammonia in dynamite.

Their heightened sense of smell backfires on them and they’re both out cold from the smell. When Ed faces off against Kimblee, Kimblee isn’t too enthused since he knows that he’ll end up with some broken bones fighting against a younger man with his current physical condition. Kmblee doesn’t feel like having to waste time on Ed, so he brings out his philosopher’s stone, just what Ed wanted him to do. With Ed’s increased speed, he is able to easily knock it out of Kimblee’s hand and into the deeper reaches of the mine.

Ed also lands a cut across one of Kimblee’s transmutation circle tattoos, but Kimblee has a back up philosopher’s stone which he uses to blow up the whole part of the mine they are in, even catching his own men in the blast. After Ed lands in the bottom of the shaft, he realizes he’s been impaled by an iron bar and at the same time; Al’s body begins to pull his soul back to it.

Ed uses alchemy to free the chimeras, which are trapped under the ruble, and asks them to pull the iron bar out of him. The two chimeras don’t have orders to kill him and are persuaded by Ed to pull it out since claims he’ll close the wound using alchemy before he bleeds out. Ed uses his own life energy in place of a philosopher’s stone so he can close the wound attributing the logic to being a philosopher’s stone made up of just one person. It works and Ed is able to close the wound, but it’s just a temporary fix and he passes out shortly thereafter while trying to go after Kimblee. The lion chimera finds the philosopher’s stone Kimblee dropped; both agree to not follow Kimblee’s orders anymore thinking that they will be considered dead in the blast and that they should take Ed to a doctor since he saved their lives.

Manga notes: (spoilers impending) This time adapting from chapter 76, pages 4 – end of chapter, differences including the first scene with Winry tripping over a box of dynamite being original materiel, Al’s armor not being full of rations, and Ed was trying to stall Kimblee in the manga while in the anime he just shows up not part of the plan. Chapter 77, pages 2 – 15, differences including Ed not having some flashbacks of all the promises he’s made while in his half-dead state, Ed passing out before being picked up by the lion chimera and then the gorilla finding the stone. Originally Ed wanted the two of them to follow Kimblee while they carry him.

Really, the differences are so minor it’s debatable if it’s worth the time to post them with this episode… but that’s about the only thing setting this blog apart from the others at this point so meh.

The animation during the action scenes (unlike some of the other scenes, most of which involving distance) was really good even though most would have to slow it down to see, and for once blood oozing from an open abdominal wound retains its thickness (blood has a lot more… “stickiness” to it than most animations give it credit for) instead of looking just like water flowing.


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