FMA: Brotherhood ep 49 + manga notes

Summary: Hohenheim is busy trying to wake Al up and Pride smells him with his new powers obtained after eating Gluttony, so Pride decides to lure him out by capturing Ed. Greed takes control of Ling’s body again while fighting Pride, much to Lan Fan’s chagrin; Lan Fan’s automail also starts to malfunction and Ed saves her with a flying spin kick telling her that he’ll need her help later as Fu takes Heinkel to safety. Al finally comes to and his dad explains to him that since the homunculi are like partial clones of a clone of himself they are able to control Al’s blood seal with greater ease. Fu explains the situation with Pride to them and Al feels like it’s his fault since he was captured and forms a plan, but needs his dad’s alchemy for it to work.

Ed, Greed and Lan Fan are having a hard time holding off Pride; even Greed sees Pride as a monster who just playfully remarks of how rudely Greed is addressing his older brother and asks if he can eat him, to which Greed replies it would just give him a stomachache (mimicking what he told Father when he was boiled down before). Hohenheim finally makes his way into the battle saying that the hero is always supposed to show up just in time; of course Pride knows he is up to something when he says he’s not planning on beating Pride and even calls Pride scary. Pride centers his shadows around himself and Al charges in trying to grab Pride, but…

That doesn’t seem to work all that well; when Pride calls it a dumb plan and makes fun of Al for it, Hohenheim gets mad and seals Pride inside a giant dirt mound along with Al. Ed’s not happy with this and before he can get too mad, Hohenheim tells him it was all Al’s idea which he knew Ed would never go a long with if he found out. Inside the dome Pride is powerless without a light source and Al assures him that he has no plans of trying to escape the dome, instead challenging Pride to a test of patience since Al’s body does not require air nor food to survive; Pride is going to be stuck in the done with Al until the promised day is over according to Al’s plan. Outside the done, Ed gets reassured by Al that he’ll be fine and Greed has taken off for Central.

With Lust gone, Envy gone, Gluttony gone, Wrath away from Central, and pride trapped, the only ones left at Central are Father and Sloth; Greed tells Ling that he’s going to take over the world. Meanwhile, in Central, some homeless people are talking about the influx of Ishbalans in the area lately and are wondering whatever happened to Scar. Of course Scar appears before them just then asking for directions to Kanama, but he also finds out that May is still in the country and that Bradley’s train was blown up. Scar tells them that the Ishbalans have not been gathering in Central to commit terrorism and are not responsible for the train bombing. Meanwhile, Kimblee is busy…

…killing Ishabalans while humming merrily skipping through their corpses like a school girl before realizing he’s ruined his new suit. Back in the dome, Pride is trying to dig his way out, but it’s not working and he gives up. Al tells Pride that their whole plan of relying on sacrifices seems careless from his point of view since the sacrifices could easily flee the country. Pride concurs with the fact that there are humans who value their own safety above others, but there are others who do not. Pride goes on to use Mrs. Bradley as an example when she jumped in front of a car that was about to hit him, disregarding her own safety in the process, an act that surprised and confused Pride.

Pride finds Mrs. Bradley interesting since he has always had a father, but never had anyone to call a mother. Al is annoyed over how much Mrs. Bradley has been deceived, but Pride admits that it was fun living with her and that he does love her. Pride digresses to the point he was making using his mother as an example; people like her, who value others safety over their own, are the ones they selected to be sacrifices. Pride also cites how Al came back to fight, proving that there isn’t any careless planning on his part. In Central, Mustang starts to move after visiting Hughes’ grave and Scar’s group meets up with Ed’s group in the slums.

The chimeras have their reunion with Jerso and Zampano accusing Darius of being sent by Kimblee to eliminate them, when they start throwing stuff is when Ed gets mad and tells the pig, fatty and gorilla to get along. When they finally do get along, they all agree that Kimblee probably would’ve killed them by now if they were still working under him and all agree that Ed and the others wouldn’t abandon them. Fu leaves to investigate Central and find out what Mustang is up to since he is the only one whose face is unknown to their enemies. Jerso and Darius are impressed with how Al’s holding up inside the done with Pride, Ed knows that he needs to give it his all as well as he puts on his red coat and watches the sun rise as the promised day begins.

Back in Central, Denny Brosh is woken up by his younger siblings who want to borrow his telescope so they can watch the solar eclipse, but instead they spot Mustang’s uprising in the middle of town. The higher ups give the order to kill everyone (including Mrs. Bradley) except Mustang; when Mustang’s group is ambushed; Mrs. Bradley hears the order for her to be shot along with Mustang’s men.

Manga notes: (spoilers impending) This time adapting from chapter 88, with differences including Van not trying to go on a long rambling story about what a fun time he once had in Xing upon meeting Fu, all of Pride saying anything about flash bangs is skipped, Van thinking how scary it was when Pride shoots a last ditch shadow at him is not heard, Greed runs off sooner so he never talks with Fu who was supposed to us a much rougher way of speaking to Pride than to Ling, all of Pride’s more humorous aspects like tripping over Al’s head in the darkness are omitted as well as Al pretending not to laugh at how childish Pride is when he’s powerless, the conversation about Pride’s “mother” was originally brought up not as a point to an argument, but in Pride’s defense to deceiving her all this time and THEN Al asks about the sacrifices. Originally Scar’s group was never accused of bombing Bradley’s train, but were told of it when they asked for information, Kimblee acting like a school girl (albeit priceless) was the anime’s inspiration to his dementedly awesome character.

Chapter 89, pages 1 – 11 with differences including Ed not being as visibly annoyed with seeing Scar again as he was in the manga, Denny’s younger siblings not tearing his room apart looking for the telescope and being smart enough to know not to look into the sun with it, Denny not still getting dressed while running out of the house being greeted by what we’ll assume to be another one of his siblings (only about his age). Pages 15 – 16 with no changes. Hopefully pages 12 – 14 will be put into next ep somehow, but doubtful as the anime hates all humorous scenes.

It’s so convenient how Hohenheim sounds just like Kizaru when he talking about how scaaaaary Pride is. Also Pride look pretty scary with the whole evil eye thing going on after eating Gluttony while in the manga his face stays the same as the cute shota (made of rape faces) he was designed as.


One Response to “FMA: Brotherhood ep 49 + manga notes”

  1. Jeffry2010 Says:

    What you’re don’t really know in the manga is:-

    – Kimblee looking at the Window
    – You never see where Darius, Heinkel & others threw a shovel & almost hit Ed until he pissed.
    – Soldiers runningly scared off the back of the truck until the truck explodes.

    This is just isn’t fair. really, really unfair. I mean I hope you’re reading an FMA manga one more time now.

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