FMA: Brotherhood ep 48 + manga notes

Summary: Lan Fan and Ling continue to kill Gluttony over and over again, Fu explains to Ed that it is the nature of their profession that allows them to see in the dark. Fu and Lan Fan followed large energy masses (Pride and Gluttony) from Central when they were trying to gather information. Ed fills him in on Greed and Gluttony fighting close by, Pride being off somewhere in the woods, and his dad being the energy mass the dwarfs them all. Ed knows that Lan Fan’s automail can’t be functioning at full capacity since it’s only been half a year since it was attached; however, Ed only gets caught in the bomb blast when he tries to go help. The explosions draw the attention of the residents in the slums and also give Ed an idea as he asks Fu to take him where Pride is.

Heinkal isn’t having an easy time even against a powerless Pride, since Pride won’t die (or ever react) no matter how many times he is killed, Heinkal is getting exhausted. Back in Central, Roy is meeting with Madam Christmas in her bar who has the information he asked her to get on the Bradley family. There are numerous old photos of Selim showing he never ages and he’s always close to some high ranking government official. A background check on King Bradley reveals all the documents showing where he was born and grew up to be fake. The people from the slums find Heinkal attacking Pride who uses the light from their lamp to start a fire so he has a steady light source again. Ed shows up to save him and starts fighting Pride himself, but not before Pride takes a crack at Ed’s height.

Meanwhile, in Central, government officials who had been spying on Mustang learn Madam Christmas is actually his foster mother and plan to storm her bar to capture him, but Roy blows the place up and escapes with Madam Christmas through the sewers. Roy promises to buy her a new store after the heat dies down. Mustang meets up with Hawkeye, Breda, and Fuery to begin their operation in Central; in light of Bradley’s train being bombed, they know that the Eastern Army won’t be coming to Central as planned. Mustang realizes this is either their best chance or a trap and as such only has one order for his troops: “Don’t die.”

Ed is able to hold his own against Pride thanks to his northern automail having lots of carbon in it which allows him to copy Greed’s ultimate shield, making it so Pride can’t slice through it. Pride decides to go back to his original plan and attack Ed using Al’s armor, which is exactly what Ed was hoping for. Fu uses a flash bang to sever Pride’s connection to the armor, but it also attracts Gluttony; Ed uses another flash bang to allow Darius to escape with Al. Gluttony tells Pride about the strange ability Lan Fan and Greed are using to find them even in the dark. Pride asks Gluttony how many times he’s died which he has lost count of, so Pride gets an idea.

Pride splits Gluttony in half to get to his philosopher’s stone and then eats him to gain his abilities including Gluttony’s keen sense of smell which lets him know Hohenheim is also nearby. The higher ups in Central know that Mustang has started moving with his old group and Father asks them what they think will be his next move. Only General Armstrong answers him by saying that if it were her, she would take Mrs. Bradley hostage; incidentally, that is exactly what they are doing at that very moment.

Manga notes: (spoilers impending) This time adapting from just chapter 87, with differences including (this is so minor though) during the chat with Roy-boy and his mum they didn’t talk about the Bradley family having personal doctor for Selim who fakes the results to keep his cover, the person who tells the two suits about Roy-boy’s mum wasn’t a suit in the manga, but man is civilian clothes, Fuery not mentioning how Hayate should be a ranking officer and Roy giving him a rank about Fuery’s, Mustang doesn’t give his troops a chance to back out while they still can so they don’t get to tell him “enough of that” in unison, Breda complaining about having to do the “heavy lifting” when they were taking out Mrs. Bradley’s guards was skipped, Ed’s not supposed to run hap haphazardly to where Lan Fan is, the bomb is supposed to come to Ed.

Well, this is the slowest paced episode yet! They must be trying to buy themselves time now waiting for their source material to finish.


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