FMA: Brotherhood ep 53 + manga notes

Summary: All of Central is buzzing with rumors about what’s going on, that is until word gets out Mrs. Bradley is being interviewed on the Capital Radio station. From her testament, the military had been given orders to kill her along with Mustang’s group and she can’t get in contact with her husband (King Bradley) or her son (Selim/Pride) who have supposedly both gone east to observe the joint training exercise; the news reaches the entire nation that Mustang was the one who saved her and is not the one attempting a coup d’état. Breada takes the opportunity to inform Mrs. Bradley that the train her husband was on had been bombed yesterday and he is currently missing which causes Mrs. Bradley to faint from the shock. Breada continues to make use of revealing this information to pin the blame on the higher ups of the military for the coup d’état who are starting to feel the pressure at Central HQ since they are powerless to stop the mass media.

When the higher ups at Central HQ demand to talk to Mustang, the radio hosts fake having guns pointed at them and hang up. Next to be interviewed is Maria Ross who uses the term “justice” to describe their current actions against the Central Army, Denny Brosh hears her over the radio and excitedly recognizes her voice. Lt. General Grumman also hears that broadcast and notes how Mustang is using the Führer’s absence to its fullest while the other members of Mustang’s group point out whoever uses the term “justice” first wins since everyone loves justice.

Ishbalans from the east who traveled to Central confirm the Führer’s train being blown up which was being kept secret from Central’s populace, this incites more sympathy for Mustang’s cause and get’s the people on his side. Central HQ is already having enough trouble trying to deal with the attacking Briggs forces who came armed to the teeth and even brought a tank to blow up the officers who said a tank would be needed to gain control of Central HQ.

Back to the underground, Mustang is poised to lend Ed some help in dealing with the immortal doll army. Mustang takes note of Scar being with Ed and after some banter with Hawkeye who gets in informed shortly thereafter that bullets are useless (much to her dismay as they don’t seem to kill anything these days), Mustang finally touches all the immortal dolls to ash.

May is still running away from Envy, after trying to lose him using alchemy, the floor collapses and they land in the same room where Ed’s group is. Envy wonders who he should start with since there are a lot of people here now that pose of a problem or he just doesn’t like. After some formalities with Mustang (first time they’ve even met) Envy tries to stir up some infighting by pointing out to Scar how Mustang participated in the Ishbal extermination, but Scar doesn’t take the bait and Envy is left disappointed since he wanted to see infighting to satisfy his sadistic tendencies. Mustang isn’t very amused by this, but Envy asks him why humans would bother with wars if they didn’t like to see people suffering. As it turns out, Mustang does enjoy watching people dance like fools.

He especially likes to see homunculi running around like fools trying to accomplish their plans.

Now it’s Mustang’s turn to ask a question, that being who killed Maes Hughes. At first Envy says it was Maria Ross but Mustang says he already knows it wasn’t her sending Envy on a wonder trip about how Mustang must have broken it to her family. Mustang gets fed up with it, calls Envy a moron and tells him to answer the question. Envy finally admits he was the one who killed Hughes, but Mustang doesn’t believe an idiot like Envy could have killed Hughes… that is until Envy shows off how he did it.

Roy is now convinced and decides to start taking Envy seriously.

Mustang tells Ed and the others to go ahead and leave Envy to him. Envy won’t have any of that and blocks their way, until Mustang incinerates Envy’s mouth. After Ed’s group goes through the passageway, Ed’s main concern isn’t Mustang’s ability to finish Envy off; Envy decides to get serious as well by transforming into his monster form. Before Envy can even finish what was saying, Mustang light’s Envy’s eyes on fire and comments on how much of a bigger target Envy made himself by transforming into that form. After making his intentions clear to torture Envy to death repeatedly until he stays dead, Envy remembers Mustang was the one who killed Lust and decides to escape instead of fight. Ed’s group moves closer to Father’s room, Ed asks Scar about Mustang who Scar can understand very well at the moment since he too was once engulfed in flames of revenge and knows that if Mustang goes on like this he’ll end up losing himself for good. Meanwhile, Envy is still trying to escape Mustang, so he tries something.

But turning into Hughes only serves to enrage Mustang further, and getting closer to Mustang won’t work because he can also use pinpoint explosions as well as the bigger ones he had been using. Hawkeye decides to disobey Mustang’s orders and follows him in, while Envy finally manages to slip away from Mustang for a minute and notices her wondering about. Mustang and Hawkeye cross paths and Mustang asks her to lend him some help now that she’s here, but when he turns his back to her

she points her gun at the back of his head.

Manga notes: (spoilers impending) This time it starts the adaptation from chapter 94 page 6 – 15 with differences including the radio person on the phone being shown putting on an act vs. just hearing it over the phone, and the scene with the tank has less dead bodies than before.

Chapter 93 pages 31 – 44 with differences including Roy-boy not reacting in a funny manner to being ignored nor does he mention or target the immortal dolls legs, he just incinerates their whole bodies leaving nothing but ashes, Envy doesn’t bring up needing to keep Roy alive, and we’ll get into Envy’s various differences a bit more further down.

Back to chapter 94 pages 16 – top panel of page 35 with differences including Riza going after Roy sooner in the manga, Envy’s thoughts about not letting Roy get near Father’s room are kept to himself; instead of trying to get close to Mustang while disguised as Hughes, in the manga Envy tries to get close after looking like Hughes fails so Mustang can use huge blasts without burning himself as well and then realizes Mustang can do pinpoint blasts without Roy needing to tell him.

Now about Envy, HOT DAMN, he stole half the show with his sadistic orgasming while in the form of Hughes’ wife’s body talking about the face Hughes made when he killed him. Really, really impressed with that bit of extension since Envy is one of those crazy characters that you just can’t hate just because of the lunacy of his antics, and DAMN, they went all out on like 20 different unique facial expressions for Envy we didn’t see in the manga (some more subtle than others, might be exaggerating) that really added to overall atmosphere his taunting accumulates to. Also really impressed with his voice actress Minami Takayama. Haven’t gotten goosebumps like that from a sadistic character since the Hellsing OVAs.


2 Responses to “FMA: Brotherhood ep 53 + manga notes”

  1. Jeffry2010 Says:

    It was totally unbelievable to me when they altered the scene when Roy blew up everything they had unlike the manga.

    BTW Some other parts that didn’t show up & altered a bit from manga:-

    – You’ll never see the mug getting spilled when Mrs Bradley completely Hysterical than she’s just collapsing in the anime.
    – Did May just use her East Alchemy to Envy?
    – ‘May, is that you?’ – Edward (hey that’s my line, Jeso!)

    I think that’s it for me.

  2. starr Says:

    I know this has nothing to do with the actual summary and all, but i love the look on Envy’s face!!! It’s hallarious!!

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