FMA: Brotherhood ep 58 + manga notes

Summary: Ed, Al, and Izumi have been dragged into the Gate of Truth while the gold toothed doctor remarks Mustang will be following after them soon enough. Greed is still fighting an injured Wrath leading to both of them falling off the bridge with Greed hanging on to the edge and Wrath hanging onto Greed. Lan Fan manages to grab a hold of Greed as the ledge is giving way despite it being too much weight for her automail to handle. After telling Greed that Fu was already dead, she gets the Briggs soldiers to help her get Wrath to let go and pull up Greed/Ling. After seeing Fu’s lifeless body, Ling asks for a doctor who can use alchemy saying he has a philosopher’s stone, but there are none and as Ling is grieving, a soldier who made it past the machine guns shoots him in the head. Ling continues to lament that despite attaining immortality he still can’t save anyone.

Captain Buccaneer is still clinging to life, Ling thanks Buccaneer for making sure Fu didn’t die in vain and apologizing that he can’t save him. The ammo for the machine guns runs out and Falman orders the remaining Briggs troops to use their rifles to keep Central’s forces at bay; Buccaneer asks Ling to protect the main gate since he’s been ordered not to let it open until General Armstrong commands it. Ling asks Greed for power who gives it to him saying they’ve got some time to kill before his next move.

Ling orders Lan Fan to stay at the main gate and promises Buccaneer that he’ll protect it stating people from Xing always keep their promises. Ling approaches Central’s forces telling them that anyone who doesn’t want to get hurt, or anyone with family or loved ones should leave along with Greed chiming in that women should leave too since he doesn’t like fighting women. Greed takes on his full ultimate shield form and wipes out the remaining Central forces in the passageway up to the main gate before dealing with the rest still gathering down below.

After hearing that Greed had joined their side, Buccaneer tells his men that he’ll be going on ahead to the place even higher than the top of Mt. Briggs Before passing away with a smile on his face. Throughout the city, people are warned to stay inside while beneath Central HQ Oliver asks Alex if he knows what just happened in regards to Izumi disappearing like that. Alex can only relate what the Elrics once told him about being dragged into the gate of truth by black hands when they attempted human transmutation. One of the other troops accompanying General Armstrong informs her that Captain Buccaneer had died after dealing Bradley a fatal wound while working with a man from Xing. The General they had been holding hostage doesn’t believe Bradley would die so easily before General Armstrong silences him. The report also stated that the main get is still being defended by a homunculus named Greed (to the captured general’s continued disbelief) and that Buccaneer died with a smile on his face. General Armstrong reacts by saying that if he died with a smile then no tears should be shed and they should proceed on.

Ed and Izumi arrive in Father’s layer both wondering where they are and how they got there with Al’s armor arriving shortly thereafter. After seeing Hohenheim half way stuck inside the homunculus known as Father, Father remarks that only four have arrived and that the fifth must be in the process of being made. Hohenheim explains that the monster he’s stuck in is like his clone and to keep Hohenheim from saying anymore, Father completely engulfs him and Al is still motionless. Meanwhile, the gold toothed doctor is a bit annoyed that five sacrifices weren’t made in time while the Führer candidates subdue Mustang, Hawkeye and Scar.

The gold toothed doctor asks Mustang to do some human transmutation and open the gate saying that he doesn’t mind who he transmutes, even if it were the late Hughes. Mustang says he knows human transmutation won’t work and won’t try it, the doctor agrees that it won’t work and states that he merely has to come back alive. Mustang refuses to perform human transmutation or open the gate, so one of the Führer candidates cuts Hawkeye’s throat.

The doctor keeps trying to make Mustang perform human transmutation, asking him if he’s planning to transmute Hawkeye back to life if she dies who retorts back that she won’t die since she’s been ordered not to. Next the doctor tries bargaining by saying that he is a doctor well versed in alchemy and even has a philosopher’s stone and he’ll save her if Mustang cooperates, but he can only save her if Mustang decides before she dies. After one more glance form Hawkeye, Mustang says he understands.

Manga notes: (spoilers impending) Adapting from chapter 100 pages 1 – 13, bottom part of 14 – 46 with changes including the nature in which Greed and Wrath get stuck hanging onto the ledge (in the manga Wrath attempts to throw Greed who is distracted by the transmutation circle being activated whereas it’s kind of ambiguous in the anime with all the dust), the rocks give way instead of his claws slipping out of the rocks when Greed is about to fall, Lan Fan didn’t bleed out her automail when too much weight was on it in the manga (it just sort of made sounds like it was going to break), Wrath’s busted sword hits the soldier shooting at him whole hanging in the arm instead of the leg, the missing stuff from page 14 will be i next ep, Ling gets shot in the forehead by a soldier who made it past the machine guns instead of (presumably) a sniper at the bottom of the path to the main gate which when through his temple, he didn’t fall down in the manga and just healed up instantly like it didn’t even phase him, again with the machine guns replacing the cannons and the layout of the main gate being different between versions, Ling goes into the thick of Central’s forces whit his head still not covered by the ultimate shield via moving platform instead of just walking fully shielded already giving his get out of here warning, the location of the people talking about the commotion in Central along with the people are different and some words are skipped between Hughes’ wife and daughter.

Chapter 101 pages 5 – 16 all mixed in with the above somewhere with changes including … … … umm… the hostage general hitting a wall after being punched by Oliver instead of just dropping to the ground like the pansy he is.

Lots of small changes that add up to a big paragraph to make them seem important when they aren’t. They’ll have to speed up the pacing. 5 episodes remain to adapt from the bulk of 8 chapters (70 page chapters soon enough) and DAMMIT ALL SHOW DENNY BROSH MEETING UP WITH MARIA ROSS ALREADY!


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