FMA: Brotherhood ep 51 + manga notes

Summary: So the immortal army has been activated and the general who activated them gets eaten after trying to get them to follow orders, the researcher gets eaten too. Meanwhile, Ed’s group has arrived at the door where Barry The Chopper and Lust died at, Ed tries to open the door on his own only for the immortal army to pour out of it an attack his group. Above ground, General Armstrong has taken another general hostage to try and force the others to surrender, but surprisingly the captured general orders all the entrances closed so Mustang and Briggs’ troops can’t enter before Sloth kills him having missed General Armstrong. And so the fight between General Armstrong and Sloth begins.

Back underground, Ed’s group continues to fight the immortal army; living up to their name, they just won’t die. Ed remembers his fight with Envy and figures out from all the screams of agony that the immortal army is made of philosopher’s stones placed in bodies. Ed seals off the exit so the immortal dolls don’t make it to the city, effectively trapping them with the bloodthirsty dolls. In the city, Briggs’ troops are still making themselves known by taking out more and more of Central’s forces while Mustang’s group plans their next move.

Back on the outskirts, Heinkel notices Pride tapping on Al’s head and recognizes it as Morse code, but it’s too late as Kimblee has already discovered their location. Kimblee blows up Heinkel and makes a hole in the dome at the same time freeing Pride who he asks to stop giving him extra work. And now the scene shifts to May Chang, Shao May and Envy being chased through the underground by more of the immortal dolls before Envy (still in his parasitic form) gets eaten by one of them only to take it over from the inside and quickly assimilate all the other dolls around him to reform his old body.

Now May’s hard(er) struggles begin while Yoki and Marcoh are trying to lay low with all the soldiers around the outskirts now. Heinkel survived the blast, but Pride doesn’t feel like letting Al get to far away; in a last ditch effort, Al creates a dust cover and blows his own legs off. General Armstrong is having her own trouble with Sloth since nothing seems to work on him, that is until Major Armstrong arrives to lend his big sister some help.

Things are not going well for a legless Al since he can’t carry Heinkel to safety; despite Heinkel telling Al to leave him so that Al might escape, Al refuses to comply. Al’s stubbornness reminds Heinkel of Ed which makes him remember the philosopher’s stone they picked up in the mines. Heinkel tells Al that since he won’t use the stone to reclaim his body, then he should use it to help save the world to which Al agrees to. After flash of red light, Al emerges from the dust cloud with new legs ready to take on Pride and Kimblee.

Kimblee is thrilled by Al’s decision to fight instead of run as the episode ends.

Manga notes: (spoilers impending) Adaption from chapter 90, pages 28 – 38 with differences including the idiot general who got eaten getting to say more lines, Ed comically failing to open to the underground gate is anime humor.

Chapter 91, pages 1 – 34 with differences including the events being rearranged a little with the rest of what was adapted this time, Envy originally knocked the cork out of his jar while in mid air and then took control of one of those adorable bloodthirsty dolls before ASSIMILATING the rest of them, originally Scar blows one of the dolls head off enough where it’s just hanging by skin and still attacking him (it got toned down to just snapping it neck making its head bob loosely), the chimeras originally transform before Ed seals the exit and take a few more hit (like Jerso getting bitten but not getting hurt due to his fat), and Scar didn’t say his line about the dolls getting out being problematic which angers Ed a little.

Chapter 92, pages 1 – 3, they were originally flashback of Heinkel convincing Al to use the stone, but were incorporated into the chronological ordering they would have had if they were not flashback. Pages 17 – 23 are the Armstrong siblings starting to work together.


3 Responses to “FMA: Brotherhood ep 51 + manga notes”

  1. Jeffry2010 Says:

    Anime: ED having a flashback during the fight of Immortal army? Heinkel knocked the rock & ask to stop the sound until Kimblee shows up far away from behind!!

    Manga : just close behind Heinkel, huh?

    • Jeffry2010 Says:

      Almost forgot, that Part where Mustang suggest to Make an Ice-Cream Truck into the Meat Truck in order to sneak up into the central is an anime-only footage?

  2. maria Says:

    awesome!! :)

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