FMA: Brotherhood ep 46 + manga notes

Summary: Since last episode spring has arrived and Major Miles’ train is stopping in Rsembool to replenish its water supply, but that’s just a front so Winry can sneak back home. While in her room about to change clothes, she finally notices Ed who has been sitting by the window eating the whole time, now with a stunned look on his face.

Winry screams, her escorts barge in, Heinkal and Darius point guns at the backs of their heads, Den bites Darius’ ass, Gredlin pulls her off and the montage continues until Winry violently tosses all except Ed out of her room.

When Ed asks about Al not being with Winry, she tells him Al is down at the station with Miles, but Ed decides not to go see him since he can’t risk being found. Pinako arrives home and Winry meets Greed (whom she thought was Ling) who explains the situation to her about Ed working for him now and the reason why they are in Winry’s house is to make sure Ed’s automial is all tuned up. While making the adjustments Winry fills Ed in about how Lior is rebuilding itself, what Al is doing, and where Ed’s dad is. While discussing the promised day, Ed tells Winry to take Pinako and get out of the country, Winry gets mad and hits Ed with a wrench saying that it sounds like Ed has already given up, Ed retorts that he will stop whatever is going to happen but that there is still a chance it won’t work to which Winry tells him to stop what’s going to happen, get his and Al’s bodies back, and come home safely.

Ed leaves and Greed tells him that no matter what it is, everyone has desires whether it be possessions or protecting something and that its only humans that label the different types of greed as good or bad which makes them hard to understand. Before setting off for Central, Pinko reminds Ed to give his dad Trisha’s message if he ever sees him and Ed tells Winry he’ll be back after the promised day and to have a fresh apple pie waiting for him. Back in Lior, Zampano, Jerso and Yoki are still helping to rebuild waiting to Scar and Marcoh to show up.

They head out for Central as well and along the way discuss their motives, Scar is now fighting to change the country which is overheard by his master who speaks up and makes the rest of them notice all the Isbalans gathering. Marcoh and Scar had been going around the country for a few months gathering the Ishbalans to aid in countering the promised day. In East HQ, the joint exorcises with Briggs are about to start, however Bradley came to observe throwing a wrench into their plans.

In Central, Al has just come to after having his soul pulled away again which has been happening more frequently now. Right after getting off the train, Gluttony is chasing him down and Pride isn’t far behind.

Al’s soul starts being pulled away again allowing Pride to easily capture him who needs to keep Al quite until the promised day. At the Armstrong estate Mustang pays Oliver a visit and notes that the size of the mansion could probably hold a full battalion. Oliver tells Mustang he can have the Mansion if something were to happen to her since she views Mustang as just a hair better than her brother. Mustang also brought some flowers (hyacinths) to congratulate Oliver on becoming the head of the Armstrong household which contain the same message Hawkeye passed along to Mustang about Selim Bradley. Of course she burns the flowers and the note after reading it when Mustang tells her the flowers represent feminine beauty.

The training exorcises in the east are going smoothly, but General Grumman is getting annoyed with Bradley’s presence and thinks it best to just aim a cannon at his tower and get it over with. Al is still missing with the promised day being tomorrow and Bradley already knows about the coup d’etat Grumman is planning, however, he is informed that the eastern training is merely a diversion for Ishbalans to commit a terrorist act in Central while he is away and that Grumman plans to invade Central under the guise of terrorist suppression and aide Mustang in taking over Central HQ. Bradley decides to return to Central, but on the way they get stopped for a sheep crossing and left on a bridge which is bombed.

It was all arranged by men who served under Colonel Mustang during the Ishabl war. Word gets around that the Führer’s train has been bombed and the generals loyal to Bradley in the east realize they played right into Grumman’s trap.

In Central, Hwkeye, Fuery, Breda, and Hayate plan to make their move since they are all no more than just deserters who plan to have Mustang take responsibility for it later. After the credits the top brass in Central are shown panicking over the news of Bradley’s train being bombed and his disappearance, but before Major General Armstrong can make her move to seize power, Father shows up with Sloth.

Manga notes: (spoilers impending) Adapting from chapter 84 pages 2 – 34 with differences including the times for the sheep shearing contest and other such sheep day activities not being shown in detail, some fuss with getting into Winry’s house is skipped, instead of Winry half beating Ed to death with her wrench she tells him about Al, Ed doesn’t give a comeback about human integrity to Greed’s words, Zampano and Jesro didn’t talk about how all the rebuilding was whipping their asses into shape, Grumman didn’t talk with the puppet running Briggs and the soldiers thought comments on Grumman never even going up north are left unheard.

Chapter 85, pages 3 – 24 with differences including the first two pages of workers rebuilding the Armstrong mansion and the neighbors talking about how cold Oliver has been to her family are missing, some of the war games are skipped over, and the conversation between the men who bombed Bradley’s train which reveals them as working under Mustang during Ishbal is skipped.

Some interesting BGM in the preview for next ep.


2 Responses to “FMA: Brotherhood ep 46 + manga notes”

  1. Jeffry2010 Says:

    I can’t believe they altered into serious scene instead during winry tells edward about her safety!

    – The dog bits into Darius instead of Heinkel on manga.

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