FMA: Brotherhood ep 60 + manga notes

Summary: At the radio station, Central’s forces send in one man to talk to the occupants, that man being Denny Brosh… who immediately bursts into tears upon seeing Maria Ross alive and well. Mrs. Bradley is still on the air and under the protection of Mustang’s men who are making sure she stays safe. Back in Father’s room, Ed and the others are still resisting even though Father tells them they are already within his stomach; May decides to take on Father by herself to try and get him to divulge the secret of immortality while Ed and Al are tasked with Pride. Ed and Mustang realize that forcing someone to open the gate poses a high risk to them which is present in Pride’s form becoming less stable and evident by Pride avoiding Ed and Al’s attacks instead of blocking them with his shadows. May is trying her best against Father, but his motionless alchemy is too much for her.

The eclipse is starting and Central’s forces are becoming aware of Ishbalan activity within the city who are knocking them out because they don’t have time to explain what they are doing placing transmutation circles around the city. Scar’s fight against Wrath is still ongoing with Wrath musing over the fact that neither of them are bound by anything in their fight, just two beings trying to kill each other. Despite being heavily wounded already, Wrath is over powering Scar until his previous injuries allow Scar to destroy one of Wrath’s swords, but Wrath uses the destroyed blade to pin down Scar’s deconstruction arm. Before Wrath can finish Scare, Scar uses his left arm to create spikes which force Wrath to back off. Wrath is completely taken by surprise when Scar shows him his left arm.

The research left by Scar’s brother was incorporated into his left arm so he can use reconstruction as well now. Back in Father’s room, Ed tells Al that he can handle Pride alone so Al can go help May. As May attempts to heal herself, Father turns his hand into a hand gun and open fires on her with Al taking the shots. Pride is going easy on Ed since he needs to keep him alive until after he fulfills his role which Ed is using to his advantage until Pride points out that since Ed has always been fighting people larger than himself, he has little experience on how someone smaller than himself would fight. Al continues to try and hold off Father while Ed tells Pride that since he’s always been fighting people bigger than himself, he knows how smaller fighters will move before head butting him and accelerating Pride’s deterioration.

Izumi joins the struggle against Father right before he grabs all the human sacrifices that have been assembled as the Sun is about to be completely blocked out by the eclipse. The captured general who is still above ground starts panicking saying they need to be in the center of the circle or they will get devoured. With the Sun fully blocked out, Father asks the sacrifices if they have ever thought of the planet as one life form or a system which records vast amounts of information from the universe and then asks them how much power on might be able to obtain if they opened the planets gate. But before he can activate it, Greed slashes him from behind yelling that the world is now [his].

But Father anticipated Greed’s actions since Greed was born from his soul and thus desires the same things as himself. Father then reassembles himself on his chair and repositions his sacrifices around it. Hohenheim tires one last attack, but it fails and Father reveals the true center to be the circle he had been placing pieces upon to represent the sacrifices earlier. Once the circle has been activated, the eye that appears from within the gate appears on all five sacrifices and Father uses that energy to activate the nationwide transmutation circle which rips the souls from every person within it outside its center.

With all this energy now in Father’s possession, he uses it to open the planet’s gate where he emerges as a massive version of his smaller self calling out “God” to answer the call of his soul and appear before him.

And then another equally massive gate opens where the Sun and Moon as crossing with the eye from within the gate looking down upon him. Father and “God” begin pulling each other closer with Father yelling he will no longer be bound by “God’s” rules and will drag him down to earth and make “God” a part of his body.

Manga notes: (spoilers impending) First part was from chapter 98, pages 30 – 32 with changes including Denny getting a double armored shied escort to the door ans shedding even more tears.

Chapter 103, pages 1 – just the first panel of 2 with differences including Mrs. Bradly still being in the broadcasting booth when they told her she has to stay put. Pages 8 – 39 with differences including some of Ed’s thoughts on why the homunculi couldn’t have just forced anyone to open to gate omitted, some of the yelling between May and Father is also omitted, the town people weren’t shown taking note of the Ishbalans running around, and a minor missing scene of the Ishabalans knocking on the door of that one lady’s house and her answering it before they barge in.

Chapter 104, pages 1 – 45 with differences including the area where Pride starts to disintegrate being moved down to his cheek and not one of his eyes, the gun Father makes is a bit more freaky looking in the anime and he uses it a bit more, Izumi gets two shots on Father instead of one in the anime, Izumi’s spiked wall to block Father’s incoming method of capture (it’s a tentacle of course) is skipped, the scene at the mining town with everyone getting out of the mines when the first rumbles of the circle are skipped as well as the cooks turning off their stoves, Van’s last attack cause an explosion whereas Father activates the circle before the attack reaches him in the manga (that or there is missing page in the chapter this blogger is looking at), Grumman’s line is skipped and he’s just shown dead, and the black ball at the center with all the pipes attached to it was not shown ascending into the giant.

And it looks like everyone was wrong, the anime will have MORE than 63 episodes.


One Response to “FMA: Brotherhood ep 60 + manga notes”

  1. Jeffry2010 Says:

    1. NOT a good idea how they put some comedic part during Danny meets up Maria.

    2. Did you just witness that Pride just running instead of dodging in the manga?

    My thoughts:-

    It’s the begging of the end in the universe. Our Heroes are finally DOOMED. Will Scar Managed to stop Wrath Once and for all? Only 4 episodes to go!

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