FMA: Brotherhood ep 56 + manga notes

Summary: It starts off with a flash back of Hohenheim wondering through the desert while trying to talk to the souls trapped within his body shortly after Xerxes had been destroyed. He passes out and is found by since merchants from Xing, he tells them he has nowhere to return and is mumbling apologies over and over again to the souls trapped within him for not being able to stop the destruction of Xerxes. Hohenheim lists off some names of people from Xerxes and tells Father that those are the souls that have infiltrated Father’s body and are cooperating with him to destroy Father. Hohenheim goes on to elaborate that he has had time to talk to and isolate all 536,329 souls contained within his body, something Father didn’t do as the souls who infiltrated begin to destroy his container by impaling him from within, however, this isn’t enough to destroy him as he sheds his skin and devours it, revealing his new form, telling Hohenheim he’s not the only one who’s evolved.

Back on the surface, Bradley is launching a frontal assault stating there is no need for him to enter his castle from the back door. Bradley is able to effortlessly deflect machine gunfire with his sword and even cut tank shells fired at him in two; the Briggs troops fall easily as Bradley works his way to the tank, taking out the driver through the window, then shredding the treads to immobilize it, and tossing a grenade inside of it to finish the job. Now at the front gate (still completely unscathed), he removes Buccaneer’s automail.

Bradley orders Falman to open that gate, but Falman starts crying and points a gun at Bradley apologizing to Mustang since he might die there. Buccaneer gets back up, having wrapped the chainsaw blades around his remaining arm, and Greed also shows up since he happens to like people who don’t give up against impossible odds. Meanwhile, news of Bradley’s return reaches the radio station, Mustang’s men decide to blame General Armstrong for the coup d’état since Bradley is fighting against them at the moment and they need to protect Mustang. Furry and Ross assess their current situation since they said they were on Bradley’s side over the radio, but they’ll be killed if he comes back into full power. Greed gets ready to fight Wrath for the third time.

Wrath explains how is eyes are too perceptive to get caught in the train bombing, yet still complains about how his body is getting old and he can’t do all the things he used to be able to do. Falman recognizes Ling/Greed, who remembers that he owes him for putting him up for a night and feeding him, but Greed says they’re both fighting for their own reasons. Greed is faring better against Wrath then the last two times since Ling thought him how to fight against him, that is until Wrath removes his eye-patch.

When the Briggs soldiers try to help out, they get slaughtered, but Wrath loses his sword in Captain Buccaneer’s abs. Wrath picks up a couple of knives from a fallen Briggs soldier and continues fighting against Greed. Central’s forces have regrouped and are encroaching upon the main gate, but Greed can’t help since Wrath is keeping him on his toes, Falman takes charge and manages to keep Central’s forces at bay using two machine guns since they are forced to be in a line to get to the main gate.

When Central’s forces try to get in contact with their remaining forces inside Central HQ, they are confused by their talk of dolls that still remain making opening the gate impossible; before they can get any more information, some gas bombs go off. Fu dodges the machine gunfire and makes his way up to the main gate, attacking Bradley in the process. When Fu asks Greed who this guy that is unharmed after both of them attacking him is, Greed tells him it’s King Bradley; this is the first time Fu has ever seen Bradley and intends to pay him back for severing his granddaughter’s arm.

Manga notes: (spoilers impending) This time adapting from chapter 97, pages 2 – 15 with differences including less talking from the Xing merchants, some of the names got little flashbacks of what they looked like which is more than what they got in the manga. Pages 28 – 41; some of Central HQ’s main layout has been changed, the ramp leading up the main gate was made into a closed structure instead of just a ramp, the tank tries to run Bradley over after he kills the first driver (didn’t do that in the anime), some idiot in the tank thought it would be a good idea to open the hatch to try and shoot at Bradley and got his head cut off for it allowing Bradley to toss his grenade in the hatch instead of through the window like he did in the manga, and Buccaneer gets sliced up more before having his automail destroyed in the anime.

Chapter 98, pages 1 and bottom of 5 – 29 with differences including Bradley escaping from the train after it fell and hanging from a branch instead of escaping as is blows up and landing on the tracks, since the structure of Central HQ’s main gate is different, so is the method in which they repel the advancing Central forces with duel machine guns instead of just a cannon, Central’s forces never got through the their forces in HQ since Fu originally cuts their line before they call them, the radio scene got rearranged to being shown before Fu fighting Bradley; the only real change to that scene from what was adapted being Maria and Kain’s conversation about what will happen to them getting extended.

Well… Wrath just became a Super Saiyan/Jedi Master/Agent Smith from what he pulled off in this ep… and he’s only going to top himself from here on out.


One Response to “FMA: Brotherhood ep 56 + manga notes”

  1. Jeffry2010 Says:

    There 1 thing that you’ve forgot to me:

    Bradley uses soldiers dead body as a shield BEFORE he picked up the 2 knives from it when Greed tries to counter his attack.

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