FMA: Brotherhood ep 61 + manga notes

Summary: Before the Elric brothers attempted human transmutation, the read a passage in a book about how when the Sun and the Moon become one, a perfect being can exist that is something like a god. In the present, Father/Homunculus has dragged the Truth out of the gate by using the souls of all 50 million residents of Amestris to imprison the Truth (or god) within himself. Ed, Al, Izumi, Mustang, and Hohenheim awake to a silent country and Homunculus having taken a new form reminiscent of how Hohenheim appeared when his blood was used to create Homunculus. Before Ed can attack, Homunculus seals off the alchemy and creates a sun in the palm of his hand.

But before he can let it loose, the turn-about transmutation circle Hohenheim had created by positioning the souls within his philosopher’s stone all around the country comes into effect. The shadow of the Moon acts as the circle and the souls as the points to create the alchemy needed to remove all 50 million of the souls Homunculus had used to pull down a god and return them to their respective bodies. Homunculus is forced to extinguish his Sun as they souls are pulled from him.

Once all the souls are back in their bodies, Winry states how it felt like she was drowning in a whirlpool of suffering. Homunculus cannot contain the Truth with just the souls from Xerxes and starts yelling about how he’ll just make another stone with even more souls trapped within as he launches an energy attack which Hohenheim deflects to the surface. May is still able to use her alchemy to defend everyone from below while Hohenheim takes the bulk of Homunculus’ attacks with help from Ed and Al so he doesn’t lose his footing who are all waiting for Scar to pull something off. Wrath is currently displaying his sin in full force by questioning Scar for using alchemy which is considered a sin by Ishvala.

Even with the use of reconstruction alchemy, Scar is still being overwhelmed by Wrath who claims that Scar must have realized during the Ishbalan war that god does not exist. Just as Wrath is about to finish Scar off, the Moon moves away from the Sun causing the light to reflect off Wrath’s sword blinding him just long enough for Scar to deconstruct both of Wrath’s arms. Wrath grabs his blade in his teeth to stab Scar in the gut before he falls, causing Scar to collapse as well.

Wrath muses at the fact that he does not believe in a god or destiny, yet the heavens have forsaken him; Lan Fan arrives as Wrath is dying and asks if he has any last words, he says he has none. When Lan Fan questions if there was anyone he loved and brings up Mrs. Bradley, Wrath tells her to stop talking about such things and that he chose that woman as his wife and that no words are necessary between them. Wrath tells Lan Fan that she lost her chance to avenge her grandfather by asking suck pointless questions; at the end of his life, which was planned out for him, Wrath dies feeling that it was at least somewhat worthwhile due to the humans around him.

Lan Fan takes the philosopher’s stone from Wrath’s pocket before Scar asks her to take him to the center of the room where he activates the reverse transmutation circle his brother created while wondering where someone like himself carrying both positive and negative emotions will end up. With the alchemy back on, Ed begins the counter attack while Scar explains to Lan Fan that alchemy from Amersris relies on tectonic energy and something has been blocking alchemists from being able to use all of that energy. Hohenheim explains to May that the purpose of Scar’s circle was to get rid of the philosopher’s stones blocking Amestris’ alchemists from using the tectonic energy as the wished, thus eliminating Homunculus’ ability to block the alchemy.

They continue attacking while Hohenheim continues the defense saying that they have to make him use up his philosopher’s stone to defeat him which he is using the block their every assault. The destruction causes the molten metal bath Greed was once boiled in to surface which they dump on Homunculus. Homunculus then transmutes a pillar to ride up the surface to make more stones out of the souls up above. Ed stays below to deal with Pride while Hohenheim, Izumi, Al and May head up above; the Armstrong group has caught up with Hawkeye and the chimeras and Izumi leaves Mustang with Sig before going all the way up to the surface.

Mustang asks Hawkeye if she can still fight while Greed has reached the place where Lan Fan and Scar are at; Greed is pissed off over how satisfied Wrath looks in death. Pride is mad that Greed threw away his pride as a homunculus when he joined the humans. Ed questions why Pride obeys a father like that to which Pride replies that it is only natural for a child to obey its parent; Ed continues to question why Pride would obey a father that doesn’t even care if he is falling apart. Pride doesn’t like Ed applying human logic to homunculi.

Pride knows his container is about to fail him, so reasoning that Ed has the same blood as Hohenheim like Pride’s father, Pride attempts to take Ed’s body as his own only for Kimblee to intervene.

Kimblee is able to maintain his awareness within the tempest of souls that make up Pride because the voices of suffering people are like a lullaby to him. Kimblee tells Pride that he wouldn’t have interfered if Pride wouldn’t have spoken about his pride as a homunculus and then tried to escape his current situation by taking Ed’s body, the body of a human, a species he considers inferior. Due to Kimblee’s interference, Ed is able to transmute his soul and invade Pride. Pride believes Ed is going to kill him only to be informed by Kimblee that Pride does not understand Ed at all as Ed reaches into Pride grabbing hold of him and Kimblee waves goodbye.

Ed crushes Prides head, destroying Pride’s container and capturing his true from in the palm of his right hand saying he’ll have to apologize to Mrs. Bradley once this is all over. Ed leaves Pride pining for his mama on his red coat as he heads up to where everyone else is.

Manga notes: (spoilers impending) This time adapting just a small part of chapter 104, specific pages are hard in this case since they rushed again, but something like 46 – 49 and 52. The key difference here is Father/Homunculus did less talking and explaining about what he did and it didn’t show him transmuting new clothes.

Chapter 105 pages 1 – 67 with differences including May actually asking for the number of people lost in the making of the stone instead of just hearing Mustang say it, Homunculus didn’t do a huge energy blast that Hohenheim deflected upward creating a huge hole to the surface, we don’t hear Hohenheim’s thoughts asking the souls within him to give them their power to defend against Homunculus, Homunculus doesn’t comment on Hohenheim’s capacities and thus doesn’t attack them from below (May immediately started defending them from below before the main onslaught from Homunculus instead of waiting till it was needed), Homunculus made the Sun in his hand much sooner than he did in the manga and thus got the souls ripped from him sooner as well, Hohenheim doesn’t explain the link between body and soul and how they are drawn together like a magnet, apparently it is implied that the souls (or that smaller energy attack Homunculus launched after losing them) made the big hold to the surface, the panicking military general and Brigs people inside were not shown after the souls were released, Homunculus didn’t say why he canceled the sun in the anime, Homunculus does not manipulate the weather after losing the souls to make a tornado to attack Hohenheim, Scar doesn’t point out the mess up remains of the good toothed doctor when he tells Lan Fan that she found a philosopher’s stone, some of the Ishbalans whole placed points on the counter circle were not shown.

Chapter 106, pages 2 – top panels of 52 with more changes including Scar not saying how long ago alchemy was first brought to Amestris, Scar not mentioning how nothing from Xing’s style of alchemy could be found in Amestris and how his brother obtained Xing alchemy teachings, Scar drawing his illustration to explain the thing blocking the alchemy in chalk instead of blood, some of Ed and Al’s crazy amazing attacks were skipped as well as Ed thinking that his alchemy is so much more powerful now (due to there being nothing blocking him from taking the energy from the earth anymore), Homunculus not ending the attacks back at them more, Scar originally was the only one who explained what his brother’s circle did (no Hohenheim telling May what it did), Homunculus didn’t attack after getting hit with the bubbling whatever-that-was (instead he just head to the surface right after that), Greed doesn’t comment on how convenient it it must be to use alchemy as he’s climbing up on his own, Kimblee within Pride appeared a a big head instead of the whole body for most of the time in the anime. Also, when Homunculus goes to the surface and makes that small stone in his hand, he’s was originally stopped before he could pull anymore souls… maybe if we’re lucky he’ll lose that stone and those people’ll get their souls back next ep.

Big long chapters, big number of changes, this episode was slightly rushed at first even though the skipped the opening song.


4 Responses to “FMA: Brotherhood ep 61 + manga notes”

  1. Jeffry2010 Says:

    ‘Homunculus didn’t attack after getting hit with the bubbling whatever-that-was (instead he just head to the surface right after that)’

    It’s a boiling vat. Where Father punishes Greed (Original) by drowning him & killing him from the last episode 14.

    • hom-chan Says:

      this one mentioned where it was from in the summary, what this one was saying there is that this one doesn’t know what the bubbling substance WITHIN the vat is-desu.

      oil, iron, steel, lava, which is it-desu?

      • Jeffry2010 Says:

        Well, It’s like Lava to me.

        and BTW, i was expecting some parts from the manga according to the notes that you wrote about this ep. But it didn’t happen till I was wondering what happened till they make some kinda rush episodes except scar VS wrath.

        Totally dissapointing especially for manga readers out there.

  2. vinny Says:

    imo id say its oil in the vat. in Dantes Inferno (the book), the sin of greed was punishable by hot oil

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