FMA: Brotherhood ep 50 + manga notes

Summary: So all of the soldiers about to shoot Mustang’s group and Mrs. Bradley are on the ground with bullets in their limbs shot by more people in the rafters. Mustang assures Mrs. Bradley that they will protect her now that she knows she was also going to be killed but does not inform her of the Führer’s train being blown up. The higher ups in the military revived word that Mustang’s group has increased in size and there have been no casualties yet despite being up against the Flame Alchemist and the Hawk’s Eye, they finally realize that Mustang’s forces are going easy on them. Back in the meeting room, two of the other generals are discussing Mustang’s actions before General Armstrong points out how inexperienced Central’s forces are and how that is their greatest weakness.

After asking to be put in charge of Central’s army, one of the other generals gets mad at her and tries to belittle her by stating that she’s only in her current position to keep Briggs in check. This only serves to amuse her since she trained her troops to be able to function without her and abandon her in an emergency or if she is killed. Meanwhile, at the Armstrong estate, Briggs soldiers in the basement decide it’s time to come out and cause Central even more trouble.

General Armstrong makes it clear that her troops are already moving about the city and they show they aren’t as soft as Mustang’s troops by killing any soldiers that get in their way. Mustang informers one of his men that the Briggs soldiers were smuggled into the Armstrong mansion while it was being repaired, however, most of Mustang’s troops are running out of ammo and the enemy is taking note of this. Before the Central troops can rush Mustang’s troops, an ice cream truck beats them to it, but it isn’t selling ice cream.

It’s loaded with guns and ammo as Rebecca from the Eastern army shows them along with former 2nd Lt. Maria Ross at the wheel; Rebecca also demonstrates some of the new weapons they got from Xing while complaining about Central being full of cowardly men. While escaping in the armored ice cream truck Mustang asks if Maria Ross acquired all the supplies on her own or if there was someone backing her. When she calls the person up, Mustang first assumes it’s some important person from Xing, but gets rebuffed by the snickering from his formalities.

Because it’s actually Havoc sending him supplies from his family’s store that can supply anything from underwear to armored cars and deliver them to you if you have the money; of course Mustang says he’ll pay him once he’s successful. Meanwhile, Ed’s group is still on the outskirts of Central witnessing the smoke rising from the commotion. Hohenheim has a counter transmutation circle set up just encase, but admits it would be better to stop the one Father has set up before he can activate it. They decide to enter Father’s lair through the same entrance Scar used before, Heinkel and Yoki are told to wait on the outskirts. After Ed tells Al that he’s going (and Pride is still tapping on Al’s helmet) May is shown entering through the same entrance just mentioned right before a group of soldiers decide to use that spot for a formation.

Back in Central HQ, the other generals are trying to order General Armstrong at gunpoint to make her troops from Briggs stand down, however she points out that they took her control of Briggs away. Disgusted with their convoluted reasoning and misconceptions about reality, General Armstrong draws her sword, stabs the general pointing a gun at her in the arm, grabs his gun and shoots the other general between the eyes.

In the city, Sgt. Brosh finds Major Armstrong and is informed of Mustang’s current doings, Denny is still bitter over the Maria Ross incident (he didn’t figure out Major Armstrong’s hint even with six months to think about it). One of Major Armstrong’s men informs him of what General Armstrong just did at HQ, all of which is overheard by Fu. Fu is having a hard time finding Ling since the huge mass of energy beneath the city is masking Greed’s energy, Fu also notices that the large energy source underground is more spread out then it was before. Father is down in his lair listening intently to some banging noise going on somewhere which just so happens to be…

Pride still tapping on Al’s helmet. Ed’s group has found the soldiers still stationed around the entrance May took earlier, so Ed decides they should use another entrance in Research Lab 3. Ed decides to pull rank on the guards rather than fight them by introducing himself as a state alchemist being chased by the serial killer Scar. While they guards turn their attention to Scar, Ed knocks them out, his group enters the building, Ed finds the door to the basement they covered up before, makes a new door, and they’re down in Central’s underground. When they get down there, Ed and Scar get placed in the same group while Hohenheim and Lan Fan go off in another direction. Once far enough away, Hohenheim tells Lan Fan to go look for Ling instead of following him around assuring her that he’ll be fine on his own. Meanwhile, one of the remaining generals decides it’s time to use the immortal army against the warnings of the researcher overseeing the project.

Everyone hears their screams before the episode cuts to end credits.

Manga notes: (spoilers impending) Adapting from chapter 89, pages 17 – 43 with differences including Oliver bringing up McDugal from the filler start, an absence of the guy who got one shotted bringing up the immortal army while talking to Oliver, a sneak peak of someone in the Cellar was included with Briggs troops, some jokes about having only one round of ammo left for the cowards way out are skipped, some of Rebeca’s banter with Riza is skipped.

Chapter 90, pages 3 – 27 with differences including Oliver shooting the general and him falling out the door instead of just in the room, some of Denny getting briefed is skipped, Sloth doesn’t get his sleeping by Father’s side cameo, May’s presence is the anime expanding upon the manga (it happened, but she was never shown entering the underground).

Fun facts: During the six or so months they had to prepare for the promised day, Havoc set up a trading route with Xing and kept in touch with Maria Ross using the things he exported or imported as a code for her to follow. It’s also how he managed to smuggle weapons and things into the country, Maria’s standing with the Yao clan and emperor of Xing didn’t hurt either seeing how she foiled and assassination attempt on the emperor right in front of him by shooting the would be assassin. That happened when she was invited to the royal capital when the emperor wanted to meet the local Amestrain celebrity (Amestrins almost never visit Xing so everyone wants to meet them).

Let’s see if that side story gets its own OVA later on (doubtful since all that was from interviews with the author along with Q&A sessions).

Also loving how this is one of the few shonnen series these days that never forgets about characters and gives the female characters some action and not just fan service. Olive Mira Armstrong can bring a sword to a gun fight and kill everyone in the room… still seeing odd angled crotch shots of her with just about every ep she’s in though…


2 Responses to “FMA: Brotherhood ep 50 + manga notes”

  1. JeffryZin Says:

    The differences was: The scene where Ed & his gang trying to sneak into headquarters, where ED trying to distract the guards in the Funny way in the manga version. Unlike the anime, in just serius face way!? THAT’S NOT FAIR!! I wonder what will they changes & altered like the EP46 where the change the ed & winry scene which is totally UNFAIR to me.

  2. hom-chan Says:

    this one focuses on event differences and not so much art detail differences-desu.

    If it’s drawn in a less detailed comical manner in the manga and then shown in the anime with the normal character designs, this one doesn’t consider that notable enough difference worth noting in a terribly redundant manner-desu.

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