FMA: Brotherhood ep 44 + manga notes

Summary: Al’s group has met up with Hohenheim in Lior, but before they get a chance to talk Hohenheim is called to help out with the repairs. When the man running the food stand brings up what the Elrics did for Lior the last time they were there (exposing the fake priest), and how everyone is working hard on their own to rebuild, Al decides to help out as well. Jerso and Zampano make Yoki come with them to help too. The workers who called Hohenheim find out that Al is his son and wonder if it was alright not to let them talk, Hohenheim admits that he left him years ago and wouldn’t really know what to talk with him about. Al arrives and starts to help out leaving Hohenheim a little bit happy that his son trusts someone like himself. Meanwhile, Rose is taking care of Winry, who is enjoying a nice bath.

While she’s soaking, Rose asks her about Ed and how she’s impressed that Winry is a mechanic at her age as well as likening Winry to be their savior too since she gave Ed his arm and leg. Rose fills Winry in on what Ed did for them by exposing the priest’s lies and telling them to get up and walk on their own. In central, Bido has found his way into the underground chambers.

Specifically where the immortal army is being stored and at the exact moment before General Armstrong was shown to the room. General Armstrong determines that the immortal soldiers are like dolls and is informed that they will be powered by inserting philosopher’s stones into them. When she inquires where the souls needed to make the stones will come from, she is informed they will come from the nations they have conquered and have yet to conquer. Bido makes his escape at full speed after learning just how horrible Central is, but he runs into the very person he came looking for…

Back in Lior, Al tells his dad that he came to the city looking for the underground tunnel, and tired to asks him about the man underneath Central that looks like him, but Hohenheim asks him if it’s a good idea to really be telling him all this as he may be on the enemies side. It’s just a ruse since he’s actually really happy that his son trusts him as a father and decides to tell Al everything. When Hohenheim asks where Ed is, Al only knows that he’s missing. In North City, a withdrawal has just been made from Ed’s research account.

And a call get’s put through to Central about it. The money is used to pay medical fees and to keep the doctor quite; however, soldiers are already searching the area. As they search the doctor’s clinic, they only find Heinkel and Darius, but the recognize Darius from the description given at the bank. Just outside the clinic, another soldier is questioning a passerby, but when he gets the part about the person they are looking for being short, he’s taken down and the next soldier who comes to see what happens is also taken out. The last one gets taken out by a hand smashing through a wall putting him in a choke hold.

Ed’s back in action and ready to leave now that they’ve been found, and based on the characteristics the soldiers are looking for (braided blond hair and a red coat) decides to stay as is for now. Reinforcements arrive so Heinkel and Darius take Ed “hostage” (the soldiers don’t know it’s him) to get away.

Once outside, they get a car and now it’s a high speed chase on the ice through North City. When they can’t lose them, Ed tells Darius (now nicknamed Donkey Kong) to make the next turn then reverse direction. When the pursuers make the turn, the car they were chasing is gone.

Ed modified the car’s appearance with alchemy, but Darius and Heinkel have too many issues with it to list so Ed has to change it to something else once they’re out of site. Outside the city, Ed decides they’re next course of action should be to meet up with Al and try to get some information.

Back in Lior, Al has just heard all about his dad’s past and now knows about Father being a copy of Hohenheim. Even more surprising to Hohenheim is how quickly Al accepts it since his own story would sound just as crazy. Al finds out that both he and Ed are normal humans even though their dad is a human fused with a philosopher’s stone, but the man under Central is only wearing a shell that looks like Hohenheim. Also shows his dad how far along they’ve come with the counter transmutation circle, but Hohenheim stops him from going into the tunnel by telling him that a powerful homunculus named Pride is down there. When Al learns that the nationwide transmutation circle might already be complete, Hohenheim tells him that “the day” hasn’t arrived yet and that there are other things happening around them besides what’s under their feet as he points to the sky.

Bido is running for his life in the tunnels under Central while Greed is chasing him. Bido recognizes Greed’s Ultimate Shield, the way he speaks, and Greed’s laugh and thinks this person is mimicking Greed. When Greed shows surprise the Bido knows who he is and even that Bido finishes one of Greed’s favorite things to say before he does, Greed starts to wonder just who Bido really is. When Bido says he’s from Dublith, Greed says it all makes sense now and…

Tells Bido he’s probably talking about the old Greed which he has no memories of being. Bido dies saying they we’re friends and Greed claims it’s his job to guard the place and that he’s sorry. Greed’s body begins to tremble as he has flashbacks of his old gang in the Devil’s Nest. Ling speaks up from within Greed, berating him for killing his own friend, Greed tries to reason that they are memories from the previous Greed and that he has nothing to do with them. Ling continues to push the issue claiming that he will steal his body back if Greed doesn’t get it together. Greed continues to try and deny it, but Ling forces Greed to acknowledge it as Greed yells out in pain over Bido’s dead body.

After the ending, Greed shows up at Bradley’s house pissed as hell and ready for a rematch.

Manga notes: (spoilers impending) Adapting from chapter 81, pages 1 – 35 with differences including the vintage armor joke being lost (bad move there), Rose not getting starry eyed and dragging Winry off like with what happened to Yoki, Rose not debating what clothes would be best for someone on the run, Bido wasn’t supposed to find the Immortal army right before Armstrong first saw it, Bido was supposed of had the piss scared out of him (literally) by the chimeras wondering the tunnels only for them to leave him since was also a chimaera (this was completely skipped and was another bad move), then he was supposed to find the Immortal doll army and piss himself again. There was no discussion about failing to find Izumi and why everyone wanted to know why the military was trying to find a normal house wife, Darius didn’t question the doc about him selling them out so the whole joke with his motto being “the customer is god” and “stop ripping god off” joke is missed…

Chapter 82, pages 1 – 29 with differences including the soldiers not calling Ed a small child when he was taken “hostage” during the getaway which pissed him off, the doctors didn’t try to stop the soldiers, the same couple that Mustang stole a car from while chasing Barry’s body (which was skipped) is where Darius and Heinkel got their car from before the chase, not really note worthy, but in the anime Darius is taking piss on the side of the road when Ed is trying to think of where Al would go, while in the manga he thinks while they are driving (still bitter over the whole Bido thing), some of Al and Van’s talk was skipped like with Al mentioning how he doesn’t like being up alone every night and how when Pinako says “back in the day” she means more like 50 or 60 years. Trisha getting brought up was supposed to make Van say emotional stuff with a deadpan face… every bit of humor with him seems to be omitted… Van being disturbed with Al pulling stuff out of his loin cloth is also omitted…

It’s like they want to MAKE Hohenheim unlikable or something in the anime… the Greed coming to his senses part was handled nicely, that and Winry fan service stole the entire episode. It’s even more servicey then it was in the manga.

haven't seen this much service since the Ed shower scene

just wait until Ed almost sees her topless


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  1. refinder Says:

    Greed regaining his memories always reminded me of a certain part of Tsumihoroboshi-hen in Higurashi…

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