FMA: Brotherhood ep 52 + manga notes

Summary: Al is now using a philosopher’s stone to fight both Kimblee and Pride at the same time and hold his own. Al’s strategy mainly involves using dust as a smoke screen until he creates a flash bang to get rid of Pride’s shadows long enough to trap him again, at this point Kimblee asks why Al doesn’t just escape and use the stone to recover his and Ed’s bodies. Al won’t escape because then he wouldn’t be able to save everyone and counter’s Kimblee’s argument by asking why there are only two choices: escape and recover their bodies while failing to save every one or stay and save everyone and give up on recovering their bodies. Al brings up a third option of recovering their bodies and saving everyone and argues against the law of equivalent exchange by claiming there might be more things they don’t know about, Kimblee agrees with this and notes that if new laws are discovered then they will become the new principles of alchemy and, along this same line of thought, brings up a fourth option of how they could fail to save anyone and not get their bodies back as he takes out the philosopher’s stone he had been hiding within his body.

In Central HQ, Major Armstrong is using his alchemy to fend off Sloth while General Armstrong uses the opportunity to drive her sword into Sloths head killing him once and prompting Sloth to get serious, something he’s not too happy about having to do. Just as Sloth is getting serious, more soldiers arrive trying to arrest General Armstrong, but Sloth disappears in front of the Armstrong siblings and is show to have already crushed the soldiers by moving at super speed. Sloth realizes he missed and tries again only just barely grazing General Armstrong before smashing into another wall before revealing that he is actually the fastest homunculus. General Armstrong figures out that Sloth moves so fast that he can’t even tell where he is going before being at the receiving end of that speed again.

While Kimblee and Al continue to fight, one of the explosions frees Pride. Kimblee is enjoying the battle and manages to find Al within his smoke screen cover by making pebbles rain down while listening for them to hit metal. Pride captures Al easily using his enhanced sense of smell, however, Al doesn’t have the philosopher’s stone anymore and the smoke cover was to hide Dr. Marcoh upwind of Pride where he healed Heinkel who goes right for Kimblee’s neck.

Mustang’s group is able to move around central easily now that he used alchemy to make the ice cream truck look like a meat delivery truck. Central HQ has already been locked down, so Mustang decides to take the underground route where Ed’s group is still busy trying to deal with the immortal army. Scar tells everyone to aim for their legs so that they can at least immobilize them, elsewhere, Major Armstrong is busy going muscle to muscle against Sloth.

Major Armstrong manages to send Sloth to the floor below while only getting a minor dislocation in his shoulder, General Armstrong only has a few minor broken bones herself. Not long until Sloth collapses the floor above him to bring the Armstrong siblings to him causing General Armstrong to lose consciousness leaving Major Armstrong to fight off Sloth by himself with one working arm. Back on the outskirts of Central, Heinkel uses Kimblee as a human shield to protect himself from Pride, to everyone’s surprise, Pride doesn’t attack because of this, instead he goads them about how they don’t stand a chance of winning as long as Father is in Central. As Pride moves to kill Marcoh, a car arrives, blocks Pride’s shadows, and then runs Pride over freeing Al in the process. It’s Yoki to the rescue.

Yoki has now done something cool and wants to make sure everyone knows about it by saving them in Kimblee’s stolen car. As Pride is getting back up, Heinkel throws Kimblee at him and Yoki puts the petal to the metal to get the hell away from Pride. While Pride does manage to rip the roof off the car, they ultimately escape him and head to Central, all according to Pride’s plan who purposefully goaded them earlier about Father in Central. Kimblee is still clinging to life somehow, so Pride decides it would be a shame for him to die here and assimilates (eats) him too saying Kimblee will live on as a part of Pride.

Major Armstrong continues his fight with Sloth as General Armstrong regains consciousness to see what her little brother has accomplished during her down time.

Since Sloth can’t stop when he gets moving, it’s easy to set a trap for him. The soldiers around them regain their composure and aim their guns at General Armstrong who remembers that a shoot on site order has been issued for her, Major Armstrong won’t have any of that since General Armstrong still hasn’t done the paperwork that would leave the Armstrong house to him; Major Armstrong gets even more upset when General Armstrong tells him that she’s already made arrangements for the house to be left to Mustang in the event of her death without even consulting the family first before making that decision. The banter gets interrupted by the arrival of some more doll soldiers eating Central’s forces. General Armstrong takes offense at the dolls being confused with Brigg’s soldiers and tells them that they were released by one of their officers and that they can either kill her and be eaten by the dolls or let the Armstrong siblings deal with them as Sloth begins to recover.

General Armstrong demands the soldiers with shoot on site orders for her learn to think for themselves so that they might all survive., meanwhile, May is busy evading Envy in the sewers beneath Central while more doll soldiers arrive. Envy gets stronger with each doll soldier he absorbs; however, May finds it easier to evade Envy than a group of soldiers so she’s intentionally having Envy absorb them. Ed’s group is still fighting the doll soldiers that are pouring out of the underground, Darius picks up Barry’s meat cleaver to help him fight while Jerso and Zampano are running low on spines and saliva. Just as they are about to get overwhelmed, Mustang arrives by blowing up the wall Ed made to keep the soldiers in and offers to lend them a hand.

Manga notes: (spoilers impending) So that thing from last entry about the biting was reused in this ep, only with it being Darius because he’s meaty instead of Jerso because he’s fat. Anyway, this time it adapts from chapter 92, pages 4 – 16 with differences including only Al showing off more and Kimblee’s facial expressions being different during their chat. Pages 24 – 44 with differences including a loss of humor over Sloth being fast and the soldiers remains who got crushed not being shown, some rearrangement of the scenes that only a nit-picker would care about, Kimblee originally throws pebbles in one direction to find Al, not straight up into the air, and Al originally tries to rush Pride when he gets caught again.

Chapter 93, pages 1 – 30 with differences including Pride dodging Kimblee while in the manga he gets hit by him when Heinkel throws him, not as many sparkles during the Armstrong family moment as there were in the manga, and Scar saying to go for the legs is new to the anime.

Fun trivia: Mustang lives in a small apartment within Central only containing single couch, so getting the Armstrong mansion would be a big step up to his playboy like dreams.


6 Responses to “FMA: Brotherhood ep 52 + manga notes”

  1. Jeffry2010 Says:

    What you really don’t know is:-

    – Pride going to say ‘Kimblee, downwind!!’ but obviously NOT in the anime!

    – Kimblee got killed by Heinkel but comes more dialog in the anime when he saw Dr Marcoh holding his stone!

    The line ‘Did he just using this scum as a shield?’ was Alphonse instead of Heinkel in the manga.

    Pride lines ‘Brave humans sure looks easy to trick’ facial looks more evil in the anime unlike the manga looks average.

    You’re not gonna see the actual ending where Envy shows up about who Killed hughes until the Next EPISODE! THAT’S NOT FAIR!!

    GOD THAT TWISTED SON OF THE BITCH PRIDE!! Will we ever Pride again in the future episode?! What will his NEXT conspiracy be for him? God, I’m started to hate Pride now. Why!? He doesn’t even a give a f*ck about everything he could like he did to Gluttony in the last episode 49. I’m not gonna stand this situation until he’s DEAD, SERIOUSLY!!

    *Angry & despair about what happened*

  2. refinder Says:

    So I take it this guy is a rumored nitpicker or is just trolling?

    WEEEEEEEEE spoilers

    Kimblee isn’t dead, Pride’s head get’s smashed to pieces and he’s actually something else on the inside, watch them ditch that radio stuff next ep.

    Also, the third OVA comes out SOON (either gonna be Izumi at Briggs as a teen or more of Mustang on the battle field in Ishbal are my best bets). Who knows when it’ll get ripped, pirated and subbed.

    • Jeffry2010 Says:

      STOP calling me a Nitpick, will you?!

      That’s because I’ve been obsessed about this show a lot. I mean I was totally unsatisfied about why it happens.

      where is the owner of this blog where I need to delete some of mistake posts.

      And STOP posting some manga spoilers that we’re really don’t know about what could happen NEXT in the future episodes of FMA Brotherhood (I’ve rarely read a manga until I gave up reading it, literally.)

      • refinder Says:

        The owner if this blog no longer comes here meaning I’m the only one with the big editing powers aside from the authors.

        Now what of these posts that you want deleted, Mr. Nitpicker?

        And I so called what the third OVA is going to be about back in January.

  3. Jeffry2010 Says:

    Correction guys, It’s supposed to be like this:-

    1 thing i’ve forgot:-

    Kimblee’s clothes supposed to get dirty & tattered unlike the anime looks kinda ‘clean’ to me.

    Like this:-

    Sorry for bother.

    PS – Nitpicking (pastime) is an activity that involves the finding of errors. I’m here to like to find some errors that the’re altered in the anime unlike the manga.

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