FMA: Brotherhood ep 45 + manga notes

Summary: Greed attacks Wrath in his house demanding an explanation for why Wrath is in his memories killing his “possessions” (subordinates) back in the sewers under Dublith. Wrath realizes that Greed is so greedy that he can’t even give up his past memories, however Pride’s presences distracts Greed allowing Wrath to take the offensive. After being pinned on the ground by Wrath, breaking his sword with his ultimate shield, Greed escapes by jumping out the window. The next day at the Armstrong estate, Oliver pays her father a visit and demands he retire and leave the family to her.

Father Armstrong planned to leave everything to Alex; Oliver doesn’t like the idea of her cowardly brother becoming head of the Armstrong family and requests that her father go on a long vacation to a foreign country making her the head of the family. Just then Alex comes back and their father asks Alex to duel with Oliver, whoever wins will become head of the family; Oliver agrees immediately and so does Alex upon hearing the reason. Just as the duel begins the Armstrong parents along with Catherin decide to visit Xing.

All the while the house is being destroyed off screen by the fighting siblings, before leaving, Catherin wishes her big brother luck and departs with her parents wondering if they should bring back and elephant as a souvenir. Oliver deals an overwhelming victory against Alex and the estate now belongs to her. Alex asks why Oliver has been getting close to the higher ups lately which she responds with just wanting to see things for herself before making any decisions. Alex correctly assumes that Oliver had the family leave the country so they could not be used as hostages, though she doesn’t answer him, a smile does come across her face while her back is turned to him telling him the defeated should leave. Meanwhile, May has made it all the way out to Youswell mining town on the eastern border.

When the locals hear that she is planning to cross the desert they offer to give her supplies and ask her to spend the night in town, May is moved to tears by the hospitality offered by the townspeople and Envy asks her if she’s just going to abandon them. By convincing May that the true method of immortality lies in Central and that she might be able to save these people as well if she goes, Envy manages to get May to head back to Central. Of course this is all a ploy by Envy so that he might be able to get his hands on another philosopher’s stone and change back to normal.

Ed’s group arrives in outskirts of Central thinking that Al would be hiding the place where they were keeping Gluttony captive. Of course Al isn’t there, but soon enough Ling comes along nearly passing out at Ed’s feet from hunger confirming that it’s Ling and not Greed. After eating most of their rations, Ling tells Ed that Greed ran away from the other homunculi and he took that opportunity to take control of his body again. Greed tires to regain control, but not before Ling tells Ed that Father plans to open the gate on “the day” and that Ed and Al could probably get their bodies back if they jump in when that happens. Before Ed can get any more information out of Ling, Greed starts to take control again and Ling asks if his message was delivered to Lan Fan, Ed assures him Al gave it to her and the Greed regains control.

Greed decides to set off on his own again with an emphasis on alone. When Ed asks if Greed would like to join them, Greed has flashbacks of his dead friends and then bursts out laughing claiming that the whole world belongs to him and that if they agree to work under him he might consider it. As Greed walks away, he realizes how along he feels, Ling questions why he won’t join up with Ed and then asks if he won’t do that then to give him his body back so he can become the emperor of Xing and fill up the emptiness in Greed’s soul. Greed laughs at the idea saying it’s too small of a dream and that he should strive to become emperor of the world if he wanted to rule something. Ed’s group comes after him with Ed calling for Ling only for Greed to try and correct him and Ed not caring deciding just to call whichever one he is Gredlin from now on. Ed has decided to work under Gredlin much to Gredlin’s astonishment.

With Ed comes the two chimeras working with him who beat him up for deciding that on his own. Ed shakes it off saying he threw away all his pride when he became a military dog and that it would be foolish for him to pass up this opportunity just because his emotions got in the way (the exact same line Greed told Ed the first time they met). Gredlin is amused and says they’d also have to become outcasts if they want to work under him and not to regret it, Ed comes back with saying his done far worse things than this. Hienkal and Darius don’t even care anymore as long as they still get to eat, Ed notices that he still has Winry’s earrings she asked him to hold onto and that he won’t be seeing them for awhile still. In Dublith, the butcher shop Izumi and her husband own is being harassed by soldiers looking for Izumi again.

After they leave, the shopkeeper is able to speak freely on the phone with Sig, Izumi’s husband, and delivers a message from Al and Hohenheim about the promised day. At Briggs, an unarmed lone woman is assaulting the troops introducing herself only as a housewife. In the prison where they are keeping her, she meets Major Miles and Captain Buccaneer to deliver a message from Al to them which gets passed on to Lieutenant General Grumman, who in turn, passes it along.

Through Rebecca to Hawkeye in Central. Rebecca came to Central on a mini-vacation before the rescheduled joint training operations (due to Drachma’s attack) with the troops from Briggs take place during the spring in the east. When Rebecca asks Hawkeye to introduce her to some guys in Central since Hawkeye has been getting promoted a lot (first assigned to Col. Mustang then to the Führer), Hawkeye introduces her to Hayate.

Before leaving Central, Rebecca asks Hawkeye to give her regards to Havoc and she soon notices the note slipped into Hayate’s collar. Havoc is still laid up in the hospital and is thinking about getting transferred to a hospital out east once his body is more stable. Hawkeye gives Havoc a pack of cigarettes (still only allowed one a day), tells him Rebecca was worried about him and to give Mustang her regards if her stops by. But of course she knew he was hiding behind the curtain the whole time, before Mustang leaves, Havoc insists he take a smoke for the road.

The message reads that the promised day will happen in the coming spring and that’s when the north and the east will make their move. The credits show everyone on the move, planning for “the promised day” before showing Mustang incinerating the message with is alchemy.

Manga notes: (spoilers impending) This time adapting from chapter 82 page 29 – 42 with differences including Wrath managing to pin Greed on the floor instead of breaking his sword on the ultimate shield while Greed is standing upright, completely trivial and minor, but that is the only difference with the stuff from 82 in this ep.

Chapter 83, pages 1 – 36 with differences including Ed not telling Greed the two with him are chimeras and not complaining about being the only normal human in the group while trying to convince Greed to join up the first time. Ed not telling Donkey Kong and Lion King that he knows Greed is not a liar when he just lets him walk off. Oliver’s sparkle was missing during the chat with her dad… The Armstrong fight was a bit embellished too. Rebecca’s annoyance with Riza being promoted so much was toned down a lot…

Also, something like chapter 80 pages 17 – 22 revised to fit with May never doing what she did in the manga upon arriving in Youswell so that she’d be convinced to stay in the country awhile longer.

29 MEAT DAY, February 9th, the Amestris holiday of EATING MEAT! Originally it was 2/9 MEET DAY meant to be a play on words of “meeting the meat.”


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