FMA: Brotherhood ep 55 + manga notes

you cannot ask for directions
Summary: Ed’s lost in the underground tunnels and Mustang is giving him trouble for it, since those two are arguing so loudly, Scar is worried the enemy will find them faster. Hawkeye thanks Scar for helping to save Mustang, but she also notes how it must be infuriating for an Ishbalan like Scar to be thanked by someone like herself; Scar is a bit taken aback before saying there was no need to thank someone like himself. Briggs’ tank troops are informed to cease fire and it is announced to the remaining Central forces that Briggs is now occupying Central HQ and they’ve taken hostages including some of the higher ups. Word reaches General Armstrong who informs Captain Buccaneer of the immortal doll army and orders him to deal off all entrances and exits to Central HQ so that none of them can make it into the city. Another of the higher ranking generals of Central attempts to take charge and cease power for himself, but he gets eaten by more of the immortal doll army.
one of them could have gotten the hell out of there
Sloth recovers once again from being impaled by Major Armstrong, after Sloth knocks both the Armstrong siblings down, Major Armstrong warns the soldiers not to get any closer as it is just targeting them. They ignore this warning by trying to buy some time using Sloth’s own chains to hold him in place.
chains serving their purpose
The Central troops try to allow the Armstrong siblings to escape, however Major Armstrong, remembering his actions in the Ishbal war, refuses to run from the battlefield a second time. The chain snaps, but the Armstrong siblings are saved by Izumi transmuting a fist out of the wall and then a door through the fist commenting on how she thinks Major Armstrong is a good man for his resolve not to run, but also comments her husband is still more of a man than the major. Sloth recovers and charges again, but Izumi easily flips him into her husband, Sig’s attack.
the flow of the world with small existences and all that jazz
Izumi introduces Sig to the Armstrong siblings and Major Armstrong immediately forms a friendship with him through muscles that easily overpower Sloth.
Buccaneer needs and invite to the manly men club
They over power Sloth and throw him right into the ceiling, where he falls and lands on another spike, impaling him yet again. When Sloth tries to remove the spike, his body starts to disintegrate and Sloth says even living was too much effort before he dies for good. The Armstrong siblings are both exhausted and as they are resting, Izumi introduces herself causing the Armstrongs to realize Ed and Al are around fighting as well. Confirming this, they both get up and claim adults shouldn’t rest while children are still fighting since they need to show those who will inherit the world how things are done by the ones who still have the world. Izumi and Sig agree to help them out some more.
an overpowered team of monsters is formed
Izumi also notes that she can’t stay long since she’s one of the human sacrifices that the enemy has plans for. Hohenheim and Father’s confrontations continues with Hohenheim finding that Father has become quite boring after removing all the seven sins from his being. Father starts attacking Hohenheim, but he’s able to dodge or transmute his way out of anything Father tries to do to him, even though he admits he’s not to good at fighting. While Hohenheim pushes the question of why Father removed the sins from his person and even had them call him “Father,” he also asks if Father actually secretly wanted a family like other humans had. With that, Father goes underground and reappears behind Hohenheim attempting to remove his philosopher’s stone.
from the rear
Father claims he does not wish to be like a human, but wishes to become a perfect being, but he suddenly retracts his hand from within Hohenheim since something strange is happening with Hohenheim’s stone. Hohenheim tells Father that he won’t be able to defeat us easily. Meanwhile, Al’s group has gotten their car stuck in one of Central’s gutters and are attempting to free it, Captain Buccaneer is rescuing female personnel from immortal doll soldiers, and the Curtis couple and Armstrong siblings continue to wipe out the immortal army. Izumi saves one of the higher ups who is being attacked by the immortal dolls and then punches him in the gut with intention of pumping him for information.
guess what time it is
General Armstrong arrives in the Führer’s office where the general who tried to cease power earlier was eaten; one of her men asks her if she will be taking command from the Führer’s seat, but General Armstrong says it’s too easy a seat to be picked off by a sniper in and moves on to the door where the immortal dolls entered the room from. Briggs has gained control of 90% of Central HQ. As the Briggs troops celibate their victory, Falman realizes that Mustang is too late, but the victory is short lived when Führer King Bradley gets on the line announcing his intentions to dispose of the traitors personally.
king returns to his castle

Manga notes: (spoilers impending) It jumped around a lot this episode as well, attempting to go in order of the episode, it adapted from chapter 98 pages 40 (bottom half) – 42 with differences including Ed not looking for May.

Then it skips back to chapter 96, page 2 – 43 with differences including the continued lack of Alex punching heads off necks, Sloth didn’t reach his arms out to catch the Armstrong siblings off guard, Izumi’s entrance of a giant fist punching Sloth was new (originally she just blows up a bunch of dolls in the doorway and throws Sloth, this rendition gives her two shots at him), in the manga Sloth just overpowers the Central troops instead of the chain breaking; Sig and Alex have never met before in this anime version prior to this episode, whereas in the manga they had already become friends when Alex visited the Curtis butcher shop and bonded through muscles there; instead of throwing Sloth into the ceiling where he falls and lands on a spike, they just throw him on a spike in the manga, and some of the talking between Van and Homunculus gets rearranged (ultimately not worth anymore than pointing out).

The part about Al’s group getting their car stuck and Bradley walking by in the background is new anime original content.

Chapter 97, pages 16 – 27 with differences including Falman saying his line after the little victory yells instead of thinking it before they say they’ve won. Page 27 is represented by just the first panel of Bradley standing in front of Central HQ, no spoken dialogue, that’s for next episode.

It may looks like a lot of differences, but they don’t really amount to much when one watches the episode. The scene with Izumi throwing Sloth is reminiscent of the scene where she throws a bear while training on Mt. Briggs as adapted in the third OVA.


3 Responses to “FMA: Brotherhood ep 55 + manga notes”

  1. Jeffry2010 Says:

    Wow, so many changes unlike those manga pages!

  2. Max465 Says:

    What bothers me is the nitpickers who are so bothered by such small tiny changes. Yeah, there are some in the first 14 episodes I can understand getting a little irritated over. But when you get so mad over something as small as the location of where someone is shot. It just bothers me. Honestly can you tell me this. If there was no manga to this series, and all you had was this anime, told entirely the same way it is now. Would you hate it and be irritated? No you probably wouldn’t, because it’s a fantastic anime that is well-done, and tells the story it is supposed to amazingly.

    Another Question. Would you prefer to keep the old anime and never have this? That I’m pretty sure no one would prefer. SO PLEASE…WHO CARES ABOUT THE MANGA CHANGES. It’s cool to know where they are, but there isn’t a reason to complain.

    • Jeffry2010 Says:

      Excuse me, I’d just want to share some thoughts about how the 1st anime had totally nothing to do with this one.

      I mean I checked that previous old episodes that which was totally confused that how exactly DR Marcoh got captured by Homunculus. That manga part explained it all to me.

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