FMA: Brotherhood ep 47 + manga notes

Summary: Al has been captured by Pride, Greed’s group arrives in Kanama and the first thing Ed dose upon meeting his dad again is deck him in the face with his right hand, Hohenheim decides to tell them everything. Ed has a harder time accepting it than Al did; when his dad tells him that he is the philosopher’s stone they’ve been looking for and asks Ed if he wants to use him, Ed flat out rejects to offer claiming that those people’s lives have nothing to do with him and that they have no right to use them to fix their own mistakes. Hohenheim asks Ed if he’d be willing to help him stop what’s about to happen, Ed claims that he’s going to stop it with or without Hohenheim’s help and that the only reason why he’s working with him is to better his chances of winning. Hohenheim’s just glad that his son is willing to fight alongside him no matter what the reason is which reminds Ed to deliver his mom’s last words to his dad causing him to cry.

While eating dinner, Heinkel and Darius try reason with Ed and get him to open up to his dad, but Ed just rebuffs their attempts and says that he had just seen of a side of his dad that he wasn’t expecting. Hohenheim is remembering the time when he told Trisha that he had to go and asked her to wait for him and also assures the picture of her that he’ll be following after her tomorrow. Meanwhile, Ed transmutes some red cloth into his trademark red coat saying that he’ll need to be psyched for what is likely to be their last battle against them tomorrow. Ed also asks Heinkel and Darius why they’re still sticking around, it turns out they don’t really mind being chimeras, but just feel their chances of survival are best if they stick around; Greed isn’t going to tell Ed why he came back to Central. Al shows up, but Ling takes over again to warn Ed that it’s not Al before the shadows attack and Pride berates Greed for being taken over by a human like that.

Back east, the search for Bradley’s body by Grumman’s troops continues, Grumman himself is leading the search since he won’t be able to rest easy till he sees the body with his own eyes. Grumman can’t go through with the original plan and knows something is happening is Central since everything there is still running smoothly, so instead he’ll wait for Colonel Mustang and General Armstrong to make their move counting on them being treated as rebels so that way he can move in and be the hero.

Of course Miles knows exactly what Grumman is thinking about regardless. Back with Ed, Greed tells him that it’s Pride, the oldest “brother” of the homunculi. Pride shows Ed the blood seal to confirm that it’s Al’s body and decides to get rid of Greed before taking Ed with him. Ed knows that they won’t kill neither himself nor Al since they need them for some reason; Pride confirms this, but tells Ed he might dismember him instead. Pride manages to catch Greed with little difficulty and threatens the slums as well unless Ed cooperates; however, Ed uses alchemy to cause a blackout making all of Pride’s shadows disappear. Greed tells Heinkel that Pride’s real body is hidden somewhere in the forest. Pride realizes there are no stars or Moon out tonight and that he’ll have to wait for the slums to get their power back, but Heinkel moves in on the offensive.

Although Heinkel dose feel bad for having to attack a child-like form, his animal instincts are telling him he must kill Pride to survive. Darius tells Ed they need to stay together until Heinkel (the nocturnal predator) takes care of Pride so they can avoid attacking each other. Darius saves Ed and Greed from Gluttony when he attacks; Pride was able to find them thanks to Gluttony’s sense of smell. Of course Gluttony can’t see in the dark either and is just relying on his sense of smell to find them.

Greed figures that Darius should be an even match for Gluttony in the dark, but he still ends up hitting Ed with one of his attacks. Ling asks Greed to switch with him since he can fight better in the darkness, Ling gets his shot and is more and enough for Gluttony who is now frustrated enough to use the false gate he used to swallow Ed and Ling before. But before he gets the chance, Lan Fan arrives and slices Gluttony up something fierce.

Manga notes: (spoilers impending) Adapting from chapter 85, page 25 – 44 with differences including Ed not being freaked out by his dad crying with Heinkel and Darius giving him cold looks and hastily running off to eat, Ed not running off in a hurry to the fabric store when they all start to get on his case about it, Ed not explaining why he likes red “because it’s a badass manly tough color” (or something to that effect) complete with a flower popping out of his antenna when he was supposed to say that.

Chapter 86, pages 1 (shown at the beginning of the episode) – 42, with differences including the people in the slums not even slightly noticing the ruckus Ed and Pride we’re causing before Ed black the place out, Gluttony not commenting about how hard Darius’ head is and how it must be chewy, and Darius commenting on how he though the silhouette was small after hitting Ed by accident and Ed getting pissed is omitted.

The pacing is slowing down now from episode to episode.


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