FMA: Brotherhood ep 57 + manga notes

Summary: Ran Fan overhears some of Central’s troops talking about how Bradley is at the main gate fighting the Briggs troops. Izumi and General Armstrong are not amused with the higher up’s reasoning for wanting to sacrifice the entire country so they can “unify” (read as dominate) the entire world. After hearing his ramblings, the Central troops present are convinced to give up their military positions and fight to save everyone they care about rather than follow their orders. General Armstrong gets word that the Central troops are starting to move in on them again and gives the order to escape and leave her behind if it gets too dangerous. The only route left for General Armstrong’s group is to head underground from the Führer’s office; meanwhile, Ed’s group comes across the gold toothed doctor in the underground passage ways.

The doctor introduces himself as the man who made King Bradley, tipping Mustang off to who’s side he’s on only for the doctor to be pleased Mustang came to him instead of staying at the radio station. The doctor calls out the subjects who didn’t get a chance to become King Bradley/Wrath, who spent their entire live training, to stall Ed’s group while he finishes drawing a transmutation circle. On the surface at the main gate, Greed and Fu are having a hard time against Wrath and Buccaneer has regained consciousness with the sword still stuck in his abs.

Wrath manages to take Fu’s sword after temporarily pinning Greed to the ground and gains the upper hand on Fu noting who he put up a good fight despite being even older than himself. Ling takes over and saves Fu before Wrath can finish him off, refusing to abandon him since that would make him similar to the kind of leader Bradley is. When Ling tells Fu to take a rest, Fu agrees, knocks Ling down, tells Greed to harden himself to protect Ling, and dashes at Wrath with all his grenade pins pulled in a final suicide attack.

Unfortunately, Wrath just cuts the fuses of the grenades off while cutting through Fu in the process, however, Buccaneer uses the sword Wrath lost to his abs to pierce through Fu and into Wrath claiming that even Wrath’s eyes can’t block and attack he can’t see. Fu gives him his gratitude before dying and after Wrath kicks them away, Greed/Ling manages to land a blow on Wrath’s ultimate eye with Ran Fan witnessing her grandfather’s death.

Back in the city, Al’s group has managed to crash their car and is busy looking for a place to get underground and Ed’s group is having enough trouble with the Führer candidates that didn’t get a chance. Izumi fills General Armstrong in about what happens when an alchemist attempts human transmutation being brought before the gate of truth and having a part of their body taken as a toll. Izumi doesn’t think soldiers would be interested in that sort of thing, but those who have opened the gate are the human sacrifices the enemy keeps talking about; General Armstrong points out after Izumi asks her if there was someone she’d give anything for to see again that grieving for the dead is pointless to soldiers since they fight to keep people alive. General Armstrong relates her first meeting with the Elrics, recalling how they wouldn’t talk and now being able to understand why a little bit more. Meanwhile, the doctor finishes his circle and activates it using five of his men.

When the doctor asks Ed if he knows how many research labs there are in Central under the direct control of the Führer, Ed realizes that the transmutation circle that’s been activated encompass the greater part of Central City giving most of the animals (as well as the chimeras) fits. Izumi decides it’s about time for her to escape, but the soldiers decide to press on since it’s the enemies main base, however, before Izumi can dig a tunnel the doctor’s transmutation circle fully activates and pulls Izumi, Ed, and Al into the gate.

Manga notes: (spoilers impending) This time it starts off adapting from chapter 98, pages 4 – top part of 5 then pages 33 – 40 top part with differences including Oliver not kicking the old tied up general when Izumi smacks him with her sandal the second time, Oliver originally says nothing to the Central troops while Izumi is convincing them to help save the country, there’s a lot more interaction between Izumi and Oliver than there was before which seems to be an attempt to make them more like normal women instead of powerhouses along with Izumi trying to get everyone to escape with her. Now page 43 with more differences including Ed and Scar now being able to tell when they’re getting closer to Father which was never present in the manga.

Chapter 99 pages 1 – 40 with differences including the continued change of the main gates layout meaning Flaman is still using a machine gun rather than a cannon to fend off the encroaching Central forces, Buccaneer realizing on his own that he’ll bleed to death if he pulls the sword out instead of a soldier telling him that, originally Dr. Goldtooth tells all of them who his men are instead of Roy remembering what Bradley told him, the fight against the Führer candidates also gets expanded upon a little with extra improbable fighting moves from them, Slicer didn’t get his cameo as a busted suit of armor in the remains of lab 5, the whole conversation between Izumi and Oliver about Ed and the gate was all new to the anime as well as her trying to get them to escape with her again (in the manga, Alex mentions some of that stuff after she gets taken though).

Kind of slow pacing, hopefully that won’t mean they’ll start skipping things again since they can’t rush nor speed right now seeing as they went and decided to only have 63 eps while the manga is only one chapter away from finishing meaning that the last ep of the anime will come out 2 weeks after the last chapter of the manga if they keep to the normal weekly episode releases. Interesting situation, will the last 2 episodes incorporate nothing but the 150 pages of the last chapter? Or is this gonna get botched to hell (unlikely)?


2 Responses to “FMA: Brotherhood ep 57 + manga notes”

  1. Jeffry2010 Says:

    I should expect some scenes from the manga:-

    – we’re not gonna see Yoki fell down on the ground while running.
    – ‘Central Building is Burning!’ Line had removed instead of just ‘Nii-san’ & brand new dialogue.
    – Since when they rebuild the brand new entrance ramp to the Central? From which episode?

    • refinder Says:

      if you’re talking about the ramp being an enclosed structure, it’s been like that in the anime since the beginning.

      Go back and read through the manga notes of past entries and you’ll see it mentioned more and more. I know hom-chan brought it up the first time it was relevant.

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