FMA: Brotherhood ep 59 + manga notes

Summary: Hawkeye is on the floor bleeding out from her neck, she sends Mustang a message through a glance, he understands and says he won’t do human transmutation. Dr. Goldtooth is stunned at first and then says that’s cruel of him to abandon her, Mustang says it’s cruel of the doctor to use his men as pawns, the doctor says they should be grateful towards him for giving them shelter, food and education and then the doctor disappears. Jerso caught him using his saliva and his strangling him then May, Zampano and Darius arrive to save Mustang and Scar. May tries to get the philosopher’s stone the doctor dropped while Mustang goes to Hawkeye, eventually May decides that saving Hawkeye takes priority over getting the stone and uses her alchemy to stop the bleeding.

Hawkeye thanks Mustang for understanding her glance and he says it was as if she was telling him “I’ll shoot you to death if you perform human transmutation.” The chimeras deal with the doctor’s remaining men and before May can retrieve the stone, Wrath/King Bradley shows up and pockets it. Mustang notices Wrath’s injuries aren’t healing; in a flashback it is shown how Wrath fell into the mote around Central HQ and escaped from it via an open pipe into the underground complex. Wrath comments how he was sure Mustang would’ve attempted human transmutation if someone he cared about were to die right in front of him, Mustang claims that he used to be like that, but changed after getting people on his side to keep him on the right path. Wrath is angered to no end by unpredictability of human’s to learn and move on.

May realizes they are directly above the huge mass of energy (aka Father) and the doctor starts struggling more until he and Jerso fall from the ceiling after a lot of blood. Pride has finally managed to get back to Central and Wrath wastes no time subduing Mustang by pinning his hands to the ground with a couple of swords, damaging Mustang’s transmutation circles in the process. Pride also get’s things ready by stabbing the doctor in the gut to use for the human transmutation circle he’s setting up.

Meanwhile, the solar eclipse is starting, so Pride forces Mustang to open the gate by using the knowledge he gained after assimilating Kimblee. After the transmutation is complete, all the remains of the doctor is a deformed mass of flesh whereas Mustang and Pride have passed through the gate to where Father is. Wrath tells the others that Mustang should still be alive, but he can’t say if he still has all parts of his body. Wrath asks them which will take him down since he is already fatally wounded and Jerso reveals that the doctor started panicking when May mentioned that something was directly below them as Wrath and Scar begin to fight. Mustang now has to face Truth.

Once Pride has delivered Mustang to Father, Father tells him Al still has yet to arrive. Mustang tells Ed about how he was thrown in front of a gate in a white room, Ed checks and realizes Mustang still has all his limbs, but it soon becomes obvious that his eyesight has been taken. Pride is glad Mustang has lost his eyesight (even though Pride is starting to fall apart himself) since his abilities were the most troublesome. Father notes how Truth takes toll related to the person opening the gate: for trying to revive their dead mother Truth took from Ed his leg to stand and Al his body and along with it the ability to feel warmth; for trying to revive her dead child it took from Izumi her ability to have children; and from Mustang, who had his eyes on the future of his country, his vision. Father says that is the existence humans call ‘god’ and Ed calls it too illogical for him to except since it took a toll from someone not even willing to perform the transmutation.

Up above, Scar has already destroyed the floor during his fight with Wrath who asks him what his real name is, but Scar replies that he already disposed of it. Wrath is amused with the fact that he also does not know what his real name is while being satisfied with a duel to the death between two nameless warriors. May manages to break her way into Father’s room from above immediately recognizing Father despite his change in appearance and notices Al’s armor on the floor. Al is currently still before the gate, face-to-face plate with his body who welcomes him back, Al is concerned with the state of his body being skin and bones and breaks down saying he wouldn’t be able to fight with a body like that. Al’s body asks him if he doesn’t want to reunite with him, Al says that he’s always wanted to, but now he can’t since everyone is fighting and he needs to fight too. Al’s body says that he won’t stop him if he wants to return in his armored state and opens the gate for Al’s soul to return.

Al leaves, but promises his body that he’ll come back for him; as he arrives in Father’s room in his armor, his body can be heard talking in the back narration that he is proud to be the container for such a noble soul, but fears that Al returning will only bring about a disaster as Father states the fifth has finally arrived.

Manga notes: (spoilers impending) In no particular order this ep adapted from the top part of chapter 100‘s page 14 with the change being it has broken bars on it instead of no bars at all.

Also chapter 101 page 1 made it in. Pages 17 – 46 with differences including May’s knife not hitting the guy holding Mustang in the head and Mustang using that guys sword to cut the other guy in the leg instead of through the throat, Mustang never makes a grab for the philosopher’s stone in the anime opting to go right to Riza’s side meaning no one deliberately kicks it out of his reach, May’s thoughts on Roy and Riza’s relationship after Mustang states the meaning behind the glance a skipped, more head shots on the doctor’s men by Zampano’s spikes are skipped, May states the obvious bad thing coming (Pride) instead of Darius in the anime, and not too sure about this one, but the doctor was still moving in the anime version when they forced Roy to open the gate whereas in the manga this blogger is fairly certain he was already dead by then.

Chapter 102, pages 1 – 46 with differences including not showing Ed checking Roy for missing limbs, Roy wandering around and tripping before realizing he’s gone blind.

Chapter 103, pages 4 – upper right panel of page 8 With differences including Al not being there when Ed is asking Mustang if he did human transmutation or not, along with some minor missing/altered lines from Pride.

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2 Responses to “FMA: Brotherhood ep 59 + manga notes”

  1. Jeffry2010 Says:

    Where did you find this funny blog?

    1 thing in the anime:-

    They added the scene where Edward screaming & ranting about something & stuff to the Evil blob in the flask unlike he didn’t said anything to him in the manga.

    • hom-chan Says:

      Chapter 103, pages 4 – upper right panel of page 8 was the part where Ed yelled at the head homunculus, stuff was rearranged, but not added-desu.

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