FMA: Brotherhood ep 54 + manga notes

Summary: The year is 1909, the Ishbalan war has just ended and Riza Hawkeye is making a grave for a dead Ishbalan child. She tells Mustang that the battle will probably never end within her mind and asks him to burn away her father’s research tattooed on her back as some small form of atonement for her participation in the war so that another flame alchemist can never come to be. Mustang reluctantly agrees to her request so that she can be free of the burden her father left upon her. Back in present time, Riza points her gun at the back of Mustang’s head calming that Mustang always calls her by her first name when they’re alone; Envy falls for the bluff and Hawkeye unloads most of her ammo on Envy hoping to kill him herself. Envy manages to get the upper hand right before Mustang finds him and starts incinerating Envy again.

Envy doesn’t like being looked down upon by Mustang as he continuously burns Envy alive while Hawkeye can only watch. Eventually Envy get’s reduced to his parasite like form, but before Mustang can kill Envy for good, Hawkeye points her gun at his head (the real one this time) telling him that she will finish Envy off. Ed uses alchemy to get Envy away from Mustang and into his right hand with Mustang demanding Ed hand Envy over.

Ed refuses and Mustang warns him he’ll set Ed right arm on fire along with Envy. Ed tells him that sitting at the top of the country as Mustang is now isn’t what he’s been working for with Scar also commenting what a country lead by a man consumed by his own hatred would look like. Hawkeye tells Mustang what he is doing right now isn’t for the sake of his country or his subordinates, but out of his own need to dispel his hatred which is a path she can’t let him take. Mustang asks Hawkeye what she would do if she is forced to shoot him, Hawkeye confesses that she doesn’t plan on living after the current battle if that happens. Mustang shoots a fire ball down an empty path way and lowers his hand.

He realizes that he can’t lose anyone else while pondering upon his current situation of being scolded by a child and warned by someone who has been trying to kill him. Mustang lowers Hawkeye’s gun, apologies to her, and takes a seat on the ground with Hawkeye sitting down soon as well. Envy is not amused over these new developments and tries to prompt infighting by bringing up all the things Scar has done (trying to kill Mustang, killing Winry’s parents, killing Nina) and all the killing Mustang and Hawkeye did in Ishbal. No one takes the bait and Ed tells Envy that Envy is jealous of humans.

Ed explains to Envy that this jealousy comes from human’s ability to get back up after being beaten, and if they can’t get back up on their own their friends will help them. Envy remembers all the times he had looked down upon humans as he struggles to get out of Ed’s hand; Envy considers it shameful to have been beaten by humans like them and the biggest disgrace to be understood by someone like Ed. Envy wishes Ed luck in trying to continue on with his view of the word as he tears out his own philosopher’s stone core and breaks it.

Envy says good bye to Edward Elric (addressed as such instead of tiny or runt) as his final words; Mustang calls Envy a coward for taking his own life. Sloth has finished regenerating while more of Central’s troops arrive, who get informed that they are now to act under General Armstrong if they wish to survive fighting against the immortal doll army. Sloth remembers that he’s supposed to kill the female general, but Major Armstrong won’t let him, however, Major Armstrong still have a dislocated shoulder, so he can only fight with one arm. When Sloth tries to finish Major Armstrong off, he takes the blow in his dislocated shoulder, fixing it, and letting him deliver a devastating counter attacks.

Using his artistic muscles and artistic alchemy, Major Armstrong manages to impale Sloth once again. Central soldiers have already raided the Armstrong mansion to find it empty and that they built the tank they are using against Central HQ in the basement of the estate. The current commanding general at HQ orders his troops to fire back even though the civilians have yet to finish evacuating, but this order get interrupted by the arrival of Captain Buccaneer and Falman along with more soldiers from Briggs storming the room taking Central’s command hostage while saying they are going to make him repeat that line on the radio. Falman remembered the layout of Central HQ perfectly and Izumi Curtis made a tunnel into the facility from the urban areas, introducing herself as an alchemist.

As the credits roll, Hohenhime has finally found his way into Father’s room. Father asks why Hohenheim did not bring his sons with him, but Hohenheim claims it doesn’t take vary many people to punish a child for making an error. Father then claims the Hohenheim will become a part of his body now.

Manga notes: (Spoilers impending) The first part before the opening adapts from chapter 61, pages 38 (bottom most panels) – 41 with differences including Roy not mentioning how used to burning people he has become that he can control the depths and extent of the burns.

Chapter 94, pages 35 – 47 with differences including Roy roasting Envy alive a lot more violently (and many more times) than he did in the manga (he was a cold killer style in the manga at this point where as in the anime he is like a pyro madman at this point).

Chapter 95, pages 1 – 39 with differences including Envy not being show trying to possesses Ed only to realize he’s in Ed’s automail hand, Roy just blows up some random pipe instead of shooting a fireball down a hallway, Envy didn’t bring up his role in starting the Ishbal war by killing a child after Roy calms down, the violence of Alex swinging that chain knocking off heads is toned down as well as Oliver cutting on the immortal dolls heads off with her sword (odd since they’ve sown worse before), and some minor conversations here and there amongst the regular soldiers were lost.

Chapter 91, pages 34 (bottom half) – 36, with not differences that this blogger can see or feels are worth nothing.

They’re really skipping around, huh? From 61 to 94/95 to 91 trying to make sure it all gets in there. Its funny how Izumi shows up in this ep when the third OVA prorating her training was released around the same time or a bit earlier than when this aired, though not as brilliant as the timing for the 2nd ep and earring tie-in. The fourth OVA (probably going to be released around August 21st) will hopefully showcase Ishabal with the detail the anime didn’t give it.


4 Responses to “FMA: Brotherhood ep 54 + manga notes”

  1. Jeffry2010 Says:

    I just thought that part from chapter 94 never happen in the past episodes, but now I was wrong. They finally animated it.

    There’s one thing that you forgot about is:-

    – Riza Shoots Envy’s right leg with the rifle instead of left in the manga as you look closely.

    – did he just pointing a finger to Roy while he’s talking IF you paused the part during the conversation between Roy & Ed? But the manga is not.

    – More flashbacks of Maes Hughes. It’s so sad when he’s gone for good…

    That’s all I have to say it.

  2. Jeffry2010 Says:

    Oh, I’ve almost forgot:-

    – Buccaneer holds clemin(?) neck through the window outside instead of wall in manga.

    – How come Izumi shows up first? In the manga, Falman & Whoever arrives first BEFORE Izumi shows up.

  3. hom-chan Says:

    Izumi doesn’t show up first in the ep, go back and re-watch around 21:52 and Falman is clearly introduced before Izumi gets screen time-desu.

    • Jeffry2010 Says:

      Oppps. I’m sorry about this. This gets me on my nerves about about how they changed the scenes from the manga pages.

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