FMA: Brotherhood ep 43 + manga notes

Summary: Briggs vs. Drachma, outcome: a crushing defeat for Drachma before they even get close to the fortress. Kimblee set Drachma up to create the bloody crest as fast as possible utilizing Briggs military power to do the task for him. Elsewhere, May is busy trying to teach Al the basics of Xing alchemy, but Al can’t grasp the principals of it. The Ishbal slum is getting a lot of use out of having some extra hands around and a playmate for the kids via Yoki being abused. Scar and Marcoh head outside the slums and ask the people to tell Zampano where they are when he gets back, who has just met up with Envy.

In Central, Bradley asks Hawkeye how she feels about the country being lead by homunculi, she likens it to them playing house pretending to be human. Bradley confesses that everything was given to him and that he is more or less playing “country” rather than “house” however, he did choose his wife himself.

Marcoh is discussing his time at Lab. 5 with Jerso wondering if the men who worked under him are alright or not. Zampano shows up with Envy who tells him to stop acting already as he reveals himself to Marcoh. As Envy approaches, his foot gets impaled by spikes transmuted from the ice while Zampano joins Marcoh having now dropped his act. Marcoh’s goal all along was to lure Envy out, Envy is not all that impressed since it’s still only the three of them, that is until Marcoh tells him the transmutation circles work like landmines. When Envy tries to trace their footprints in the snow and they still go off, Marcoh says they only react to homunculi; while Marcoh continues to enrage Envy, it is shown that it’s actually May’s long distance alchemy doing the work.

Envy gets pissed off from being looked down upon and turns into his monstrous form, but Marcoh is saved by Jerso’s speed. When May tries to attack Envy using her long range alchemy, it can’t pierce Envy’s skin now, so Scar tries his destruction alchemy.

It knocks Envy down, but he uses his tongue to capture Marcoh and seeing as inflicting physical pain on him won’t be enough, Envy decides to go destroy the slums, but even that is not enough so he decides to bring a few back to Central and make some philosopher’s stones out of them. When Marcoh demands they release his staff, Envy tells him they were already used in making another stone. As Envy continues to mock and torment Marcoh over all the philosopher’s stones he’s already made, Marcoh reveals that after making so many of them, he has also learned how to destroy them.

With his core destroyed, Envy’s form deteriorates from the monster down to his standard human shape and then into something else.

Scar picks up the defeated Envy and tells Marcoh they won. When they return to the slums, Marcoh tells Winry that all his life he has done everything he was ordered to do, but he wanted to settle this himself after being reminded of how the Rockbells were like. Yoki gets too full of himself, so Envy bites him and latches onto the back of his neck, but when he tries to use Yoki as a bargaining chip, it backfires horribly with everyone shunning him.

Marcoh tells him they will destroy him and his “hostage” if he gets in their way. As soon as it’s off, Marcho gets weak in the legs from bluffing. While Envy is imprisoned in a glass jar, Zampano and Jerso try to get information out of him to no avail; when Envy notices Ed isn’t with them and let’s it slip the Ed went missing in an explosion. While Al decides to move forward believing that Ed is alright, Scar decides to split off for awhile to try and change the country and needs Marcoh’s help to do so. Al decides to head to Lior and try to destroy the tunnel there while Scar tells May to take Envy and return to Xing with the argument that she should be taking care of her own country rather than worrying about Amestris.

At a crossroads, May says her goodbyes to Al and heads east while Marcoh and Scar head off somewhere else. At Izumi’s residence, two military officers are leaving after being informed that she and her husband are on vacation and no one knows where they are or when they will be back. Bido, the only surviving chimera from the Devil’s Nest gang, overhears them and hitches a ride under their car hoping to find Greed in Central.

In Central HQ, Major Alex Louis Armstrong and Major General Oliver Mira Armstrong meet in the hall ways with Oliver yelling at her brother to address her by her rank while in her presence.

As Alex tries to make conversation about the overwhelming victory against Drachma and how it just sped up the nationwide transmutation circle, Oliver claims it is her duty to protect the country from immediate threats. Alex is concerned his sister will never find a husband with her attitude earning him a swift kick to the knees. As Oliver walks away, another high ranking official asks if that was her brother, but Oliver doesn’t like to think of him as such since she considers him a coward for running away from Ishbal. As the official leads her beneath Central HQ to show her something, he asks if she knows the three laws the military places on alchemists: fist is not to oppose the military (self explanatory), second is not to create gold (not to crash the economy), and third is not to create humans. The third is not in place because of ethical issues, it is to prevent anyone from creating a personal army.

After the credits, Al’s group arrives in Lior and meets Rose at the food stand where she’s now working. When Rose mentions that she wanted to see Ed again, Al starts giving Winry weird looks until Hohenhime comes back prompting a puzzled look on all their faces.

Manga notes: (spoilers impending) This time adapting Chapter 78, pages 33 – 34. chapter 79, pages 1 – 32 with differences including the whole Briggs aftermath with Kimblee being cut short since originally he was supposed to have some psycho-babble talk with the Drachma military leader about being a chosen survivor right before he gets blown up splattering Kimblee who only remarks how rude it is to get blown up while he was talking. Kimblee also was supposed to take out any survivors of the Drachma forces that tried to capture him, but oh well. There we some minor bits of conversation left out with Envy during the fight, but nothing worth specifically mentioning. Chapter 80, pages 1 – 17 with differences including not looking for Marcoh’s lost teeth and him apologizing to getting everyone caught up in his problems, Envy not noticing May sooner, after Envy let Yoki go, Al didn’t say “Who said we were friends in the first place” to him, the people in the slums not seeing them off, Al not talking about his soul staying bound a little longer, the whole conversation about May going back to Xing originally took place at the crossroads. Winry not getting on Al’s case about May leaving. Pages 23 – 36 more differences Alex didn’t tell Oliver to go see their father, some chatter skipped between Al and Rose.

It looks like a lot, but it really doesn’t amount to much sadly… Next time will be high speed chases though North City’s streets in a supped up Ed Pimp mobile unless they cut it…


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