FMA: Brotherhood ep 42 + manga notes

Summary: Al is still unconscious and now in pieces while May and Marcoh continue trying to decipher the notes Scar’s brother left behind. Since there is most likely a hidden message in the notes, they are going over them again looking for all the places where “gold” and “immortality” are mentioned. Al regains consciousness and finds out the armor was too big to carry as one piece, so he was broken him up; Al also reveals this is the second time this has happened to him. While putting Al back together, May realizes something and scatters the pages of the note book all over the floor so she can group all the pages that mention gold and immortality in all their various ways together. After rearranging the pages on the floor, the nation-wide transmutation circle comes into view. Al realizes there must still be more to it than this, and then…

Yoki sneezes and blows the papers all over the place again. Al realizes they need to flip the pages over prompting May to notices the new nation-wide transmutation circle that forms when Xing’s alchemy is made a part of it. Meanwhile, Kimblee is still wondering around in the mines trying to find Scar.

He eventually finds a marked off door that appears to have been forced open at some point and proceeds down the stairs behind it eventually arriving in the tunnel made for the nation-wide transmutation circle. Then Pride shows up telling Kimblee that carving a bloody crest into Briggs is a bigger priority than chasing after Scar. Pride also tells Kimblee to use Briggs’ strength to do so quickly since Sloth is nearing completion of the tunnel.

Back at Briggs, Major Miles has just returned where he is greeted by Buccaneer and Falman; Miles informs them that Kimblee, Kimblee’s men, and Ed all went missing in the explosion. Falman informs Breada in the West about Ed’s disappearance and Breada also reports about the severe casualties with the border skirmishes as it seems they are trying to cause more deaths which coincides with the nation-wide transmutation plot. Fuery on the southern front is also having a hard time in the trenches thanks to the current war with Aerugo.

As Falman and Breada continue to discuss their current positions, Sloth finishes the tunnel. Meanwhile, in Lior, reconstruction after the riot is well underway with Rosie helping out by feeding the workers. Van Hohenhime also shows up for the food…

After the free meal, he asks where the church that sparked the riot is located. After being guided to the lower levels, a poisoned reservoir blocks any further travel, but not for Hohenhime who uses alchemy to make a path. He punches a hole right into the tunnel and is confronted by Pride shortly thereafter.

Nothing Hohenhime dose can stop Pride, until he trips and falls into the tunnel he made to get into the bigger tunnel… Pride can only move within the tunnel and the central part of Central. When Hohenhime asks if Pride is mad, Pride tells him that no such feeling exists within him as well as any other unnecessary emotions. Hohenhime notes how Father detached Pride to look similar to how he looked in the flask and also remembers what fierce pride he had back then. When Pride invites him to visit Father, Hohenhime states that he would come to see him anyway telling Pride to relay a message that Slave number 23 will be coming to visit him soon.

When Hohenhime gets back to where he started, he destroys the bridge he made and asks Rosie to tell everyone not to come down there since it’s dangerous. When they ask what he was doing back there, he replies that it was a declaration of war and by coincidence; Drachma has just declared open hostilities towards Briggs.

Kimblee tipped them off about Major General Armstrong being away at the time and also promised that the men loyal to him would cause chaos in the fort during the attack. So the battle at Briggs begins… after the credits we see Zampano calling Central HQ reporting the whereabouts of Scar and Dr. Marcoh, Envy is delighted.

Manga notes: (spoilers impending) Roughly, it adapts from chapter 77, pages 15 – end of chapter; differences including Al not waking up while being carried (with May carrying the loincloth), May originally scatters the note book before they start trying to group the pages (Scar’s shocked expression is lost), that and the chimeras weren’t still tied up. Chapter 78, pages 1 – 32 & bottom of page 34- 35; differences including Falman originally being left out of Miles status report, the Leto sun god statue not protruding in a bizarre manner from the roof of the church (since Ed didn’t transmute it that way in episode 3) with it being a tourist attraction now and Van commenting how whoever made it having poor taste is all omitted.

It’s funny (not in a “haha” way) how the war with Aerugo has intensified after the botched peace treaty (it had to have been botched) and cloak and dagger stuff of the Prince of the Dawn and Daughter of the Dusk video games that have had an official tie in with the main story via extra chapters… Basically the Prince of Aerugo came to Amestris to sign a peace treaty and homunculi attempt to assassinate him; haven’t played the games, so don’t know if it was successful or not. The whole thing took place while Ed and Al were still looking for Shao May (mini panda) in Central.


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